found in your grocer's slot machine

Sure, there are tons of food brands out there with websites and mobile apps that let you randomly "mix up" a variety of ingredients to discover new recipes and meal ideas using their product.

And sure, Hellman's did this same thing here too... except their's took it to the next level of awesome, making all those wimpy websites and apps look lame.

Introducing the Hellman's slot machine, placed in grocery stores throughout Brazil. Pull the lever and get one of 280 recipe/meal ideas AND... here's the awesome part... a real, edible sample of said recipe/meal idea. Say whaaaa?

Yep, apparently it took 4 months to prefect the process to ensure the food was fresh and safe, but they pulled it off. Nice!

1 comment:

Ali Lake said...

whoa that is super cool! are the samples only raw or cooked? baked, sauteed, fried?

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