volkswagen food bus

This vintage VW print ad shows an old VW bus as a food truck, essentially. They were so ahead of their time. Frank does look a little cramped, though, so maybe there's a reason why this never stuck.

how to pretend to work at work

Happy Monday! This video with tips on how to 'pretend to work at work' seemed appropriate to get the week started. 

bring your own concert hall

That's the inside of a portable, inflatable, concert hall that can seat 500 people. Here's the outside:

The artsy bubble was developed to pay tribute to Japanese tsunami and earthquake victims and survivors, and will be touring Tohoku to spread some much needed joy. Rock on, Japan.

excel art

Just your run-of-the-mill Dragon Ball Z illustration, right? Wrong! This was made in Excel, and each cell is its own color. This must have taken a horrifying amount of time.

when world's collide

If you think a 1939 Graflex still camera isn't practical for today's world, then Levi's is gonna knock your socks (or blue jeans) off.

From cameras that post to Instagram to a typewriter that tweets, Levi's has has re-imagined 4 antique tools that bridge the gap between yesteryear and today. Not bad for a denim manufacturer...

be careful what you wish for... brands listen

Be careful what you say on social media, it may come back to you. Heineken’s Roulette campaign earlier this year, which had so many people talking on social media, has added a sequel. Ohh, and they are coming after you to see if you would be as spontaneous as you said you would be behind the scenes. Time to grow some and take a chance on this unknown adventure. You down?

digital billboards reward loyal drivers

MINI’s latest campaign highlights the funky, not so common relationship between MINI fans and their cars. MINI salutes their loyal drivers through personalized digital billboard messaging, with the help of professional spotters and special cameras to locate and reward MINI drivers. They pulled lots of great tactics out on this one - here’s to you MINI drivers!

perfume reveals the benefits of toast

Bread has a bad rap for not being healthy for you, so The Federation of Bakers wanted to challenge that notion head-on. To do so, they created a special limited edition scent for London Fashion Week. You guessed it, the scent of bread. The hope was to create exposure while talking up the health benefits as well. 

tweet to the front of the line

Continuing with their campaign to mock Apple and their fanboys, Samsung launched a clever social media campaign that allowed consumers in New Zealand to tweet and post their way to the front of a virtual line to be the first to get the new Galaxy S4.

Consumers moved their way up the virtual line by tweeting and posting about the phone. The more they tweeted, posted, received comments, likes, retweets, etc., the further they moved up in the line. A giant screen in Auckland projected the whole experience.

While the campaign had potential to be perceived as "spammy", it actually did quite well with over 12,000 people "standing in line" and over 15MM people exposed to the program.

women from around the world

Psychologists in Scotland analyzed the faces of women within select countries and combined them to visualize the "average" female face of that country. Here's what they came up with. Fascinating to see the subtle differences, yet so many similarities that make you remember we're all so similar that maybe we should love each other a little more.

live the dream in Cleveland

Let's face it, attracting killer talent to a creative agency is always a challenge, but when said agency is in Cleveland, Ohio, well, it's really a challenge. Come on, Cleveland's not necessarily known for being a creative mecca. So, how does an agency like Brokaw go about it?

Well, they start by highlighting what's awesome about being in Cleveland. For instance, your steady salary can upgrade you from a 600 square ft. box with 4 roommates to a frickin' 2,500 square ft. mansion with a pool that you can live in alone and run around naked all you want. And hey, without all those high fashion models and actresses running around, you'll look marginally hotter too. What's not to love?

Apparently their creativity is working, with over 200 applicants from some pretty amazing agencies. Who knows, maybe they'll lead the way in making Cleveland the next Brooklyn!


Dananananananananananana BatDad!

When it comes to making your kids listen, parents know they sometimes must get creative. One suburban dad has taken this to a whole new level, donning an authentic Batman suit, and recording Vine videos of himself reminding his children how to behave. This superhero is defeating improper tooth-brushing, sitting on tables, and unapproved pre-dinner snacks. I think its safe to say, these kids won't be forgetting their chores (or getting bored) any time soon.

avoid those extra luggage fees once and for all!

Some people will go to extremes to avoid additional luggage fees – and at upward of $25 a pop, who can blame them? With the Jaktogo, weary travelers can become even more so by strapping all of their belongings to their bodies in an attempt to avoid those extra fees. Let’s just hope the airlines don’t catch on and begin charging people based on how much they weigh... oh, wait!

this app remembers your drinks, so you don't have to

If you have even the slightest interest in broadening your wine-o horizons, Delectable is a must-try app. Whether it's keeping track of the bottles you have at home, or remembering those you try and like, Delectable makes it easy to scan and tag wines you've had by taking a picture of the bottle and its front and rear labels. Never again will you return from a long wine-tour wondering which ones you actually want to drink again. After all, by the time you’re on the third or fourth stop, all those names can sound very similar!

awkward audio for stock videos

Getty Images doesn't put sound in its stock videos so agencies can 'customize' them as they need to. Getty Critics, however, has created "Getty Dubs" - a video showing why they probably don't have actual sound - because the awkward moments captured in these stock videos would most likely have annoyingly awkward (or surprisingly hilarious) sounds and noises. It's Getty Images videos meets Bad Lip Reading.


pirate ship scans yerr bones

This CT scanner designed to look like a pirate ship at a children's hospital in New York is brilliant and inspiring - anything to help children feel more comforted is great and would ideally be implemented at all children's hospitals. And why not apply design techniques like this for adults, too? 

More photos here

spoof of chipotle's "the scarecrow"

Chipotle has been trying to promote its efforts to provide better quality food the last couple of years, with the latest being "The Scarecrow" video and game app. But Funny or Die isn't buying it - and shows it with their spoof of the spot "Honest Scarecrow" (above). Real talk. 

Either way, Chipotle is still delicious.

50 years of rock in 6 minutes

This is very cool. The new series, titled "The Instrumentals," features a musician story-telling through the power of a solo. This first episode features Mark Sidney Johnson performing 28 guitar licks, in perfect harmony, from the past 50 years.

No word on whether or not the drummer is Darryl from The Office, but let's pretend so, because that just makes it more fun.

have your beer and drink it, too

Life is full of hard choices. What kind of car should I get? Do I need to shower this morning even though I did last night after the gym? I only have one mouth, but want to drink these two different beers at the same time - what should I do?

Glassblower Matthew Cummings holds the answer to that last question. His handmade Dual Beer Glasses feature two chambers, perfect for a black & tan or whatever other weird concoction you can think of.


time to get a new telepromptARRR

Hope everyone enjoyed Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Unfortunately, for Long John Johnny Johnson, the teleprompter crapped out in the studio during his bit. All things considered, he handled it pretty well. Plus, he's already got his Halloween costume ready to go.

collaborative doodle project

This stunning work of art showcases creative collaboration at its very finest. The Collaborative Doodle Project combines doodle art from a variety of illustrators, designers and artists to make this video masterpiece - a culmination of each unique style.

purchase your own piece of brooklyn

Hipsters, wannabe hipsters, and just all around Brooklyn lovers can now receive inspiration from one of the most creative boroughs around, Brooklyn! Floyd Hayes, experienced so much inspiration from living in Brooklyn that he wanted to find a way to give back - hence, he established a Piece of Brooklyn. You can purchase a genuine Piece of Brooklyn and in return $1 will be contributed to the Brooklyn Arts Council. 

taxidermy shoes

Fashion continually pushes boundaries – transitioning from one creative idea to the next crazy, over-the-top trend. Well this may take the #1 spot- taxidermy art becomes footwear fashion.  You heard that right; Divya Anantharaman created these posh stilettos with a lifelike birdie perched on top. If you’re interested they’ll certainly cost you some serious money.

don't blaze and drive

It's tough to pull off powerful PSA, and even tougher to pull of tastefully funny ones. This one from New Zealand, against getting stoned and driving, KILLS it. Cute little buggers reenact how ridiculous you look.

ghosts of New York City

Daily News photographer and editor, Marc Hermann, created a stunningly beautiful series of edited photos called "New York City: Then and Now" that brings to life the seedy underbelly of NYC back in the 50s and 60s, juxtaposed against modern-day NYC. Absolutely fascinating.

More photos and info on the project here.

think your poo don't stink?

Poo-Pouri has been on the market for quite some time now, and has become a huge success with little marketing effort on their part. But, to step up their game they came out with this sassy little number. Nothing like a little poop-talk by a proper English lady.

Ladies, this is an essential. Men, don't watch... as far as you know, ladies don't poo.

phone blocking beer holder forces interaction

We’ve all seen it, and probably done it. Sometimes, when you’re out with a group, whatever is happening on your phone just seems more compelling than the real-life conversations going on around you. To curb this antisocial behavior, Brazilian beer brand Polar has created a cell phone nullifier, which makes your phone useless while attending social gatherings.

If you decide to use this while out with your friends, you may want to give them the heads up before rendering their phones useless (just in case they have a VERY important burger photo to upload).

the engagement photo shoot of every Walking Dead fans’ dreams

With the rising popularity of Pinterest, it seems that every couple is trying to outdo each other with the most "creative" engagement photo shoot – and finally, someone nailed it.

Set up in comic book form, this Hungarian couple decided to get theatric with their photo shoot – complete with a saw-wielding zombie. Don’t worry, they end up surviving the zombie apocalypse, and live happily ever after.

is Instagram the future of fashion photography?

In an effort to demonstrate the way Instagram has changed photography, Vogue commissioned photographer Michael O’Neal to shoot three fashion stories using nothing but an iPhone.

The stunning gallery, found in its entirety here, really excites those of us on the Instagram bandwagon, as it really does seem the possibilities with this platform are not even close to being fully discovered.

followers get you a free night

Here's a promotion for you - if you have over 10k followers on Instagram, you can get a free night at the Australian boutique hotel 1888, and if you follow them back. Seems like a pretty fair exchange no? And interesting exchange to say the least. (That means the hotel values your followers at roughly $40 a follower.) 


high fashion subs

Subway has it's subs in everything - EV-RY-THING. Now it has entered the fashion world with a Project Runway-inspired runway show, challenging designers to create fashion designs out of anything available at Subway (e.g. napkins, sandwich paper wraps, etc). 

Let's just hope this isn't the way of the future. Unless it's a $5 foot-long designer shoe. 

tear-a-grass ad, pass it around

An old school advertising technique gets a creative makeover. Created by Brothers Landscaping. Love! (PS - you know you've used the 'take one' tear sheet ad at least once in your life.)

the most popular recipe ever

Well, technically the most popular recipe on the internet, but same thing, right?

The World's Best Lasagna, located on, has been the web's most popular recipe for more than 10 years. It's got 10,000+ ratings, more than 25,000 pins on Pinterest, and has been viewed by at least 12 million people in the last five years.

Pretty cool "Notch on the Ol' Belt" for this guy.

good one, Denny's

"America's Diner" took a little Twitter jab at Apple after the tech giant unveiled it's new line of iPhones.

Joking aside, how good do those pancakes look?

musical pizza

As if pizza weren't perfect enough, it can now be used to make sweet, sweet music.

"Dip Hop," by Pizza Hut Canada, utilizes the MaKey MaKey technology to drop funky beats with a little help from various dipping sauces.


UFO sighting revealed

In case you haven't seen, videos (like the above) of a UFO sighing over Net Bailey Stadium in Vancouver have been popping up all over the internet and news sites have gone crazy over them.

And while your inner Mulder really wants to believe, it was, in fact, a stunt by the H.R. MacMillan Space Center to drive visits to it's planetary theater. Because isn't everything a marketing stunt now?

Cool thing about it is they didn't just edit in a UFO to video and seed it on the internet... they actually launched a fake UFO above the stadium so real people caught it with their phones and posted it. That's dedication.

outdoor using the outdoors

We've been so caught up lately with sharing all these crazy interactive billboards that we almost forgot about about those really elegant, but simple billboards that integrate their surroundings into the creative. Here's a recent one for Law & Order using a street light. Nicely done.

a word cloud in real life

We've all seen word clouds online before but none like this glowing cloud just floatin' around RPA's office lobby.

The cloud is programed to scour the interwebs for conversations around the agency's brands, and then "storms" with various light colors based on which brand is being talked about.

The technology is pretty fancy schmancy, including an intuitive dashboard to control it. Watch the videos to learn more.

So, when can we get one of these bad boys?

ford champion cup, only for children

Have what it takes to be a champion? To represent this concept, Ford developed a fun interactive champion cup in honor of representing the 2014 USFA champions’ league final. In Lisbon, home of the final, they displayed the ‘champion cup” in the middle of the street and asked people to see if they could lift it.

But what, there’s a catch – only children had the power to lift the cup. Take a look at some of the funny reactions.

dogs ready for their luxury car rides

Car fanatic and Dog lovers doesn't always coincide. Hyundai’s new ads for their i40 showoff their luxury side, while demonstrating the perfect solution for allowing your furry friend in your ride. 

no hidden surprises for this auto manufacturer

This car manufacturer has been around for quite some time, and takes pride in ensuring you’ll know what you’re getting. The creative Toyota ad uses humor messaging as a way to showcase that you know exactly what your getting, no hidden agenda.

chopstick straws eliminate the awkward ramen slurp

Since the beginning of time (or the rise in popularity of Ramen eateries here in the U.S.) we’ve been perplexed by how to enjoy the soupy goodness in its entirety without tipping the entire bowl into your mouth by the end of your meal.

Luckily, Julian Lechner has heard our frustration, and invented these Chopstick Straws – hollowed out chopsticks that allow you to sip up the broth after all your solid ingredients have been eaten. If restaurants catch on, you could forever avoid being “that guy” who gives in and asks the waitress for a spoon.

got a serious craving? Foursquare has you covered.

Do you find yourself distraught when you visit a restaurant, only to find your favorite dish is no longer on the menu? Often find yourself wondering “where can I find onion rings in my neighborhood at this hour”? Foursquare is attempting to fix this with its new feature that allows users to search for specific menu items.

Since the restaurant owners themselves will update the menus, your late night hankerings may never be denied again!

Guinness gets deep with new ad

During the first 50 seconds of this commercial, it's unclear what they're selling – you especially don't expect it to be beer. Drifting far away from the typical recipe of humor and hot women, this Guinness ad serves up an unusual and uplifting message about friendship. Would you like a pint of stout with that?

insta-scavenger hunt

Who doesn't love a good, new-fashioned scavenger hunt? Heineken is using this tactic in a new way to give away tickets to the Men's' Finals in the U.S. Open. Through an instagram account, people can scroll through the profile, turned into a horizontal panorama of the grandstand, to find a series of clues that will eventually lead them to the tickets. Once they find them, they can leave a comment for a chance to win. 


infomercial spoof for a good cause

This isn't your run of the mill, sappy adoption commercial. This commercial takes an infomercial spoof approach and it's just as compelling. While you're at it, go ahead and buy a Snuggie for your adopted pet too. 

dubai cares - about direct marketing

This direct marketing piece illustrates the benefit of Dubai Cares' efforts for education, with a scratch off technique to transform the image. While not the first time to be done, it's a great use of the technique.


facebook flavored ice cream? facebook flavored ice cream.

It's official: Facebook literally influences everything in this world.

Ice cream makers from Tisno have created Facebook ice cream, that apparently tastes like "sugary sweets and bubble gum."

You win, dude.

hold hands, get chocolate

Here's another cool use of brands using vending machines to generate buzz.

Milka, a swiss-based chocolatier, placed their custom vending machine in a high-traffic area of Argentina. In order to get the chocolate, strangers were encouraged to hold hands - connecting them from the Milka cow to the machine.

Seems like a pretty sweet (ha!) deal.

and the new yahoo! logo is...

Well, it certainly looks...Yahoo!-y.

The above is the result of "30 Days of Change," an initiative where Yahoo! unveiled a new logo each day for one month, with yesterday marking the big reveal of the new, official design.

You can take a look at all the concepts here, and learn even more about the project here!

coolest flip-book ever

Artist Juan Fontan often uses recycled mechanical parts to house his animated creations. His mixture of drawn art and sequential movement make for an awesome, and unique take on the ordinarily common flip-book. 

spreadable beer

Move aside spreads, there’s a new tasty treat on shelves. What is it you ask? It’s “spreadable beer,” created by Emanuela Laurenzi and Pietro Napoleone. The two joined their expertise to create this chocolate beer spread, which is offered in light and dark beer options. Mmm!

this digital ad could be life changing

In an effort to drive awareness and seek help in locating missing persons, Australian Federal Police and VML launched ‘The Missing Persons Pre-Roll’ on YouTube.  The campaign replaces the usual pre-video ad we're all accustom to skipping, with un-skippable ads. The ads are geo-targeted to the last seen location of the missing person in hopes of connecting with people who may have insight. The option to ‘skip’ is replaced with ‘Yes, I have’ or ‘No, I haven’t’ buttons for the viewers to aid the search.

prisoners still have hearts

To help meet its fundraising goals, which it couldn't meet in previous years, the Peruvian Cancer Foundation tapped into a new target - prisoners. An interesting approach for a non-profit (who knew prisoners had or needed money?) that proved to be effective (people with guilty consciences who want to try and help sick kids). 


a farting like button (you heard correct)

Juvenile alert: you can embed a like button on your site that farts. Yes. This exists. You can get the embed code and give it a test run here, but should you choose to use it is at your own discretion.

(Warning: no matter how old you are, you may giggle.)

designer t-shirt says it all

Enough said. (More t-shirts here.)

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