fight fat talk

According to Special K's latest campaign, 93% of women engage in "fat talk", calling themselves, or parts of themselves, fat. The proof is in thousands of real posts from women all over social media. It's so common you likely even have friends on social media that are guilty of this. In fact, you may have even done it yourself and not even realized it.

Well, Special K's mission is end this needless self abuse, by making women more aware of it. They kicked it off with the stunt featured in this video where they put real social media quotes in a clothing store, on signs, tags, etc. for women to react to. Then they launched this website that tracks the negative fat talk conversations online, vs. the positive ones. You can even search your friends' social media posts to see how is using fat talk and send them a kind reminder that they deserve better than that.

A great program, a great message for women everywhere.

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At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Noelle said...
Yes! Awesome. Blogged similarly this morning. :)  
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