found in your grocer's slot machine

Sure, there are tons of food brands out there with websites and mobile apps that let you randomly "mix up" a variety of ingredients to discover new recipes and meal ideas using their product.

And sure, Hellman's did this same thing here too... except their's took it to the next level of awesome, making all those wimpy websites and apps look lame.

Introducing the Hellman's slot machine, placed in grocery stores throughout Brazil. Pull the lever and get one of 280 recipe/meal ideas AND... here's the awesome part... a real, edible sample of said recipe/meal idea. Say whaaaa?

Yep, apparently it took 4 months to prefect the process to ensure the food was fresh and safe, but they pulled it off. Nice!

the (crappy) state of TV

With soooooo many ridiculously crappy reality shows out there attracting eyeballs like a massive train wreck, how does quality programming, like that airing on PBS, get your attention? Well, these posters, created by CHI & Partners, work pretty well.

Simple, but effective.

bargaining banner ad

Ok, so this banner campaign from JWT in the Netherlands, which is aimed at increasing awareness for what goods are illegal to take out of the country, is a major win and a major fail.

Major win: We all know how ad re-targeting works at his point, but we'd be hard-pressed to find a retargeting campaign that is as smart as this one. The video content within the ad changes each time your are exposed to the ad. The merchant in the video get's more and more desperate to sell you their illegal goods, therefore reducing the price for each exposure you get. Brilliant.

Major fail: The videos are racist as all hell. Meh, guess you can't win them all. Yikes.

dogs walk themselves and raise awareness

Look again; these dogs are indeed walking themselves. In an effort to raise awareness to their rescue and adoption program with little budget, company +Kota took marketing to the streets. They created this emotional campaign that had ownerless dogs wander the streets with floating leashes and an adoption message on their tag. This campaign successfully increased awareness and adoption. View the video!

confidence = free food

Are YOU beautiful? Well depending on your answer you may just have your meal paid for! That’s right, Spoleto fast food chain restaurant works on the idea of “Create good moments here.” So help women create their own good moments on the International Womens` Day, they helped women to increase their self-esteem. Women were asked if they were beautiful and if they answered yes, they received a free meal. Creating meaningful moments they were sure to talk about!

slice this book open for recipes

If you want students to be interested in a class, keep them engaged with the curriculum. At Colombia's Escuela de Cocina Carulla students had to cut their way through this cookbook to reveal recipes and instructions for the class inside. Improving their skills with each cut!

Are you going to be one of the first people to enjoy a cold Duff beer at Moe’s Tavern and Krusty Burger in Springfield? Universal Studios and the folks behind the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are working to bring Springfield, the ubiquitous city home to The Simpsons, to life in Orlando, Florida. 

Check out the plans that include everything from food to rides like the Kang & Kodos “Twirl ‘N Hurl” in the video above. Via

"cat bearding” is now a thing

If your social media newsfeeds have been full of selfies of your friends with incredibly long beards that resemble cats you’ve experienced “cat bearding” the latest craze to hit social media since #FF or #TBT. 

The history of cat bearding, while short and sweet to date (the first cat beard was uploaded in 2011, spawning a single blog topic called – you  guessed it – – and accelerated the trend in early 2012, prompting cat beard photos uploaded a few weeks ago to get over 50,000 notes in 24 hours), proves that for some reason, cats rule the interwebs. Via

positive and negative

There’s beauty in the negative space in these animal illustrations by designer George Bokhua.  Check out the panda, eagle, owl, and more in this simple black and white collaboration. Sometimes, it's the simple things...  Via

instagram is...connecting people?

Instagram Is from technopaul productions on Vimeo.

Instagram Is is a documentary about Instagram users, created by Paul Tellefsen, that examines how the platform gets people to actually seek adventure and connect with others. Agree, or disagree?


end of the road integration

What would your drive home look like after a few drinks? Cut short. 

That's what this partnership between Google Maps and RioShow tried to show when users tried to map a route - with the route being cut off short by a tree or other obstacle you're likely to hit when you drive under the influence. 


animal dubs

Bad lipreading for animals? Perhaps. Either way, happy Tuesday after a 3-day weekend.

agency stops drinking & driving

Publicis Brussels wanted to stop drinking and driving, so they created a parking gate exiting a major night club that only lifted if the driver blew sober on a breathalyzer.

I'm not really sure how this is advertising, nor the job of an agency to do, though I suppose it's a PR stunt, and it's quite brilliant! And, it proved quite effective, with 90% of club goers smart enough to find a sober driver, or wait until they became sober, to try and leave.

would you prefer poop or pee?

Most of you will remember the very serious, potentially powerful, and often criticized truth campaigns aimed at getting people to quit (or never start) smoking.

Well, this latest round from Arnold Worldwide takes a much more humorous twist. Passerbys are asked to choose which would be worse in a cigarette, poop or pee?

From there, an animal drops either a poop or pee based on their choice while participants are informed that the chemicals found in both poop and pee are in cigarettes.

A little gross, a little funny, a little shocking, a lot effective.

Star Wars + Legos = EPIC

Unveiled yesterday in NYC is the most EPIC of Lego creations yet. Why? Well, for one, because it's of the Star Wars Starfigther, and two, it's the world's largest Lego model built to date with over 5MM legos!!! This beast is 23 tons of AWESOME. Check out more picts and the details here.

creative packaging, grandma approved

What a great and creative packaging design. Thelma’s playful packaging designed by Saturday Mfg highlights the freshness of the product, while tapping into the emotional connection one gets from cookies straight from grandma's oven... what's not to love!

coca-cola happiness machine

Another touching campaign from Coca-Cola! Coca-Cola uses ‘Small World Machines’ to try and unite two neighboring countries with their latest ‘Open Happiness’ installation. This machine sets out to connect people from India and Pakistan in real time by having people from both countries work together to unlock a free Coca-Cola. Having people touch hands, draw symbols, and become friends. Very cool way to connect people and create moments of happiness.

tweet to shoot balls at a pro player

The French Open is right around the corner, and what better way to generate excitement then with this Twitter campaign. We Are Social created ‘Tweet and Shoot’ for finance company BNP Paribas, by engaging #1 French player Tsonga to take part in a social tennis game. Yup, here’s your chance to challenge a pro, from behind the screen. A robot controlled by Twitter will launch tennis balls live at Tsonga. Up for the challenge - visit Via.

where in the world...?

This addictive geography game puts your skills to the test and the next thing you know you’ve killed an entire afternoon!

Start by looking at the area depicted on the screen, then take a guess as to where you are by clicking on the map and placing your “guess marker.” Once you’re ready to commit to your guess click on your marker to see if you’re right. The closer distance you are to your location the more points you get.

Neat, right? 

latte art

Would you like some art with your morning latte?

Check out these 3-D works of latte art from Osaka-based barista Kazuki Yamamoto. Yamamoto’s medium? Why, frothy steamed milk of course! From animals to pop culture characters these cool lattes could make pretty much anyone’s morning. 

neat receipt

What if your supermarket receipt printed out the calories of the items you purchased instead of the price? In an attempt to switch the focus from financial to physical health a group of students at Miami Ad School in Brazil created a receipt to do just that.

Apart from the obvious health benefits associated with this kind of receipt, it also serves as an excellent promotion tool for Gold’s Gym.

whiskey your way

Just like you can crate your own wine, now the Mississippi River Distilling Company is allowing people to take it a bit further and allowing you to create your own whiskey, by choosing all the ingredients, and then custom making a full barrel of it for you. Complete with a custom-name label. 

Probably lasts a lot longer than the custom wine, too. 


don't qr - er, text - and drive

QR code and interesting or effective don't always go together - but in this case, they do. Toyota created a QR code that illustrated the dangerous impacts of texting while driving: when users hold their phones up to the print ads with the QR codes to reveal the content, all they see is the road in the ad with the QR code removed. The hook: the QR codes were on objects in the road that you might otherwise miss if you text while driving, like a kid trying to fetch a ball. 


dirty, dirty advertising (sfw)

Noooo....say 'beardvertising' ain't so....

your place in the galaxy

Looking for a career change? I hear the Empire is looking for a new Death Star laser operator...

Career advice by Bobby Bernethy.


The socially conscious shopper, you know the type, they won't shop at Walmart or wear shoes made out of anything other than hemp. Well now there's the perfect app for those who would like to know exactly what it is that they're buying, and which parent company it benefits. The Buycott app is newly available for iPhone and Android that allows you to scan the barcode of an item, letting you trace it back to its parent company. Though it aids the boycott of Monsanto and Koch Brothers’ companies, the app was designed to be politically neutral user base. The downside to this app? For the ultra socially conscious the app could actually make it difficult to buy items as simple as cereal and toothpaste.


get synced

What do sneaker have to do with perfumes? Beats me, but that's not stopping Puma from launching a new fragrance line. With the help of top Los Angeles Choreographer Super Dave and some of the world’s greatest freestylers including King Charles, Pacman and Storyboard P, they've created The Puma Dance Dictionary which syncs language with dance to help promote the new Puma Sync Fragrances. Check out the awesomeness and get your groove thang on at

persecuted by your Facebook

What if you lived in a country where you were jailed, beaten, or worse, killed for saying seemingly harmless things. It happens all over the world, but living in free countries like the good 'ole US of A, we take our liberties for granted.

To make you aware of these injustices, this powerful application, called Trial by Timeline from Amnesty International New Zealand, scans your Facebook profile and determines how many times you'd be tortured based on the things you say.

I had 161 convictions. How many did you have?

A life of love in "85 seconds"

About a year ago we shared a sweet little stop motion video of Getty stock images that told a love story. Well this is the even sweeter follow up, called 85 seconds, that follows a love story from childhood through adulthood. Again from AlmapBBDO.

hate across America

For almost a year now Monica Stephens, an assistant professor at Humboldt State, has been analyzing over 150,000 tweets for words of hate (homophobia, racism, etc.) and plotted them out on an interactive heat map of the US to see where the most hate is being spewed.

What do you think? Is the hate concentrated where you expected?


special discovery channel button

Discovery Button from Antonio Correa on Vimeo.

With so many channel options for viewers, it’s difficult to grab the attention. The Discovery Channel was one of the many getting lost in the shuffle so they tasked Publicis Brasil with breaking away from the channel pack! What better place to reach the viewers then right inside their home, better yet, directly on their TV remotes. In partnership with a major Pay TV operator in Brazil, all new customers received a remote with a special “Discovery” button that linked directly to the Discovery channel!

kitty aerobics... work it!

Looking for a good laugh, then check out this ridiculous video. Especially if you're a cat lover! Kitty Bios.

video clips = animated love story

What does 105 seemingly unrelated video clips get you? This cool animated love story from Getty Images ’85 Seconds,’ which tells a story of a couple who meet as children, separate and then reunite. 

renault’s take on speed dating

Renault draws some interesting parallels between speed dating and the driving in this spot. One part mystery, one part curiosity, and a bit of adrenaline create an, um, unique(?) speed dating / driving experience.

Check out the great reactions of this chick's / professional driver's “dates” in the clip above. 

cataloged cocktails

From the Dude’s White Russian to Don Draper’s OldFashioned to Moe Syzlack’s Flaming Moe this infographic features 49 drinks from film, TV, and literature. You can get your own print here.

365 days of tea

This awesome calendar gives you 365 days of uniquely flavored tea. Produced by HĂ€lssen & Lyon, each day on the calendar is actually a “wafer” of pressed tea leaves. Just tear off a day and let it steep in boiling water. Functional as both a calendar and hydration tool!

experience a harley test ride

Need convincing to buy that Harley? Normally a test ride would be enough... but this test ride will likely influence the decision. Customers were encouraged to take a bike out for a test ride, then shortly after 60 fellow riders unexpectedly joined them. Talk about making you feel like you’re part of the gang and providing the full experience of owning a Harley-Davidson. Pretty cool! 

clever billboard kills 230,000...

... bugs, it killed 230,000 bugs. But don't worry, this insect massacre was not in vain, no sir, it was all in the good name of advertising.

Orphea4D is a powerful insecticide, and this mosquito season they wanted to make sure people knew just how powerful they were. So they got themselves a billboard and painted on some clear glue to look like the spray from the can.

You can guess the rest, but check out the video. Pretty clever buggers they are.

5 things every designer should know when dealing with clients

Only 5? I could think of a few more, but these are pretty solid.

real life facebook update

With something like a zillion users around the world it's no surprise that any change to the familiar interface gets sizable chunk of the worlds population in an uproar. So what if changes like this were made in the real world?

we salute you

Epic PSA series by French agency BETC for Reporters without Borders illustrates the darkest side of state controlled news media. Can you think of any other world leaders who deserve this treatment?

beer powered turnstile

Carnival in Rio can get pretty balls-to-the-wall crazy, which of course centers around drinking. Being a responsible official beer sponsor of Carnival, Antartica wanted to make sure all those partiers got home safely so they created a super cool installation at the local train station. All you needed to get on the train was an empty beer can. Scan it and you've had your ticket on the train. Cool!

a tweety for your pee pee

Hey, parents are very busy people. I mean who has the time to, I don't know, check their baby's diaper to make sure they aren't festering in a pool full of their own urine? Especially when you're doing very important things, you know, like Tweeting snarky commentary to the TV show you're watching.

Obviously Huggies Brazil understands this, so they created a prototype app that attaches to a baby's diaper and sends parents a tweet when it's wet. The prototype app will be tested by 10 parents who will be followed online to document their experiences in sucking as a parent.. err, I mean making their lives easier.

Hey, you gotta admit it's a pretty cool technology, right?

think today sucks?

Coworker being obnoxious? Your client acting like a delusional megalomaniac? Roommate left his dirty underwear on the bathroom sink again? Here's something to help put it all in perspective: Here Is Today.

street art app

Ever seen a great Instagram of awesome street art and wonder where you could see it in person? Well, turns out there’s an app for that!

1AM Mobile is a photo app that lets users document, share, and discover street art in your community. Users can browse photos of street art contributed by fellow users or they can use the app as a guide to view street art in person. The app is available now for free for iPhones. Neat, right?! Via

jacket snacks

Who needs a stylish lunch bag when you can just stash your lunch in your jacket?! This jacket, which is totally made for those who hold snacks over fashion, is made completely out of Ziploc bags and can hold breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course snacks! Would you sport one?  Via

take me to pizza

This delicious new app from points you in the direction of delicious pizza! “Pizza Compass” displays maps of nearby pizzerias along with a pizza-based UI will tell if the place is open or not and how far away it is. Mmmm…pizza. Via

a photo shoot unlike anything you've seen

Dare to attempt this photo shoot? If so, it’ll be very short lived - about 10-20 seconds. Tokyo photographer and artist Hal, uses large plastic bags to capture his latest project FLESH LOVE. Hal photographs each couples in vacuum-sealed packs to illustrate the idea of keeping love fresh. More images here.

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