Wednesday, October 30, 2013
finally, a brand with a pair

As we all know, people love to tweet complaints about/at companies on Twitter. Why not? It's super easy, and 140 characters lets you express how said company has wronged you in an oh so witty and pithy fashion.

But why should the consumers be the only one's to have all the snarky fun? Why do brands always have to respond in 140 characters of ass kissing and groveling? Well, they don't... if they have the balls.

And this is why Tesco Mobile should be your new hero. Instead of taking the traditional approach to responding to complaints, they got witty back, and what ensued was a lot of laughter and kudos instead of hatred and hand slapping. It's a fine line, but with tweets like those above, they totally pulled it off.

Follow Tesco Mobile on Twitter for more snarky goodness.

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