insulting stamps for work

If one of your new year's resolutions is to not put up with as much BS,  tell your co-workers how you really feel with these insulting self-inking stamps. If only....

natural pantone palettes

Colors and nature go hand-in-hand, and now there is a beautiful tumblr that celebrates various Pantone color palettes found in pictures of nature, inclusive of looping animated gifs.  

an interesting perspective on time

With 2013 coming to an end, this video provides a fascinating perspective on time and how much this one year compares to our entire history, as shown through animated infographics. A pretty interesting 7 minutes. WARNING: if thinking about space-y things like what was existed before the universe or what will happen to it in the future, do not watch after 5:37. 


A Berlin-based artist took tiny pieces of various drugs and magnified the crap out of them, hence the cool/trippy crystal meth molecule above.

Fascinating stuff, but it begs one question: what was this person doing with such drugs as meth and ecstasy in the first place? Busted.

there are many, many windows in manhattan

Ever play that game where you try and guess how many windows there are in New York, NY? Well, a very smart dude took the game a step further using math, and put together the following estimate: 10,700,000 windows on the isle of Manhattan.

Now that could be high or low, but that sounds like a lot of number-crunching and heavy thinking, so we'll just assume the 10.7 mill estimate is 100% accurate.

gingerbread (white)house

Ever wonder how the First Family celebrates Christmas? Why, just like us - with gingerbread!

Except, their gingerbread house is a replica of their actual house, it weighs 300 pounds, and it's created by top pasty chefs. Merica.

science proves that Rupolph’s nose really does glow

Although Rudolph’s nose may not exactly glow red, scientists have examined reindeer with thermal cameras, which indicate that the animals DO have remarkably warm noses. Because of this, their snouts actually appear to glow in these heat-sensitive images. What’s next – fat men really CAN fit down the chimney?

the 10 types of texters

At one point or another, we have all encountered each of the different types of texters (the novelist, the worrier, the romantic, etc.) These days, the way we text is indicative of our personalities, and Mashable has compiled a list of the ten most common types for you to laugh at, and subsequently fit each of your friends in a category.

If so, The Fussy Librarian has you covered! After a one-time signup, you will receive daily emails of books that should be on your reading list. The registration process also allows you to enter your preferences, such as fiction/non-fiction, romance, comedy, crime, etc.

After setting your account up up, The Fussy Librarian will send you daily recommendations with a short description and links to purchase. This email service may also be very helpful for impressing your book club with your insightful selections – and your fussy little friend won’t even take credit for it.

santa scores based on social media - how do you fare?

You know your Klout score, now check you Klaus score here, and find out (based on your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram activity from this past year) if you were naughty or nice and what you'll be getting. If it was coal, you might ask yourself - was it worth it?


bah-humbug cane, minus the candy

Know a holiday-hater in your life? Get them the flavorless, stripe-less, spiritless Bahumbug cane. Kind of brilliant. 

top toys of the last 50 years

Check out the top toys for the past 50 years - see bigger version of the image here

the art of ex girlfriends

Artist Sebastian Errazuriz created a series of high heel shoes reflective of 12 of his ex girlfriends' personalities. The beautifully written stories to accompany each shoe are sexy, funny, sad, and touching all at the same time. It's clear the artist is not only talented, but he's also somewhat of a pimp!

Thanks Corey!

print to light your world

In the latest installment of "Who says print is dead?" we have an innovative LED light-up, color changing ad from Motorola in the January issue of WIRED magazine.

Playing up the customization features of the Moto X, readers can press the various color swatches and the bottom to see what the phone would look like in each color.

Definitely an attention getter!

hot model strips to her underwear

Guys, did that headline get your attention? If so, watch the video above until the end and you have the oldest advertising trick in the books - the bait and switch. Add using a hot model on top of that and you have the two oldest tricks in the book - but they worked didn't they?

Now get your butts off the couch and go buy yourself some new underwear- we don't want to see that. ;)

make music with drumpants

Literally march to your own beat with these cool DrumPants. DrumPants is a wearable sensor kit that attaches to your pants, letting you play music on the go whenever inspiration hits. The kit includes over 100 sounds including drums, percussion, synthesizers, and guitars – allowing your jam session to be played directly through headphones or an external speaker. The project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Via.

creative poster trim down chubby pup

Clever dog shaped poster uses removable contact info tags to promote their dog walking service. Grabbing a tab not only trims this chubby pup, but it also serves as a visual reminder of how important it is to walk your dog. 

adult only - coloring book

Who says coloring books just have to be fun for children? Pretty sure, adults will be entertained and maybe even learn a few things from this coloring book! Rated MA.

top GIFs of 2013

You people love your GIFs. And since it's about that time for "Top Shit That Happened In 2013" lists, here are the most popular GIFs from this year.

Thanks a lot, Obama.

when the 80's and LEGOs collide

Finally, someone took the time to combine iconic 80's movie characters and LEGOs.

The result is great, though some are kind of freaky - particularly Beetle Juice; he's got a crazy look in his eye.

here's what happened this year

Did you pay attention to 2013? It's cool if you didn't, because there's an infographic for that.

They'll probably do another one of these in 2014, so feel free to be extra aloof next year.

the unglamorous, alcoholic side of 007

According to a new study by the British Medical Journal, James Bond is actually a “category 3” drinker, and likely would have succumbed to ailments related to alcoholism by age 56. To judge this, a Nottingham University Hospital liver specialist studied 12 Bond novels, taking notes on the famous spy’s drinking habits. His research indicated that Bond averaged a whopping 96 drinks a week (6 or 7 a day), which makes his sharp shooting and flashy driving skills even MORE unrealistic!

this year, get REAL with your holiday cards

Want to send your loved ones a card that can’t be hung up in their cubicle or on their fridge? Sydney-based website Brown Cardigan has you covered! The company's aim is to allow their fans to communicate their sarcastic, passive-aggressive feelings about real life situations, “not just Hallmark moments of fluffy loved up white-bread-eating weirdos." Right up our alley!

Facebook gets into the holiday spirit, rolls out “Donate Now” feature

Facebook is rolling out a new feature to allow one-click donations to the cause of your choice. But, there’s a catch. This app, while making it easier for non-profits to collect your cash donations, also allows Facebook to collect your credit card and billing information for Facebook to keep on file. Nineteen non-profit launch partners will soon display the “Donate Now” button both at the tops of their pages and the bottom of their News Feed posts. Also notable – Facebook is not charging a processing fee for any of these donations, so your money really does end up in the hands of the organization of your choosing.

brand's response to irate consumer boosts sales

Liberty Bottleworks went where not many other brands would go - their COO took directly to their Facebook page to fight back against a nasty, irate consumer. If you have ever managed Facebook, you know they aren't uncommon and are like a thorn in your side. 

The COO's response defended that his employees wouldn't be available at every minute of every weekend during the holidays showed consumers that he is a human (and not a soulless corporate slave driver) and valued his employees' personal lives and efforts. As a result, the company saw a huge boost in orders and sales. Bravo, sir. 

tweetspie delivers top tweets

Having trouble keeping up with all the activity in your Twitter feed, or don't check frequently enough to catch everything?

You can now use TweetsPie, and app that helps cull through your timeline and show you the top 21 Tweets, most likely based on popularity through retweets and favorites so you don't have to stress out on what you might have missed (you know - Twitter FOMO). 

starbucks train - commuters' dream

Starbucks did something that all commuters will drool over - they took over a double decker car on a train in Switzerland and made it over, fully equipped with sound proof floors, luxurious seating and a Starbucks coffee counter. File this under smart brand moves.

When will they do this in the US?

disturbing brand mascots

Some brands have better mascots than other. Here's a list of 7, shall we say "interesting" mascots, from over the years.

Also, why are the peapods and corn about the same size as the giant? Is he actually a very mini-man? Or is he carrying around humongous vegetables? The world may never know.

open a bottle like a ninja

Here's a great lifehack for people sick of being made to look like a fool by soda.

This little trick, the Soda Ninja Swipe, allows you to open a shaken bottle of soda (or pop, as some say) without any spillage. Try this one at home.

a no bollocks cab ride

To help promote the launch of their new beer, Cabbie Black Ale, Newcastle offered "free" rides home to drinkers leaving bars.

Great, right? Kinda. In exchange for the ride, passengers had to speak into a microphone about the new ale for the entirety of their trip home or they got kicked to the curb. Oh yeah - and there was a huge megaphone on top of the "cabbie" that broadcasted everything they said to the outside world.


eyelid canvas

To an artist, the canvas possibilities are endless. You can make just about anything into a work of art, even an eyebrow.  Artist Tal Peleg, takes the term “makeup artist” to a whole new meaning as she transforms the eyelid into mini creative paintings. Check out more here.

sweet deal for shutting off your cell!

We all know how disrupting mobile phones can be when you're out at a restaurant and all you hear are emails, notifications, and Facebook messages. Not only do these alerts ruining your dining experience, they also ruin the environment for everyone else! To prevent disruptions from spoiling the atmosphere, this restaurant in Jerusalem Abu Ghosh, went as far as offering a hefty benefit of a 50% to those who will turn their devices off. Sweet deal!

erasable billboard changes message

Nothing is more compelling than a visual narrative. This is evident in these billboards for PLAN to promote young women receiving a higher education instead of joining the work force early. To ensure the message is received, they asked people to donate and in return receive an eraser. That eraser allows donators to reveal the underlining image of women working in factories with young girls learning at school.

fight fat talk

According to Special K's latest campaign, 93% of women engage in "fat talk", calling themselves, or parts of themselves, fat. The proof is in thousands of real posts from women all over social media. It's so common you likely even have friends on social media that are guilty of this. In fact, you may have even done it yourself and not even realized it.

Well, Special K's mission is end this needless self abuse, by making women more aware of it. They kicked it off with the stunt featured in this video where they put real social media quotes in a clothing store, on signs, tags, etc. for women to react to. Then they launched this website that tracks the negative fat talk conversations online, vs. the positive ones. You can even search your friends' social media posts to see how is using fat talk and send them a kind reminder that they deserve better than that.

A great program, a great message for women everywhere.

Google's Advent Santa Tracker

There are advent calendars, and there are Santa tackers, and both can be fun. But Google's Advent Santa Tracker takes these concepts and makes them UBER fun with new games, videos, and interactive experiences every day you open up a new house in Santa's village. Yay!

a powerful double standard

This video from the Philippines tackles the double standard between women and men. But it's not preachy, it's not angry. It's beautiful. In fact, it's so well done, so powerful, and so true that you won't believe it's actually an ad. Of course, adding Mad World as the soundtrack helps... that song could make cockroaches beautiful.

Well done Pantene, well done.

the most popular Facebook topics of 2013 are.....(drumroll, please)

As mid-December looms, so do the endless lists of “most ________ event/item/person of the year,” but this is one we can actually pay attention to – Facebook’s most talked about topics. Globally, Pope Francis tops the list, and the Super Bowl comes in first for the U.S. (way to go, America). Check out the entire list for the most talked about movies, songs, and shows – some may really surprise you (like Peyton Manning).

Airbnb invites NYC Mayor’s friend over for his inauguration

New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has not hidden his opposition to Airbnb in the past, publicly stating that the short-term rentals it facilitates are illegal. Instead of taking offense, the company has released this very polite video, congratulating him on his big win, and personally inviting his friends and family to utilize its services while traveling to town to watch his inauguration.

Target launches Pinterest storefront

Still have some holiday shopping to contend with? If so, check out Target’s new Pinterest-powered online storefront, the “Target Awesome Shop” for a convenient visual list of the most-pinned items, and where to buy them. With the tagline “Cool stuff everyone’s talking about,” how could you not check it out? But be forewarned – you may not be able to resist picking up a few items for yourself in the process.

watch and shop with levi's

In time for the holidays, Levi's has launched a nice shoppable video with fairly seamless product shopping integration with visually engaging content. 


an app that finds germ 'zones'

Sickweather is an iPhone app that scans social networks to find out 'zones' where people are sick, and alerts you when you near those zones. An interesting concept for sure - but what does it say about people now? That we're hypochondriacs or that we complain too much on social media about being sick?

stained-glass movie posters

Van Orton Design was inspired to redesign classic 80s movie posters to look like stained-glass windows. Baby, ruth? 

uber + home depot = christmas trees to your door

Gone are the days of going to the gas station and buying a Christmas tree, or worse yet, venturing deep into the woods and chopping one down with an ax!

Car service Uber and Home Depot have teamed up to bring Christmas trees to users' doorsteps.

#UberTree is available to residents in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, NYC, Philadelphia, San Fran and Washington D.C. If you happen to be outside of one of those 10 cities, well, you're shit out of luck. Have fun trying to wash all that sap off.

finally, super nintendo soap

For those who thought the day would never come to buy Super Nintendo and Gameboy game shaped bars of soap, your patience has been rewarded.

A company called Firebox has released the soaps, "made from the very finest vegan-friendly ingredients," just in time for the holidays. Choose from such titles as Super Mario Land, The Legend of Zelda and Street Fighter II Turbo, that each promote a citrus-y fragrance. But be careful! Rumor has it that the Street Fighter soap gives you powers to shoot fireballs...

never be alone on Christmas

IKEA Switzerland is doing a nice thing for the holidays. They've created a program called "No Empty Chairs At Christmas" where guests can be matched up with generous hosts so that they've got a place to go during the Holiday. One simply visits the website to register, and boom - no empty chairs at Christmas.

While this seems really sweet and kind, it also feels like it may have a scary, Craigslist-esque ending. But, let's hope not.

beefed-up business cards

Creating the perfect business card that is always a challenge. Everyone is looking for the right amount of flashy to ensure your encounter is a memorable one; they're sure to not soon forget. Meatcards certainly takes care of that. Made of beef jerky, this edible business card will make sure you grab that person’s attention and satisfy their stomach.

free ideas from a creative agency - score!

This is the kind of idea that doesn't come around too often. All the holiday cheer (and maybe a little too much spiked eggnog) has this company willing to give out work...for FREE! 

Manifold's Free Idea Fridays is their way of giving back with creative ideas to anyone in need. We all know handouts are few and far between, but this agency is not letting that get in their way. No guarantee how many great usable ideas you’ll hear – but you’ll likely have a fun and creative brainstorm. Sign-up for your 30-minute brainstorming session via Twitter. Let the good (and FREE) ideas roll from there!

glow in the dark toilet paper

Waking up in the middle of the night for a quick trip to the bathroom is never fun... compounded by the annoyance of never been able to get back to sleep makes it even worse. This idea might help; don’t ever leave that zombie-like state on your next stroll to the bathroom with this Glow-In-The-Dark Toilet Paper. Not losing out on those extra Zzz has never been easier. Via.

Instagrams from the dark side

As we all sit, holding our breath until December, 2015 in hopes that Disney and J.J. Abrams do Star Wars proud, from the dark side emerges the first Star Wars Instagram. Is it Yoda dispensing his backwards speaking wisdom? Chewy about to let out his famous roar? Nope, it's a Darth Vader selfie... and it is awesome.

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