eeek! a snowman!

Here are three and a half minutes of a guy dressed up as a snowman scaring the bejeezus out of people as they walk past.

If you like that, there are many other "Freaky the Scary Snowman" videos to be enjoyed. These videos will both a) get you into the holiday spirit and b) give you nightmares. You're welcome.

minimalistic mad men musings

Just in time for the holidays, here are some great gift ideas for the little Mad Man/Woman in your life.

The minimalist prints depict specific character's traits and supply a corresponding quote.

things you should say more often

Sometimes it's children that remind us exactly how we should be behaving, rather than the other way around.

SoulPancake's Kid President shares 20 things we should all say more often - and he's spot on. You should say "Thank You" more often, and not just because tomorrow is Thanksgiving. You should also be surprising your friends with corn dogs as often as possible, because it's a nice thing to do.

Corn dog for you, corn dog for you, corn dog for you!

sweat like a pig

When pigs get really, really hot, does their sweat smell like bacon? Either way, now with a new deodorant by J&D's Foods – purveyors of all things bacon – you can smell like delicious fried hog meat.

The company website states "Using Power Bacon will probably make everyone drawn to you like you were the most powerful magnet on Earth." For some reason, we find it very unlikely that the attractive girl next to you on the treadmill wants to smell Denny’s during her entire run.

see you next year, mustache!

Are you (or your significant other) having a hard time coming to terms with the end of Movember? Now, shaving brand Harry's has created a supportive video to help you through this difficult time.

Harry's has even taken it a step further, declaring December 1 as "National Shave Day," and has built a whole site to promote it. So gentlemen, if you’re feeling like a part of you is missing this Sunday, you now know you don’t have to be alone.

is this the most obnoxious commercial of the holiday season?

Last week, when we wrote about the Kmart Joe Boxer commercial, it looked like the store had hit a high point with its holiday advertising. Unfortunately, they then released this spot, featuring neighbors “giffing out” over the deals they found at Kmart on Black Friday.

Not only is this concept pretty unoriginal, but the repetitive noise made by these actors is close to unbearable. Kmart please, we implore you, stick to good looking men in their underwear!

take a wonderful toilet trek

Unicef is creating awareness of the crucial need for individuals to have access to clean toilets. You can take a toilet trek through their dynamic site and play an old-school 8-bit style game, created by Tribal Worldwide, to discover the reasons why. 


world's first selfie - from 1839

While smart phones have made selfies a commonplace activity, to the point where Webster's Dictionary made the word of the year, the very first selfie was created in 1839. Robert Cornelius took his own self-portrait using the daguerrotype method. The only thing missing are some duck lips or him showing off his abs. You can learn more about it here

beer vs. coffee: which makes you more creative?

We probably all know, but here are some fun facts on how each beer and coffee affect your brain. (View a larger image here.) 

coke zero will make you an ugly holiday sweater

Coke Zero is doing a cool thing just in time for your ugly holiday sweater party. allows people to design customizable ugly sweaters, which is pretty fun and addictive in-and-of itself. What's better is that the 100 "best" sweaters (which are voted on by you, the user) will be handcrafted and sent to their creators.

the secret to making a more personalized ad?

You put an actual human being in the ad.

Royal Road University (which is located somewhere in Canada) literally let their ad speak it itself by planting a real life graduate inside what appeared to be simple advertising kiosks.

Pretty neat, eh?

how rock n' roll would have aged

That's Jimmy Hendrix you're looking at. Well, if we hadn't lost him in 1970.

Sachs Media Group and Phojoe teamed up to produce renderings of what some of the great, and long gone, rockers would look like if they were still around today.

Probably cooler to remember these icons as they were. Except for Bob Marley - he looks pretty much the same.

friday's office reward... local craft beer delivery

As Friday afternoon approaches, so does the urge to unwind after a long week of work. Now you can transition into your weekend a little easier with Deskbeers, the London-based service that delivers different local craft beer directly to your office every Friday afternoon. Hard work deserves rewards - cheers!

billboard detects planes and displays flight info

If only those lead roles in the infamous romantic comedy scenes had a billboard like this in the movie! These digital billboards created for British Airways would have saved them the trouble of getting through the security to the gate before realizing the plane already took off! 

Using custom surveillance technology, the billboards detect planes flying overhead and display flight numbers and routes as they pass. #lookup

trashcan makeover

Are you the kind of person who needs creativity all around you... even the most mundane things need to be given a face-lift? You'll undoubtedly find the need for these unique trashcans then! Have a look!

case studies--they're all the same

Advertising award season is upon us, and it's time for agencies to go crazy putting together EPIC case studies exaggerating, err, I mean highlighting, the awesomeness and impact of their campaigns.

Recognizing these case studies are soooooo lame and formulaic, DentsuBos created this funny promo for a sarcastic product offering called Case Study Kit. Ah, so true!

go home Pinterest, you are drunk

There are a lot of scary things on Pinterest, besides drones of women obsessively fantasizing about $200k+ weddings, $2MM+ homes and 10,000 calorie cakes. If you just spent 5 minutes in the feed and you're sure to find some creepy ass thing someone found interesting for some bizarre reason. Or, you could just check out this fun little blog, Pinterest You Are Drunk which picks some of the creepiest and brings them to you for your laughter and enjoyment. People are weird.

strangers stalking your profiles

Comedian Jack Vale thought it would be funny to look for local check-ins, click on the social media profiles of the people that checked-in to learn more about them, then freak the ever living crap out of them by talking to them about the intimate details of their life they shared... without telling them how he knew said info.

And, he was correct. Watching people get completely creeped out is pretty darn funny, but it does bring up an important point. How much can a stranger really learn about you from your public social media activity?

Makes you think twice about what you share out there on the interwebs, all while entertaining you.

was Jackie O. a fan of selfies?

As part of a new ad campaign, South African newspaper Cape Times has transformed some of the most famous photos in history into selfies. Utilizing the tagline “You can’t get any closer to the news,” the ad campaign gives us a different perspective on photos of historical figures such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Winston Churchill, and the royal couple. The “Kissing the War Goodbye” selfie is actually so realistic, we could have sworn we saw a similar photo on Instagram just this weekend!

force others to respect your personal space

For anyone who has relied on public transportation to commute, people leaning, breathing and coughing on you is just another aspect of everyday life. Instead of giving dirty looks, or using the even less effective tactic of ASKING for some room, you can now don a spiked suit that will force your fellow commuters to provide you with some personal space.

Although we tend to think this would be impossible to get through security checkpoints, maybe the staff will be able to commiserate, and look the other way.


From personal experience, we know that choreographed bell ringing is much trickier than it looks. One thing that is even more impressive? Choreographed manhood-playing. Kmart (with Draftfcb) has created a hilarious rendition of Jingle Bells featuring boxer-clad men vigorously swinging their hips to the beat of the song. Just in time for you to go stock up on new holiday underwear!

move over comes dinovember

Happy Monday! Here's a little creative inspiration for you this morning: an awesome pair of parents, Refe Tuma and his wire, have created what they call "Dinovember" - every November, they try to get their kids to believe their plastic dinosaur toys come alive at night to cause mischief. The trouble the dinos get into is hilarious. 

Why do they do this? "Because in the age of iPads and Netflix, wed don't want our kids to lose their sense of wonder and imagination...we want out kids to experience a little mystery." 

You can check out their Facebook page to follow along and see more great pictures. 

redesigned football logos

What would American football logos look like if they were European football logos? Like the ones below. This would never happen, because, you know - this is 'Merica - but these redesigns are kind of fun and take on a entirely different look. Via

brilliant use of comic sans

This cartoon is simple yet brilliant. (In case you are not familiar with French, 'sans' means 'without.') It's the little things.

free russian subway rides!*

*If you do 30 squats first.

Specially designed ticket machines in Moscow are awarding free rides to those willing to do 30 squats in public. The stunt was created to raise awareness/excitement for the 2014 Winter Olympics being hosted in some town called Sochi (which we've confirmed is also in Russia).

apple's new spaceship

Hey everyone, here are newly released renderings of what Apple's new campus will look like.

Perfect for spacemen and aliens alike, particularly because the proposed structure looks like it belongs on the moon rather than California.

how color blind are you?

This fun "color IQ" test will tell you. Good luck, because getting a perfect score is impossible.

One note: women are probably going to be better at this, since they're much less likely to suffer from actual color blindness

sexy men... or adorable cats?

The Des Hommes et Des Chatons (Men and Cats) blog, pairs similar photos of attractive men, in unison with adorable cats. The side-by-side comparisons are truly perfect. Enjoy!

gamers will crush over this candy

All you gamers’, who got sucked into the land of candy crush, are now in for a sweet treat. Yup, candy crush has taken over all smart devices and is now attempting to take over your favorite candy as well. New York based candy company Dylan’s Candy Bar recently debuted their new line of Candy Crush inspired chocolates and gummies

your favorite princesses with regular sized eyes

Over-dramatic eyes are what Disney's princesses all have in common, and that makes their characters even more awesome. Ever wonder how they’d look with scaled down, less dramatic eyes? More here.

super bowl for the underdogs

We all know the only brands that can afford Super Bowl ads are the big dogs... and those big dogs are the brands with the most money, not typically the most deserving. So what about the underdogs? The small businesses with small budgets?

This great campaign from Intuit is pitting four deserving small business against each other and giving one the winning one their very own 30-second, $40MM+ Super Bowl ad. To determine the winner, check out their "Small Business Game" website, view each business's story and case studies and chose the one you think deserves it most.

Who doesn't love to see an underdog win?

weirdest thing on the internet this week (maybe month)

Yeah, the title pretty much sums this up. This video of animated classic paintings is weird. It's funny. It's offensive. It seems to have no purpose, until you see it's a sketch done by JungleBoys, the creators of a show on Australia's ABC1 called The Elegant Gentlemen's Guide to Knife Fighting.

Kind of makes me wish I lived in Australia.

you bet your "as" this tweet is funny

It's so awesome when brands, especially typically innocent brands, get all wise-"asy" on the interwebs. So it was a surprising delight to see this funny, timely tweet from Charmin the other day, playing off the new Thor movie in theaters.

But sadly, the very popular tweet was taken down later that day, but no one's sure why? I'm going with either a P&G c-suite at that had a shit fit (pun intended) or a Hollywood buzz kill threatening rights infringement.

cheese is to wine as cookies are to….liquor?

Artist Martí Guixé, presumably sick of the typical cocktail party hors d'oeuvres, has developed a new line of biscuits that are each developed to compliment either mezcal, red wine, vodka, gin, or whiskey. Guixé uses 3D print modeling to create a unique shape for each biscuit variety. The form of each biscuit is designed to enhance the taste of the liquor after pouring, and further bridge the gap between food and drink.

Google develops lie detecting neck tattoo, gets one step closer to ruling the world

In another giant leap toward world domination, Google has filed a patent for an electronic skin tattoo that connects to a mobile device, and can be used to detect when the user is not being honest.

Google suggests that the device will be used by security personnel in noisy environments, as it allows the user to transmit conversation through background noise. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask) it can also be hooked up to a lie detector that can indicate whether the user is nervous or speaking abnormally. The only real catch – it may be hard to place on your subject’s neck without them knowing.

tweeting your dirty laundry

Ever get so frustrated with your significant other you just have to call someone up just to share your misery? One couple decided to make this process even more public, creating the Twitter handle @WeFoughtAbout to let the world in on each of their arguments.

Although the couple insists that this helps them to talk through their issues, we would rather just do it the old fashioned way and grab a drink with a friend to complain instead.

abandoned santa theme parks

Christmas, the commercial religious and festive holiday everyone looks forward to, is full of wonder and awe for both adults and kids. That's why it's sad to see these pictures of abandoned Santa parks that are desolate. 

sriracha's making the holidays hot

Sriracha has been plagued with plant problems out in California, but thank God luckily they were able to have these candy canes made for the holidays

If you claim to love hot sauce, this product might put that to the test. 

could you master a marathon?

Marathons sound least to those of us that are non-runners. But the people who lead the marathons and finish first make it look effortless. 26 miles? Psh. Asics set out to show how much of a superhuman feat it actually is for those runners so quickly by allowing people to try and run at the pace they run the entire marathon (see above video). Um yeah - not easy. Even for a minute. 

2013's hottest new product is...broccoli?

Well, maybe not yet, but it will be if the ad agency Victors & Spoils has anything to say about it.

This awesome New York Times exposé takes a look at the creative and strategic processes associated with pitching a food item. In this case, humble broccoli. It's really worth the watch.

your bum's showing

Funny, simple, effective little street ad from Je*s Jeans. The arrow points to teeny, tiny copy that reads: "At this moment, your bum is completely exposed. If it were in a sexy pair of jeans, it would attract attention all the time!"

See! Print ads are still cool!

twitter and the f-word

Awful lot of potty mouth's on Twitter right now. No really, there are huge amounts of people saying the word "fuck" on Twitter as we speak - and you can see where exactly in the world it's happening with this interactive map!


bikes and condoms are all about safety

What do a cycling company and a condom manufacturer have in common? They both care about…safety! In Denver, you’ll likely see these clever ads brought to you by both Sir Richard's and Boulder B-cycle.  Combining these two brands may seem a little off, but local companies supporting this safety message for cyclist on and off the bike seem like they scored! Love these.

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