chopstick straws eliminate the awkward ramen slurp

Since the beginning of time (or the rise in popularity of Ramen eateries here in the U.S.) we’ve been perplexed by how to enjoy the soupy goodness in its entirety without tipping the entire bowl into your mouth by the end of your meal.

Luckily, Julian Lechner has heard our frustration, and invented these Chopstick Straws – hollowed out chopsticks that allow you to sip up the broth after all your solid ingredients have been eaten. If restaurants catch on, you could forever avoid being “that guy” who gives in and asks the waitress for a spoon.


lara said...

Julian Lechner is very creative! Nice invention..

Anonymous said...

How will they be cleaned?

Personalized chopsticks said...

Being able to literally have your ramen and drink it too is a reality with these Soup Straws. Imagine chopsticks, now think of them hollowed out with an opening at each end and a series of holes at the tip.

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