cats just won't quit

As if Cat Bearding wasn't good enough, this sarcastic feline decided it was time to work on his (or her!) half-cat/half-human trick.

Posted by Nick Fisher on Twitter, I think we'll go ahead and call this one "Cat Bagging."

perfectly improbable

We're guessing Giuseppe Colarusso isn't a "Glass Half Full" kind of guy, though he's certainly creative.

Get a laugh and think some deep thoughts at the same time, with Improbability.

canada for the win

It's good to be Canadian these days, especially if you have a passport.

Molson Canadian recently placed fully stocked fridges of beer across European cities. Here's the hitch: The only way to open the magic refrigerators was by swiping a Canadian passport.

Pretty cool, eh?

the skittles smash

Fun interactive video created by Skittles where it shows you a guy smashing a porcelain unicorn statue that turns into Skittles, and then let's you take the reigns and pick little statuettes to smash and see what happens. 

Does it make me want Skittles? Mmm...not really, but it's just another quirky initiative that's fun to play around with.


game chew-troler

Or so Stride gum hopes you think with its latest app, Gumulon. Seems like a pretty legit production for a game that is free, and cool way to connect it to the brand.

it's an optical illuuuusion...but not

Side View

The Making Of

It's an Gob Bluth would say.

The above image is just that - or just staged in one setting to look like a mosaic of images, but is actually just one. The video shows how that illusion was created.


Black Sabbath tears it up

Sure, any 'ole band with a new album out can slap a promo poster on a street wall with the other 500 posters of somebody's brother's band no one has never heard of. But Black Sabbath is not any 'old band. They're only one of the most rockin-est bands in history, back from the musical abyss of 35 years... which is why the promo poster for their new album, peaking out from under layers and layers of posters, is so poetically appropriate.\m/ \m/

celebs on Twitter get schooled

Luckily people that gots bad grammar, or us lazy and/or speedy tpyers, typrs, I mean typers, get a free pass as the world gets a bit more lax on their grammar expectations thanks to social media. But, all this bad grammar, from even celebrities, is setting a bad example for the kids who still need to learn the right way to write. You know, for those standardized tests, college applications and all that junk that gave us nightmares and kids. So, an English teacher in Brazil decided to have her students school celebs on Twitter on the proper way to write, tweeting back to them with corrections to their grammar. Ahh you got pwned, schooled, and such!

this sh#t is so f@$king popular

Ah, we're all grown adults, yet when someone says a word like, oh... balls, or someone squeezes out a fart joke, we laugh like the 12 year old we once were. Maybe that's why all these faux swearing ads (like Ship My Pants for Kmart and's You Booking Did It) are so hot right now. And for no other reason than they are so popular now, I wanted to hate this ad for CLR... but, alas, I can't. Stop. Giggling. Yeah, it'll never get old.

beck's presents artist label series

Artist from different walks of life came together to express their talent through these creative 2013 Beck’s Art Series. Beck’s beer turned to artists Kid Cudi, Marc Ecko, Willis Earl Beal, The Date Farmers, TM Sisters, and William Hundley to have them design their own beer label and define the independent streak of the brand. Check out the results! 

an alternate way to raise money for a charity

Here’s a way to do good and raise money without actually asking for donations – the best of both worlds!  By adding an Adtruism widget to your website or blog you can effortlessly raise money for a worthy cause. These units are available in five sizes to display commercial advertisements, which transfers100% of the ad-revenue to your chosen charity. Check out the video to learn more. 

brands represent each american state

The Corporate States of America is visual break down of the country through brands. Each state is identified by its most prominent, well known business it's associated with. Not only a great way to brush up on your geography but also your big business knowledge! Via.

periodic table of muppets

Looks like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker have been busy at Muppets labs creating the Periodic Table of Muppets with a little help from designer Mike BaBoon. Ok, maybe it was a lot of help, actually Mike Baboon created the whole darn thing on his own, and he has an awesome last name to boot. The periodic table of Muppets comprehensive depiction of many memorable Muppet characters from throughout the years, he even threw in few that you may not remember.

Each square represents a different character and indicates the primary Muppeteer(s) for that character, as well as the year and production in which the character made its debut. Borders align with hair/hat color, background aligns with skin/fur color, and color of the abbreviated name represents nose color (for characters with noses that is).


smartphone psa

This is a public service announcement for anyone with a smartphone. So yes, you should watch this. You'll thank me later.

safe sex and video games

Have you ever been embarrassed checking out condoms at your local supermarket? Well design student Ben Marsh apparently is, but he has a solution. Condoms packaged to look like retro video games. Each package includes your old favorites like Donkey Schlong, Sextris and Super Mario Land of Love. Fun concept, but since when do gamers get laid? (relax gamers, I'm just kidding, I know there was that one time...)

legos are awesome

Take a look, and try not to get depressed, at what Nathan Sawaya does for a living.

If you're in NYC this weekend, swing by The Art of the Brick exhibit at Discovery Times Square to see more of these creations up close.

Word to the wise: wear some thick-soled shoes to the exhibit. The last thing we want is you stepping on a LEGO and f-ing up your whole weekend.

class is still important, still exists

There are a handful, a small handful, of people that are consistently awesome and great and that seem to "get it." Stephen Colbert's one of them.

Here's the opening monologue of "The Colbert Report" in which Stephen returns from leave and addresses the recent passing of his mother.

The amount of class in this 3 minute clip is palpable, to say the least. Watch it, then go give your mom a big hug.

origami street art

You’ve heard of origami art, but what about origami street art. French artist Mademoiselle Maurice created this colorful installation with the help of some people in the community. Over 30,000 origami paper art covered the street of Angers for the 2013 ARTAQ festival. Additional photos

anti-pervert hairy stockings

Whether you’re looking to repel unwanted attention... or you just like hairy legs, these may be the solution for you. These hairy stockings may be the next up and coming fashion trend – nope, we cannot make this up. Eek! Via.

drunk driving meets bathroom

Here’s another clever anti-drunk driving stunt, created by Leo Burnett for the UK Department for Transport's THINK! campaign. This stunt transformed the men’s bathroom mirror at a bar into the front windshield of a vehicle. The idea seems to be scaring people straight, like it did these men. Check out the video.

pranking like it's 1860

Ah more pranks in the name of marketing, and we just can't get enough of them. This one was created by everyone's favorite pranksters, Improv Everywhere, for BBC America's series, Copper.

The team took over Black Rabbit Bar in Brooklyn and made it look like a bar in 1860, from the decor, the beer selections, prices, music and even the people... which in Brooklyn, might actually just seem normal and hipsterific.

Watch as two unsuspecting guys get pranked in a display of awesomeness.

movies in 60 seconds

You may have heard of 1A4Studio for their fun little 60 second movie recap animations, including Back to the Future, Star Wars, Matrix, and Aliens.

Here's their latest for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

infographic: this is your brain on creativity

Whether you are a creative, or have worked with one, you know there's a special kind of madness going on in the creative brain. A brilliant madness. This infographic does a great job illustrating it. Heck yes, unicorn deathmatch.

second-hand logos

When a company designs a new logo, not much thought is given to all the existing collateral that has the now has-been logo on it...until now. Domino's and CP+B thought rather than turning collateral with Domino's old logo into trash, why not turn it all into something more meaningful? 

They provided the materials to renowned artists to make goods out of, like scarves and bowls, that have an already kitschy feel to them - and everything is documented on a Domino's Pinterest page A slightly green effort that will potentially make some artists some green. Everyone wins.


get oatmeal-ified

The new never-ending question presented by social media - how to celebrate big milestones of fans, followers, etc?

The Oatmeal just hit 1 million fans on Facebook and celebrated their milestone in a fun way - the creator, Matthew Inman, illustrated select photos that fans posted on the wall in the now iconic Oatmeal fashion. Warning: he doesn't like babies. 

See more here and on the Facebook page

puss face is the new duck face

The internet's obsession with cats has just been fed more catnip - enter an app that let's your cat take selfies.

Snapcat imitates a laser on the screen to get your cat to put its paw down on it, which you can then add on to. So tell your cats to get their puss-faces ready.

iconic spectacles

Some celebrities and movie characters are so closely associated with their eyewear that their glasses become as iconic as they or their characters are. Italian Art Director & Multimedia Designer Federico Mauro has done an beautiful job collecting examples of this phenomenon in his series "Famous Eyeglasses." For the full collection check out Mauro's website.

Can you think of any iconic glasses Mauro forgot? (Hello Sally Jessy Raphael).

proud to be your bud, or not

Look out Budweiser, As of March, the United States was home to nearly 2,400 craft breweries. Thanks to this handy interactive map from the New Yorker you can see just how big a phenomenon the craft movement really is. It gives me hope that Americans are embracing beer that actually tastes good vs. beer supported by massive marketing budgets! More info here.

On that note, is it beer o'clock yet? Via.

ron swanson vs. o'charley's guy

"Brock Roland" is the new mustache-faced spokesperson for O'Charley's restaurants.

Ole' Brock bares a striking resemblance and demeanor to a one Ron Swanson, don't you think?

So who's the manlier steak-eating man? 

Hope you didn't have to think too hard on that, because the correct answer is Ron Swanson.

i'll have the no. 14

Why must all things good come to an end? No - Seriously.

A Wendy's in Canada had been offering the 9 patty "T-Rex" burger until everyone on the internet got all internety and kept talking about it. Once word got out, Wendy's pulled the 3,000-calorie creation from their menu.

Happy with yourselves, internet people?

Maybe next time Wendy's should take a page out of the best fast-food restaurant's playbook.

dads who have it down

Your dad's probably pretty cool. But did he dress up in costumes everyday before sending you off to school or build you a spaceship simulator?

Let these 15 incredibly awesome dads serve as your reminder that Father's Day is Sunday.

Now go buy a card (since you forgot) and send it to your pops. It's the right thing to do.

a car's a privilege, respect it

Have a Facebook friend whose car looks like they've been living in it for 5 years? Is it so bad, vermin have taken up residency in it? Well, now you can send the Armor All Viking to their house to repossess their car with Facebook Connect and Google Street View.

Or, do all your friends take care of their cars better than their pets, children or other living creatures? Don't worry, you can also send the Armor All Viking to congratulate them for their diligence.

Either way, the Viking is here to remind you that a car's a privilege that should be respected... with Armor All products of course. ;) Try it here. It's fun!

Disclaimer: This is a shameless plug for our own agency's work. And that's my mug in the video! Self pimpin' ain't easy.

photoshop live prank

It seems like bus stop pranks are on the new hot marketing/PR stunt. The latest clever little prank comes to us from Sweedish agency, Abby Norm, to promote Adobe Creative Day!

Unsuspecting people at the bus stop had their photos taken from a creepy van across the street, which was then thrown up onto the screen behind a bus stop ad, and photoshopped into funny pictures right before their eyes.

With almost 13MM Youtube views, you'd be silly not to watch it!

ride the wave of pollution

To raise awareness of the plastic pollution problem in our water, Arnold Furnace created this creative campaign for the Surfrider Foundation. Typically stunning surf shots, with a sad surprise for those that look closely. How can you not love the simplicity of this? Beautiful.

rainbows and unicorns

Skittles has a new interactive YouTube video featuring a porcelain unicorn, young dude, and of course, Skittles. 

The unicorn (by the way, who doesn’t love unicorns?!) promises the guy it will turn into Skittles if broken. The fun comes by clicking on other stuff and watching the outcome. So what are you waiting for – get clicking! Via

smart pjs

Interactive PJs? Yup! Well, for kids anyway.

These special PJs are designed with a series of scannable dot patterns that can interact with smart devices. Once scanned the story starts being read from the smart device.

Scan a different pattern on the PJs and get a different story. But wait! There’s more! In additon to reading the story the “Smart PJs” are designed to display the words and information on the screen as well, which gets kids working on their reading skills. Via

foodie fonts

Check out these awesome designs created using stuff you might have in your pantry! Designer Danielle Evans has created a series of experimental type designs out of foodstuffs like flour, tea leaves, and coffee grounds. Via

functionally smart advertising

It's nice to see advertising that serves a purpose while getting its message across. Take IBM's outdoor campaign for creating smarter cities, with outdoor ads that actually provided uses to city residents, like benches, overhangs and ramps.

Created by Ogilvy France.


This campaign not only created awareness for the Museum of the Great War, but it would make all of your friends' first world problem complaints (and your own) seem not so quite so bad.

A Facebook page was set up and updated every day for eight months from the perspective of a French soldier, serving in World War I, complete with visuals to accompany the story and details. Yay for history getting social (said like a true history nerd). 

eye site navigation

To drive home the power of eye contact in preventing pedestrians from getting hit by drivers, Roadcross and Wirz/BBDO Zurich created a sleek site you can navigate with your eyes. A webcam tracked users' eye movements, and gave audio commands as a result.

blogging simplified


lego cars from the 80's

You know a brand is doing it right when their own fans feverishly promote the product that they love. Lego is clearly doing it right. The latest in Lego fan creations comes from builder Ralph who decided to build his favorite 1980s television shows and movies. The collection includes four different models, the Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee, the Ghostbuster’s Ecto-1, Knight Rider’s KITT, the A-Team’s GMC Vandura complete with the entire A-Team themselves (I pity the fool who don't like my Legos). Of course these aren't official sets, but word on the street that Lego is releasing a Back to the Future set sometime in 2013.

killer penguin?

Remember the legend of the half man half horse centaur? Well Reddit user Arne Olav takes the concept of hybrid animals one step further with his series of hilarious animal combination. Olav might not be the first to mash up animals but he's gotta be one of the best examples we've ever seen.

Like what you see? Check out Arne Olav’s Reddit submission page, or the sub-Reddit devoted exclusively to Hybrid Animals. Olav even has a set of instructions at PetaPixel so you create your own animal mashups.

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