get bacon clean

As soon as you think you’ve seen just about every bacon product available, another one hits the shelves.  Enjoy the crispy smell of delicious bacon all day with Archie Mcphee’s Bacon Body Wash – you know, when you want to have the aroma follow you all day long. Just be mindful of all the little critters’ that may follow the scent… consider yourselves warned!

cheetos digital toilet paper mission

Mission T.P. – it’s like mischief night, without the cleanup. Cover the world with virtual toilet paper one place at a time, not only all over someone's house and yard, but also at national landmarks. Thanks to Cheetos, you can select any location and then watch Chester do the dirty work.  The TP’ing campaign is ‘Chester’s Project TP,’ and their mission is to cover the world with T.P. before Halloween! Go on… release your inner rebel

you gotta smile to play this game :)

Pinball turns ‘Smileball’. Swiss health insurer KPT, claims to have the happiest and healthiest clients so what better way to promote it then by spreading smiles across Switzerland. To that end, they set up a hands-free pinball machine which registers facial expressions and controls the movement of the flippers when the player smiles.  

finally, a brand with a pair

As we all know, people love to tweet complaints about/at companies on Twitter. Why not? It's super easy, and 140 characters lets you express how said company has wronged you in an oh so witty and pithy fashion.

But why should the consumers be the only one's to have all the snarky fun? Why do brands always have to respond in 140 characters of ass kissing and groveling? Well, they don't... if they have the balls.

And this is why Tesco Mobile should be your new hero. Instead of taking the traditional approach to responding to complaints, they got witty back, and what ensued was a lot of laughter and kudos instead of hatred and hand slapping. It's a fine line, but with tweets like those above, they totally pulled it off.

Follow Tesco Mobile on Twitter for more snarky goodness.

agency wankers

It takes all kinds, and it seems like each kind has a representative in your agency, as Workwankers points out. The dinosaur creative director, the control freak creeper that likes to stand behind designers while the work, the puppet account executive, the soul sucker, and so on. Yeah, we all know the types so feel free to commiserate.


ad agencies as human centipedes, part 2

Last Halloween, Whit Hiler and Jason Kaufmann, brought us a disturbing, but frighteningly accurate metaphor of what it's like to work in an ad agency. Oh, you know, like being part of a human centipede.

Well, they're back this Halloween with part 2, updated with the latest industry trends (like Vine) and fancy new titles like Chief Virality Officer (puke).

Oh the horror. The horror.

a crowd sourcing site for late night infomercial aficionados

Crowdsourcing is all the rage these days. Late night infomercials have been all the rage for awhile now. Put these things together, and you have the new site “As Seen on TV”, which allows the audience (you) to crowdsource those products that seem like SUCH a great idea when they are enthusiastically pitched at 3 o’clock in the morning.

So far, the premise has produced three likely successes known as the Taco Susan, the Zinger Grill, and Bone Mat.

Honda does wedding crashing

We’ve all heard of wedding guests trying to upstage the bride and groom, but this is certainly different. When a young couple getting married asked Honda to “borrow” three CR-Vs for their wedding day, they probably didn’t expect the company to respond, let alone make their special day all about itself.

Honda intended the resulting video to be a heartwarming representation of their generosity. No matter how many “surprises” were packed into the cars, we’re not sure how we would feel about our wedding being turned into a publicity stunt.

send your friends a coffee via Twitter

In an attempt to provide a much needed coffee jolt to the Twitterverse, Starbucks has launched a program that allows anyone with a Starbucks card to send their friends a gift card just by knowing their Twitter handle.

Unfortunately these gifts are only available in $5 increments – so if you want your friend to be able to purchase more than half of a Frappucino, you may have to shell out for more than one!

always pay the sound guy

If you've ever recorded an album, you know that shit ain't free. The metalcore band "Altitude" learned the hard way that you never stiff your sound engineer. Because if you do, well, he turns your death metal crap into dance music. And it goes viral.

finally, a bra that tweets for you

This is actually for a very good cause. It's also highly creative.

To remind women to conduct their monthly breast self-exam, Nestle Fitness created a bra that sends a tweet each time it's unhooked. To further spread awareness, they partnered with a popular Greek TV personality, who's wearing the bra for two weeks.

A bra with it's own Twitter handle. What will the world think of next?

honest brand slogans

Imagine a world where everyone and everything is 100% honest. Here's what brand slogans might look like.

banksy tours nyc with 'sirens of the lambs'

Banksy has done it again! Here’s the latest from Banksy in NYC, and you can bet this one is turning heads. This installation piece is called ‘Sirens Of The Lambs’ and it’s aimed to raise awareness of the harm done to animals during meat production practices. It’s a truck stuffed with fake animals that squeal as it tours NYC, starting in (you guessed it) the Meat Packing District.

scotchy scotch scotch ice cream

We all know Ron Burgundy is kind of a big deal! Hence Ben & Jerry’s new flavor inspired by Anchorman, Scotchy Scotch Scotch! Get some "down into your belly" while you have the chance – the limited edition flavor is butterscotch ice cream with butterscotch swirls. Yum! 

sleepy hollow offers more than just town legends

There’s more to Sleepy Hollow than just the predictable Halloween associations, but let's face it, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Naturally, there is no better way to promote travel to the town, then by using humor to integrate the spooky legends with everyday tourism fun. Check it out.

politically incorrect toys

What were once seemingly innocent toys for kids to pass the time with now have names or intended uses that do not hold up today. Photographer David Murphey is capturing these politically incorrect toys for a limited edition portfolio through his Kickstarter project

If the packaging and names are that awkward, just picture the ads...

honest beer commercials

Sometimes ads glamorize the lifestyle of its target audience and glorify the craft process of beers. This video created by Cracked shows what a beer commercial might be if they were forced to be honest about what beer actually is (cue cringing) and gets right to the heart of what you're actually drinking and what beer actually does to you.

the history of typography

Want to learn a little more about the history of typography and where some of your favorite fonts originated from? Go no further! Watch this clever video created from 291 paper letters, which only took 140 hours of work. 

wait, HOW many people have died in my home?!

For anyone mildly superstitious, the thought has probably crossed your mind about how many potential “spirits” could be hanging around your old house (guilty as charged). Now a new website,, can give you an exact number!

Is it worth the $11.99 charge to find out the who, when and how of any previous deaths? If you’re divvying up bedrooms, it may be worth it so you can avoid the murder/suicide room.

further proof that social media activity just doesn’t belong in real life

Ever wonder what it would look like if we all walked around updating statuses, tagging photos, and “poking” people in real life? Thanks to this video created by Ogilvy Johannesburg for the South African mobile provider Cell C, you no longer have to. Instead, you can watch how ridiculous society would be if our online public interactions were TRULY made public.

Google Earth makes Private Investigators a little more obsolete

Saroo Brierley, an Indian-born Australian businessman, was adopted at age five, but continuously experienced vivid flashbacks of the Indian town he grew up in. Thanks to Google Earth, he was able to use these memories to identify the town, and eventually locate his birth mother. Naturally, Google has capitalized on this feel-good story, and has utilized it as a three-minute video advertisement.

All snark aside, it is truly amazing that this man was able to use technology available to anyone, and pinpoint a location and person in a country of billions.

tide gets carrie-d away, with vine

Tide creates a Vine video to let stains know they should be scared - very scared. Inspired the remake of Carrie, just in time for Halloween.

global sexism through a google lens

In a recent print campaign, the UN and Ogilvy & Mather Dubai illustrated the prevalence of sexism worldwide using Google autocomplete 'answers' about women from different countries strategically placed over the mouths of women.

Pretty simple yet powerful.

ye olde giff from 1832

You thought the gif was a product of the computer era? Think again.

Around 1832 a machine called phenakistoscope was revealed by Belgian phsyicist Joseph Plateau. Below are some of the trippy animations they created, and you can see more here

incredible movie theatre lifehack

You go to the movies. You buy a huge bag of popcorn (for like 100 dollars). You drizzle on the butter. You eat the top layer and then throw 85% of the popcorn under your seat because it sucks without the butter. Until now.

Good work, straw.

personalized grocery shopping

Pretty creepy and kind of invasive, some grocery store shelves will start scanning your body as you walk through the aisles to specifically target food advertisements to you. The technology analyzes your bone structure and then serves you custom ads accordingly.

Get ready to feel super self-conscious every time you need to pick up some stuff for dinner.

scratch and sniff like a grownup

Being a kid is easy. Being an adult is hard. Scratch and sniff things make childhood awesome. A lack of scratch and sniff things make adulthood blow.

Here's a book that allows you to channel your inner child while better connecting you with one of your favorite grownup things - alcohol. "The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert" is a fun way to learn about different kinds of wine, but without taking yourself too seriously - which is important.

the outcome of great hair

We all know having great hair is a powerful self-esteem booster, which is humorously showcased in these ads for the UK Hair Clinic.  “ Restore the hair. Restore the man.”

advent calendar for the 21+ crowd

Who says advent calendars can only be filled with chocolates or toys? This holiday season you can escape the stress and have a drink… or twenty-four. Each window behind this Whisky Advent calendar reveals a 3cl sample of whisky. Fully embrace this holiday season the right way, filled with delicious booze. 

wine for cats

As if cats aren’t already extremely lax; they sure will be after enjoying this beverage. B&H Lifes created a product called Nyan Nyan Nouveau Yup, a wine for cats. Though it doesn’t contain alcohol, it does contain the equivalent for cats – this beverage is a combination of grape juice, Vitamin C, and catnip. Why not, let your favorite feline let loose!

hello, my name is...

... Klaus-Heidi. Well, it's not yet, but it could be yours. If you're the first to change it legally, Luftansa will set you up with an apartment and all the fixins' you need to live in Berlin for an entire year. That's it. No catch. It's not a bad name, so a small price to pay for the chance at a whole new life. Do it!

the big book of online etiquette

Because we all know the interwebs could use some better manners, Sean Terjaratchi of LiarTownUSA posted these fun little books by Rainbow Brown. I'd buy these for some people I know, just sayin'!


remote control tourists

Back in August we told you about a San Pellegrino robot in Italy, that could be controlled by Facebook fans across the world. More recently, Tourism Victoria got in on the fun too!

Two people were fully wired with cams, GPS, mics, etc. and sent out to wander Melbourne based on the requests of people all over the world on Facebook and Twitter, giving them a first-hand view of the city. All the content was aggregated on a website for potential tourists to view. Fun!

when no one likes your music

To celebrate its fifth birthday, Spotify has released some impressive stats. Topping the list for most shocking: 20-percent of songs on the popular music streaming service have NEVER been played. This means, there are some artists out there who have not even listened to their own musical creations. If that's not an indicator that you should stick to your day job, we don't know what is.

advertising kryptonite – popcorn!

Research recently conducted at Cologne University has found that the act of chewing can make people immune to film advertising. According to the study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, “inner speech,” the subconscious activity that causes us to simulate the pronunciation of a new name when we first hear it (and later recall the name when prompted), can be disrupted by the act of chewing.

Does this mean that in order to fully remember the Super Bowl ads, we should actually stay away from the guacamole? You can count us out.

spicing up Snapchat

Although Snapchat seems interesting for the first few weeks (or days), the novelty can wear off pretty quickly. In an attempt to combat this, blogger James McKenna takes photos of unsuspecting people around him, and then creates intricate Snapchat art out of these otherwise mundane images. Now these may actually be worth keeping for more than 10 seconds.

planes on a plane

To take advantage of Disney's movie PlanesKLM offered a lucky group of 300 kids the ultimate pre-screening experience on one of their own planes, complete with a surreal magical experience outside the plane, individual screens and aisle service. 


kpo - kitteh placement only

Something the internet needs more of? Kittehs. And now you can put cute, cuddly kittens as fillers when building or designing a website - courtesy of Placekitten.

social media business cards

Need a quick business card? Go to Social Business Cards and they'll create one from one of your existing social media accounts. You may need to reevaluate if what you have in your profiles is what you'd would willingly hand out to people - which may be a good litmus for your in general.


do you know a lot about beer?

Well you don't know as much as this poster.

The Pop Chart Lab has created "The Magnificent Multitude of Beer" explaining which beers fall into which category (including more than 500 examples).

Educate yourself.

don't wash your car...

...because the dusty build up on your exterior is a blank canvas. At least according to this Azerbaijani parking attendant.

Ok. That's super cool.

ikea or death?

All of Ikea's products have funny names, but they also sort of sound like they could be the name of a death metal band. So much so that there is actually a quiz to test your knowledge, located right here:

bust a myth by tweeting

Myth: Talking to plants help them grow.  

The minds behind the TV show MythBusters, bring a new 'explosive exhibition' hosted at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Visitors can become MythBusters through hand-on experiments at the exhibit. For those of you who can’t visit, Carmichael Lynch has created an interactive website to help promote exhibit where you can help confirm or bust the above plant myth. To participate, send a tweet and it will be read aloud to one plant, while the other plant sits in silence. Start talking.

cute kittens are better than your... work

Okay, we all know the Internet hierarchy - cute animals take precedence over all other things! There may do cool stuff online, and yeah your creative work may be really well done, but it’s still subpar to cute kittens. If you think your work is better than cute kitties, then put it to the test and let others decide at
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