IKEA sells your furniture for you

Many people might fantasize about getting fancy new furniture, but that dream soon becomes a nightmare when they think about communicating with, let alone invite into their home, the creepsters that surface from the seedy underbelly of the world to troll Craiglist for used goods.

So, if you're IKEA, and want people to get past that annoyance and buy new furniture, you really only have one option: Help people get rid of their old junk. And they did just that.

For 8 weeks, IKEA Norway chose new furniture buyers on Facebook, shot photos of their old furniture and created ads for them to be featured on their Facebook page on Sundays, like a virtual garage sale.

Now if they'd put the stuff together for you, it'd be perfect!


j said...

I so love IKEA furnitures. I have so many of them at home.

More Than Red said...

Sounds like an excellent idea.

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