the facebook board game

Facebook has already mastered the online space, so why not test it offline. Patrick C. Klein created ‘Facebook: The Board Game‘, as a way to bring the online interactions to life. Patrick imagined the Monopoly-style board game for Facebook as a way to bring people together in real life- outside the online realm we've become so accustom to. 

the manly man stroller

Fathers-to-be, fearing those new baby scenarios that’ll jeopardize your masculinity? Here’s your chance to overcompensate with the vRS Mega Man-Pram stroller from Skoda. This manly stroller is equipped with 20 inch alloy wheels, hydraulic suspension, anti-stress grips, and more.

landscapes formed from human bodies

Contorted bodies make for excellent landscapes. Photographer Carl Warner, added an interesting element to these landscape pictures he created by manipulating human bodies to portray horizons of beautiful deserts and mountains.

it's like Santa for your vagina

So, there's a new little start-up company called HelloFlo that sends members a box of tampons, panty liners, and (brilliantly) candy... yes, candy for your period every month based on your cycle. Sort of the dollar shave club model, but for women's vaginas. Ah yes.

Well, no one had really heard of them, until this video promoting them. Words cannot express how hysterical this video is! Seriously, watch it. With lines like "It's like I'm Joan, and their vag is the arc," you can't go wrong.

Thanks Dom!

as if craft beer we're fantastic enough...

... someone went ahead and created animated gifs of craft beer labels. Heck yes Trevor Carmick - these rock!

can you jump like D Rose?

When a brand creates a pair of sneakers with an NBA star's name, the thought is people will hope the sneaks could make them jump just a little bit higher... have a little more game.

Adidas took that hope one step further in a London pop-up store with their Derrick Rose signature sneakers, by giving people the chance to jump like Derrick to try and grab a free pair in their size for keeps.

Super simple, super effective, super cool.

sarah the tape artist

Sarah DiNardo is a tape artist. I damn good tape artist. She takes a roll of tape and makes a roll of tape. If that doesn't make much sense just watch the video, all will be revealed.


Your eyes do not deceive you, that is in fact grumpy cat branded coffee drink. Before we talk about the oh so popular feline internet phenom, can I ask a question? Isn't all coffee a drink? Now that we got that out of the way, The new beverage (which will come in three flavors) is called Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino. The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook page is short on information but they simply state: “Coming soon. Seriously. It’s delicious!”


the awkward years project

Photographer Merilee Allred presents her series of photographs “Awkward Years,” a series that depicts people photographed holding in their hands a photo of themselves during one of their more awkward phases. The series is proof that everyone has had a moment in life that upon reflection makes them cringe just a bit.

Lots more awkward photos!.

in an internet minute


graffiti-remover beware

Either this guy was just doing his job or fulfilling his civilian duty of keeping the streets clean. Either way, someone got him good.


spirit airlines is being hilarious

This new ad from Spirit Airlines has it all. It's funny, edgy, timely, and provides patrons with a great deal.  But this isn't the first time Spirit has taken a shot at NYC mayoral hopeful, Anthony Weiner.

If Weiner keeps this up, it'll be free round trip tickets for everyone!

are you willing to try departure roulette?

Any daring, risk taking readers today? Think you'd be spontaneous enough to take Heineken up on this challenge? They placed a "roulette" wheel in the airport and dared travels (who already had booked travel plans) the option of spinning the wheel. Whatever destination it lands on...well, that's where your new flight will be landing. Willing to give it a spin?

the future of airline websites

Why wait for work to come to you, when you can pitch to them? Here’s a great example of a company proactively seeking new business opportunities. Fantasy Interactive (FI) pitched their business by publishing a vision for how the travel & aviation sector could improve online user experience, and then tweeted it out to airline companies. Awesome work, which will undoubtedly end in new business! 

absolut's open canvas exhibit opportunity

Absolut has collaborated with a list of talented artists, and has no plans on stopping there. They're looking to expand out for more talent. It’s your opportunity - Absolut wants you! Yup, they’re bringing their Open Canvas campaign to San Francisco and offering you the opportunity to display your artwork for the whole city to see! Via

royally sick of royal baby news?

If you're like the millions of other people, British, American or otherwise, completely sick of hearing about the royal baby already, you will like this nifty little filter from The Guardian.

Click Royalist and you'll see baby news in your news stream. Click Republican, and the baby news is gone. Simple as that.

Now if only someone would create a similar filter for my social news stream...

dragon skull washes up on shore

Beach-goers in Dorset were freaked the heck out a couple weeks ago when the stumbled upon a GIANT dragon skull washed up on it's Jurassic Coast shore, which is a hotbed of dinosaur fossils.

But of course, us savvy marketer know, it must have been a stunt. Yes, a stunt it was... to promote the arrival of Game of Thrones to BlinkBox's streaming TV service. Awesome.

some refreshing magic

The 8 year old child in all of us still loves a good 'ole magic trick, which explains why Pepsi's video of London street magician, Dynamo, levitating next to a tour bus has quickly gone viral. No one's really sure what it has to do with drinking soda, but really, does most marketing have anything to do with the product anymore?

wax on, rip off

Why not promote a waxing salon by having people rip coupons off of a hairy man until he's squeaky clean of hair? Could be a hairy situation, but it seems to make lots of sense and be effective. 

insta-works of art

Think your instagram pictures are works of art? Then fund the Pixelist project on IndieGogo and you could have them made in to actual works of art, like oil paintings, by artists. 

Less than $2,000 to go to get mediocre paintaings put into people's homes!


yaaaawn for free coffee

Interactive vending machines are still hot right now...particularly this one. It dispenses free cups of Douwe Egberts coffee to sleepy people at airports waiting for their flights when they yawn at the machine. It's like a telepathic vending machine. Trippy.


the human powered helicopter

Way back in 1980 the American Helicopter Society (AHS) challenge man kind to create a human-powered helicopter that can stay at least 10 feet in the air for at least 60 seconds. The prize? $250,000. 33 years later a team named AeroVelo has finally claimed the prize with their absolutely massive four-rotor helicopter called Atlas. You have to see the video to believe it.

I wonder what Lance Armstrong plus some good EPO could have done with the Atlas.

Lots more info here.

animation of every photoshop filter

Come on, you know you always wondered what every single Photoshop filter looked like. So here they are in all their glory applied to the Photoshop CS5 logo by Device.

the making of a tesla model s

Humans and robots, working together like Ebony and Ivory, in perfect harmony. See for yourself in Wired Magazines video tour of the Tesla Motors factory in Fremont, California.

be invisible... mosquitos.

This little patch, called Kite, contains ingredients that stop mosquitos from sensing carbon dioxide, which notifies the bugs that people are nearby. Who knew?


urinals can save lives

Zouk, a Singaporean nightclub, installed urinals that notified pee-ers if they were too drunk to drive.

Just a great idea on so many fronts. Why didn't we think of this, 'Merica?

it's so damn hot

It was 108 degrees when I got into my car yesterday. 108 degrees!

Fortunately, most of us are able to combat this nightmare heat wave with air conditioning. There are some, however, that have taken more extreme measures to stay cool.

Check out these amazing homes that utilize architecture/science/magic to combat the heat.

evolution of mac computers

Student Aakash Doshi pays tribute to one of the most innovative companies by creating these illustrations to showcase the sleek evolution of Mac Computers. It’s called the "history of mac." This minimalist artwork is a great way to show how far they’ve come!

134 of the greatest sneakers

Avid about sneakers… well, then here’s a must have. Pop Chart Lab used this poster “A Visual Compendium of Sneakers,” to display the greatest 134 sneakers created. Ohh come on, you remember rocking some of these crazy styles.

reminisce the 80's

NAT GEO | 80s Idents from Brian Everett on Vimeo.

What better way to promote a new show on National Geographic channel about the 80s? A fun video reminiscing on all the great things the 80s had to offer sounds like a great way! 

direct mail is dead, psh, long live direct mail

Sure, old stogy, lame direct mail pieces might be dead (or at least they should be), but with technological advances in printing alone, the new direct mail... epically awesome direct mail... is very much alive. Case in point...

Kontor Records in Germany wanted to get their new single in the hands of agency creative directors so they decided to play into creative folk's general love for old school vinyl and send it on a record. But how would they play if if they didn't have a turntable in the office? Ooooh, you know, with the actual direct mail piece.

Yep. Killer!

the adventures of a lost phone

As far as marketing stunts go, this one is fairly simple and seemingly inexpensive to pull off, yet completely awesome... which makes it especially wonderful.

BBDO Shanghai, for Time Out Shanghai, placed cell phones in random places throughout the city for people to "find." Once found, they were communicated to via text and told to get in a taxi waiting for them. Those that didn't think, oooh, maybe I'm being kidnapped, jumped in the taxi and were treated to a text message guided tour of unknown places in Shanghai.

what adults should learn from kids

Remember all the controversy over the interracial couple in the Cheerios commercial? Well, the commercial was shown to a group of children who were then interviewed in this video by Fine Brothers. And guess what? None of them... not one, thought there was anything wrong with it. In fact, they go on to talk about how ridiculous the controversy is. A tear jerker for sure, and at the same time it gives you hope for humanity. We could all learn a little something from them.

soda flavored wine

Always struggling to make up your mind? Now you don't have to, there’s a new wine in town for all you winos and soda loversChâteaux en Bordeaux’s Hausmann Famille is testing your palette with a Coca-cola flavored wine, Rouge Sucette. Known as ‘Red Lollipop’ it’s a mixture of 75% wine, 25% sugar, water, and soda flavoring – why choose when you can just have both!

creative typography

Typography doesn’t stop with a pen and paper or a computer; with a little creativity the possibilities are endless. Austrian artist Marion Luttenberger proves it with these creative experimental typefaces with physical materials.

bridge helps suicide rate decline

It's hard to imagine there would be too much that would talk someone off the edge when contemplating suicide. With South Koreans rate as high as it is, they needed a truly inspirational idea to make someone think otherwise. Samsung Life Insurance created a series of illuminated messages triggered by motion, which go off as you walk along the 'Mapo Bridge.’ They certainly inspire hope to those in need! 

quit stealing all those beer glasses

How many pint glasses did you collect this weekend? Yes, you.

The folks at Kopparberg are on to you, and you better not even think about trying to steal one of their cider glasses or you'll end up covered in black ink and shame.

You've been warned.

apple is still at this iWatch thing

Apparently Apple is on a hiring kick to find engineers to help solve issues related to the so-called "iWatch."

This means that the iWatch is still very much a thing, and that Apple just won't rest until they literally have all of my money.

theyyy're baaack

Starting today, Twinkies are back on shelves across this big, beautiful country. Thank. God.

This calls for celebration, and here are a bunch of ideas on how to do so.

you are what you drink

You're probably enjoying your morning cup of Joe whilst you read this. Here's what it all means:


cookie art

And you thought Oreo's were just for dunking. Ha!

Alexander Barrett played with his food and the outcome was pretty incredible, and a little gross.

The real kick in the ass? Barrett's not even a sculptor. He's an illustrator and copywriter from Portland.

you may want to sit down for this

Prepare to have your mind blown to smithereens by the hottest new product on the market...NeverWet.

The "Liquid Repelling Treatment" is manufactured and distributed by Rust-Oleum, and you need to watch the product-demo right now.

bike paired with their riders

Designers Romain Bourdieux and Thomas Pomarelle created the “Cyclemon” poster series to pair bike styles with their typical riders. Which ride are you?

Prints available here. Via.

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