toothpaste, orange juice and potato chips

Thank you reddit user TheIndicaProphecies for producing what is perhaps the worst flavor of potato chip possible. This flavor will never see the light of day though considering Lay's "qualified" panel of judges will get in the way of this one using their "criteria". Feel free to recreate the experience yourself tomorrow morning.

Amazon Prime hiking it up

Getting your free 2-day shipping on that organic laundry detergent might be getting a bit more expensive. It looks like Amazon is going to be hitting you up for a little more money in the near future for the annual Prime subscription. Yeah, Prime is more than just 2 day shipping they do streaming video service too, but come on... who doesn't love hitting refresh on the UPS tracking page every hour to see that the package is still sitting in the distribution center in Kentucky?

imagine doing yoga in a dungeon

An imaginary world filled with peril, magic, dragons and polyhedral dice has now been mixed with yoga. Wait... What? 

Scott Wayne Indiana created the class to combine the resurgence of D&D and the growing trend of yoga among hipsters. When worlds collide unnatural and unholy things will emerge. Hopefully they put all of their points in Dexterity before starting the class.

finally - a positive pet adoption video!

We’ve all been there – mid House Hunters marathon, the show cuts to a commercial break, and the Sarah McLachlan music begins. Before you know it, the most depressing commercial known to man has snuck up on you.

Taking a totally different approach, the Wake County SPCA has combined ABBA, adorable puppies and kittens, and a well done single shot, to give a new, positive spin on the SPCA video – one that’s actually enjoyable to watch!

perplexing Facebook photo tags raise Alzheimer’s awareness

No one can know just how confusing it is to have Alzheimer’s until they are already inflicted with the debilitating disease. In a creative campaign, Alzheimer’s Nederland inserted photos of people into photos of events they never attended, then tagged them, to create a similar level of confusion to that which Alzheimer patients can experience every day. A very creative spin on using the platform for social good.

the most touching missed connection ever

Although Craigslist's "Missed Connections" tends to be a place for you and your friends to go for a laugh or a feeling of general unease, occasionally there is a legitimate heartwarming submission.

According to a post (that has since been removed) this particular gentleman narrowly missed running into his ex wife – married for three days after a dare – on the L train. Although it could be a hoax, the possibility of people like these being reunited is what keeps us going back to the site. Okay, scratch that last part.

totally rad airline safety video

As long as people are forced to watch 'em, people will continue to love the silly little airline safety videos airlines keep coming up with. The latest one comes from Delta, and it's been totally 80s-a-fied, complete with big hair, florescent colors, Teddy Ruxpin, Alf, and even Jerry Casale himself, from Devo. Like, totally tubular!

may all your nightmares come true

The Horror Channel is wishing you (un)sweet dreams, but just in case your dreams are filled with rainbows and unicorns they have an app to take care of that: The Night Terror App. Just choose a story, press play and place the app on your pillow. It will read you a story until you fall asleep... and when it detects R.E.M. sleep, it will play creepy audio signals to manipulate your dreams into horrifying nightmares. Because who WOULDN'T want that?!

wipe your facebook clean

The best type of app a brand can create is an app that provides value to it's consumers. A simple concept, yet how many brand pages have you liked, apps you've allowed access to, only to be disappointed at the lameness?

And the issue is, you click away from the page out of boredom and forget you even liked that brand page to begin with. Before you know it you've got crap from 30+ brands stinkin' up your newsfeed.

Thankfully Ajax just built an app called Ajax Social Wipes that lets you "wipe away" any the pages you've liked over the years with one simple click. I tried it last night and it's super simple and effective.

This is one app I will keep installed on my page.

designers add a little style to 48 NFL helmets

Super Bowl gets a makeover. Top designers added a little fantasy to these 48 NFL helmetsbid to win your favorite Haute Couture helmet! All net proceeds are donated to support NFL and team charities. View them all.

app fights bogus parking tickets

Think most of your parking tickets are bogus? Here’s an app for you. Fixed, is an app that simplifies the process of appealing parking tickets by doing the hard work for you. It’s easy and besides, what do you have to lose? Simply take a picture of you ticket with the app and then let the experts help you figure out it its worth fighting.    

vimeo's creative annual report

Turns out Vimeo had a pretty memorable 2013! This annual report uses fun icons to creatively showcase 2013 highlights. Check ‘em out!

looking for a job? apply via snapchat

Not only brands are wondering where to reach the 'kids" on social media these days; agencies are too. So DDB Oslo went where the younger generations are to look for talented applicants - they went to Snapchat. Their thinking is that if you can sell an idea in :10 you could probably do well in advertising. Hopefully all the submissions they received were 'clean.' 


disloyalty card encourages local shopping

"Hey Hey! Ho Ho! This Big Chain Party's Got to Go!" If small independent shops had a chant, it might go something like that - or not. 

Chant or not chant, a local coffee shop in D.C. is fighting back against big chains like Starbucks with a Disloyalty card, encouraging consumers to visit not only their own store, but multiple other local shops for more perks. A great idea built around the notion of strength in numbers. Bravo!

famous feline field guide

No a cat lover, or just a person who loves famous cats? Here's the purr-fect (sorry - couldn't resist) gift for them. It's a poster of the ultimate "field guide" to famous cats, featuring recognizable real and fictional felines from Garfield to Grumpy cat. 

You can buy one "for your friend" here.

froot loops exposed

Remember being a wide-eyed, happy child, with your cartoons and bowl of Froot Loops? Remember all the colors and flavors?

Well it turns out it was never flavors. It was just flavor...singular! Kellogg's recently confirmed that while the loops had different colors, they were all flavored exactly. the. same.

Not cool, Toucan Sam.

a very morbid wedding cake

So two young folks got married, and that's a happy thing. The bride, Natalie, even operates a cake shop, which also sounds like a happy thing.

The two however took the "Til Death Do Us Part..." thing a bit literal with their wedding cake, which is more of a scary thing.

Ok, it's kind of cool. Wonder if it's good luck for the bride to slice into the groom's head first, vice-versa, or if it's best to do it at the same time?

beer flavored jelly beans? beer flavored jelly beans.

Jelly Belly, the fine folks that brought you the buttered popcorn flavored jelly bean, have unleashed their latest and greatest concoction on the world - beer flavored jelly beans.

According to the beanery, it took 3 years to perfect the recipe, and they're safe for all ages, which is sad because it means they won't get you drunk. Either way, it's about G D time, Jelly Belly.

old spice faux sites

Embarrassing decisions… just got a little bit more entertaining (still the same amount of embarrassing though!). Everyone makes mistakes, and Old Spice has the balls personality to call it out. These faux sites do a great job aligning with the brand identity! For starters, check out the real protein cologne site.

alarm app wakes you for great snow conditions

Calling all winter sports enthusiast. Your life just got a lot better with this alarm app from Helly Hansen.  This is not your standard alarm clock - while you sleep this app checks the weather conditions and determines if you should get up early to enjoy the fresh powder, or get a few extra Zzz’s. Check it out.

de-clutter your social life

It’s time to clean up your social life!  Colgate’s new social too  “Ajax Social Wipes” is cleaning your social media pages by de-cluttering all of the brands and pages you once ‘liked’ on Facebook or Twitter. Aggregate all your pages, and start cleaning your social lifeVia.

sex from every angle

What's they purpose of Google Glasses you ask? Why would anyone need a pair, you ponder? All this skepticism and then BAM, there's this: The Sex with Google Glass App.

Now you can see yourself have sex with your partner from every. single. angle. Yuh uh. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Getting bored of the standard sex positions? Just say "Ok glass, give me ideas" (which is soooo appropriate in the heat of the moment, right?) and Google will give you some hot, steamy ideas.

Want the lights off? Just tell it so. Want to play some sexy time music? Yep, it'll do that. And when you're done (ahem, hopefully at least 20 minutes later), you say "Ok Glass, pull out." Errr, really?

So, is it creepy or hot?

Thanks Danny!

ice cube's a pimp

A while back, University of Colorado students began trying to rally Goodyear into programming "Ice Cube's a Pimp" on their blimp, based on the song "It Was a Good Day" from back in '92. The trade was, they would raise funds for South Central charity, A Place Called Home, if Goodyear agreed to the stunt. And agree they did.

After raising $25,000 (and counting), Goodyear flew the blimp with Ice Cube on board on the anniversary of the fictional "good day."


real girls, real self esteem

Arie, a brand of bras, panties, and sleepwear for young women, is the latest brand taking a stand against idealized, photoshopped, skinny-only models in their advertising. Instead they're featuring girls of variety of healthy sizes with absolutely no photoshopping. Just real bodies and faces for real girls self esteem. Sure, they're all naturally gorgeous, but it's a big step in the right direction!

your favorite movie quotes as pictograms

The infographic craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. In an interesting submission featured on FlowingData, dozens of favorite movies are given pictogram treatment, including some classic quotes from When Harry Met Sally, The Godfather, and Casablanca. Go ahead and try to spot some of your favorites!

SEO's ultimate enemy - search engine strips top results

Meet Million Short - the search engine that helps you explore the internet beyond the major players. When you search for something on the site, it essentially discounts the top 1 million results (or however many you want it to remove, if any), and serves up the more obscure content you may not otherwise discover. Have fun exploring the deep, dark depths of the internet. Via

law firm's ads are actually interesting

These ads created for a divorce law firm are simple, yet clever. Created by the agency Wing, they lure you in with famous couples' names and the romantic 'occasion' of the seemingly homemade videos. Upon playing, the user is immediately met with the message that the video being taken down by creator, followed by an unexpected message explaining why the video was removed (divorce). So just remember - when your marriage falls apart, the law firm is there to pick you up?

beer-inspired ice cream returns

Yuengling is bringing back its ice cream to markets. You read that right - they're bringing it back. During prohibition, they produced ice cream in place of brewing beer to stay in business. After 30 years people can now get their fill of this tasty treat, including flavors like Black & Tan after its alcoholic cousin-product. 

the NFL, as seen by hipsters

The NFL is sort of the opposite of hipster. It's rugged in the real sense and aggressive, but not in the passive way. But, when you take the NFL logos and make them hipster-y, you've got visual gold.

taste with your ears

What if you could hear flavors with your ears, rather than tasting them with your tongue? If your head hasn't exploded from that question, check out Schwartz's "The Sound of Taste" to promote their "Flavour Shots" product line.

The video is really beautiful, but it's probably more satisfying to eat your food rather than waiting for it to explode into a big, messy symphony.

hangovers are not created equal

So there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that you can't really avoid a hangover if you choose to drink. The good news, however, is that you can have a less-bad hangover by selecting the right kind of booze.

DNews explains why certain alcohol makes you feel shittier than others. Since it's a little science-y, we'll just cut to the chase: the darker the liquor, the worse the hangover. So, choose clears (e.g., vodka) over browns (e.g., whiskey), people. Puking in the stall at work just isn't a good look for you anymore.

creative packaging... makes dogs smile

Perfect packaging opportunities are hard to come by, but Cecilia Uhr nailed it with this playful packaging. The smiling faces of these pooches allowed for a creative way to showcase the product, while also creating attention for these otherwise boring packaging. Rawhide sticks like you’ve never seen them before, Whitebites - brilliant!

bacon flavored drink tabs

Change could be a good thing. We all love to eat bacon, so why not drink it?

Want the flavor but not the calories that come along with the great taste of bacon. Who isn't intrigued? Via.

cabin or stack of wood?

From a distance, this may just look like a stack of wood, but take a few steps closer and you’ll quickly realize that’s not the case. This camouflaged pile of wood doubles as a small cabin. Designed by Piet Hein Eek for Dutch pianist and comedian Hans Liberg

prankvertising is some scary sh!t

There will come a time when prankvertising will have jumped the shark... but when pranks this good happen in the name of advertising, it makes that hard to believe.

What better way to promote Devil's Due, a movie about a demon baby, than putting a creepy-as-hell remote controlled robot demon baby in the streets to scare the living crap out of passerbys?

Fantastic! Thanks Garrett!

photo comments, back in the day

A photo is posted on social media, and inevitably someone in the photo comments with, "ugh, untag me in this, I look awful" or "what the hell was I wearing, I look 20 pounds heavier" or "worst picture ever, I am making a stupid face" and so on.

With all of this self-deprecation so visible to us on a regular basis, you can't help but wonder if we've somehow become an incredibly self-absorbed, appearance-focused society. Then, vintage photos like these are discovered and we realize, we aren't so different from our ancestors afterall. We've always been an incredibly self-absorbed, appearance-focused society. Gee, isn't that comforting?


health, delivered to your home

Sometimes we share with you epic and/or hysterical and/or break-through videos, ad campaigns, stunts and other marketing goodness. Other times, we share super smart strategic partnerships that were so simple, obvious and understated that you want to slap yourself for not thinking of it... like in this case.

Walgreens partnered up with startup, TaskRabbit, a platform that connects people that need small tasks done, with people that are willing to do them, to bring medicine, tissues and even soup to people that were stuck at home sick.

Absolutely perfect.

real life emojis!

We all have someone in our lives who simply uses too many emojis. Once you identify that friend, be sure to share designer Liza Nelson’s latest work, which recreates the most popular icons with real people and items. Nelson used a wide range of subjects, from people to vegetables, to pay homage to the cute little images that have infiltrated our culture.

Guinness goes anti-tech

Turns out there are some advertisers who would like you to actually spend LESS time talking about them on social media. In a new campaign, Guinness implores its consumers to put the phone down while enjoying a pint. Going back to the roots of conversation and personal seems to be a new trend among pubs and intimate bars. It may even deter us from putting our next drink on Instagram!

kids these days

Remember when you used the chalk during recess to draw a hopscotch board on the pavement? Well, teamLab has decided to take this concept one huge leap forward, developing “Hopscotch for Geniuses,” an interactive installation. When children land on the shapes, they create lights and sound, making every child feel like an artist.

this is the type of facebook fan you want

If you've ever managed social media for a brand, you know it can be tough to get fans to engage with your content. Chip Zdarsky, a comic book artist, is the type of fan you want, though. After seeing both of his parents like the same picture on a local Applebee's Facebook page, he checked out some other posts and saw no one was answering any of their question posts. So he started answering with funny and charming responses. Above are just two examples, and you can see more here

cabbage patch kid wigs - no really

And why didn't Cabbage Patch Kids think about this 30 years ago? Via

louis ck and calvin klein collaboration?

Ok - so Calvin Klein is not chomping at the bit to hire Louis C.K. to be their next big model, but he leveraged CK's products and the style of their ads to promote his own show. Pretty hilarious. 

meet your soul-juggalo

Tired of the same old dating sites? Want to make a deep connection with another human who shares your passion for Juggalo-ing? Sound like you need a little JuggaLOVE.

This dating site ad spoof ironically matches Juggalos and Jaggalettes, and it's really funny (if you're into this sort of thing).

a better egg carton

Just because the same old egg carton design has been used forever doesn't make it right.

The Hex-Egg-On (ha!) holds 6 eggs, protects them better, and looks super fun. 

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