this friend's for you, from bud

Want more Facebook 'friends' that you'll just have to unfriend later? Budweiser's here to help with that. 

In Brasil, they have created the Buddy Cup that instantly adds the random strangers you cheers at a bar to your friends list. Equipped with a chip that you can synch to your account with your phone, it let's you friend-away. 

vw will fwd an ad for you

What's one way to get people's attentions? Perform an action for them they'd otherwise have to do themselves. Like skipping video ads on YouTube after the first 5 seconds, because you know no one watches the full ads.

VW created an ad that clicked the "Skip Ad" button for users to promote its Tiptronic transmission that shifts for the driver. 


office supply fashion accessories

Just what every hard-working professional woman needed - a binder clip bag. Office supplies are so hot right now. 

Maybe Staples should get on this and diversify its offerings. 

what’s your coffee say about you?

Turns out how your cup o' joe says a lot about you according to this fun inforgraphic:


#firstworldproblems become real world problems

Who hasn't caught themselves bitchin' on Twitter about how the barista made their latte with 2% instead of skim, or how you can't believe your cleaning lady broke your favorite (insert that high-priced frivolous thing you love here). And to make sure you don't sound like some spoiled punk, you throw up #firstworldproblems and suddenly it's pretty funny.

But the truth is, while we all laugh at our first world problems, there are real world problems happening under our noses. So, to help people understand that, Water is life grabbed some #firstworldproblems tweets off twitter and used them for their latest campaign juxtaposing the first world problem with the real world version of the problem.

Absolutely brilliant and beautiful!

billboard painted from tweets

Scribe, a paper and notebook brand out of Mexico, brings us the latest innovation in outdoor media with a billboard painted solely from tweets with the hashtag #ScribeBillboard sent to an artist literally living behind the billboard for ten days.

The billboard became so popular, celebs and musicians just began randomly showing up to view it. Fun!

scratch and sniff banner ad?

Ahh, Old Spice, always trying to keep it, well... fresh. And fresh smelling too, of course. In their latest campaign they place ads on sites like The Onion, claiming to be "scratch and sniff" banner ads.

Upon click, an registration form is presented to have the banner sent to your home so you can sniff it. Clever, you sneaky little brand people, but I can't help but feel swindled. But then again, do you really WANT to smell the internet? ehh

dirty car art

Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade. And I always thought I was clever for writing f*ck you on peoples dirty windows when they park to close to my car.

street art history lesson

An amazing infographic by Daniel Feral, where you can see the history (assuming it doesn't bug your eyes out) of street art and graffiti from 1940 to 2010.

wine bottle resume

Ben Egnal knows it's not polite to show up empty handed. So when he goes on an interview he brings a bottle of wine with a custom-printed label in lieu of a traditional resume.

icons reveal famous films

In this case, a poster says a thousand words. Design studio H-57 created these clever poster illustrations entitled Shortology, to interoperate famous films. Need I say more; see how many you can get!

where to go on a first date

With the dating scene, comes the pressure of selecting the perfect date spot. Get it right, or at least improve your chances of getting it right with this helpful date scouting infographic. Alex Cornell created this handy infographic that provides guidance on “Where to go on a First Date,” so you don’t get stuck in the midst of awkwardness.

50 years of color

Colors have always been an integral part of culture, and who better to talk color than Pantone.
In celebration of their 50th anniversary, Pantone created this infographic to showcase 50 years of color. See the colors that inspired decades of trends, and influenced brands and social media.

doodles for lunch

Check out these awesome drawings dreamed up using Sharpies and sandwich bags. Illustarator / graphic designer / Dad David Laferrier has been making these creative designs on his kids’ lunch bags since 2008. He’s got a collection of over 1,100 unique drawings on his Flickr account that would make any kid want to trade their lunch for the cool bags alone! Via

oh yes they can

Coming to a store near you this Spring…the Budweiser Bowtie Beer can? Yup! The iconic beer manufacturer is releasing a can that’s shaped the same way as its logo and definitely sets it apart from any run of the mill beer in a regular shaped can. While this fancy new can won’t replace the traditional design completely, it will actually only be available in 8-packs. This packaging has been under development since 2010 and takes uses a 16-step process to make the design. Via

kinect-ing to pizza delivery

Gamers, rejoice! Yesterday Pizza Hut launched an app for Xbox Live that allows users to customize AND order pizzas straight from their consoles (because using your smartphone to place an order is sooo 2011). You can use a variety of Xbox options to build the pizza of your dreams like voice commands, Kinect motion controls or just the plain old controller. If you download the app and use it place an order before May 6 you can even get a 15% discount on your first purchase. Now, if only Xbox could solve for having to press pause to go to the bathroom…  Via

d-aww-gy vending machine

If you build it, they will bark. Or beg. For Baker's dog food. 

Baker's built a 'vending machine' for dogs, which is the cutest thing ever. They fetch the ball, put it in the right slot, and out comes a treat. Good doggies (and branding)!


vine campaign for kids

While Vine is a relatively new platform, brands are latching on to its simple format for their campaigns. For example, the Kids Company in England leveraged the platforms' simple format to create a simple but compelling campaign with short videos illustrating that simple, repeated actions can lead to troubled futures, with a call to action at the end to help. 

Great use of the platform by an organization.

smell the internet...smell it

Old spice ran the world's "first" scratch-and-sniff online ad - sort of. When you clicked the ad you were taken to a form to get a sample to smell the internet. The best part of this campaign is that they ran the ads on The Onion, which is a great example of creative being customized for the audience and context. 

fundawear puts the OHHHHH in video chat

You know how sex via online video chat is... well... a "manual" process? If only you could just motorboat, er, um, touch, the lovely vision before you? Well, thanks to Durex, you can get a lot closer.

Introducing Fundawear: under garments with little mechanical fingers, let's say, that are controlled by a mobile app so that you can pleasure each other oceans apart.

The video says it all, especially her little moan at the end... aaaand I'll leave it at that.

sweating out the paparazzi

You don't have to speak Spanish to get this latest stunt from Nivea, though it's probably even funnier if you do.

Nivea took over a taxi in Mexico City and surprised innocent riders by having a faux celebrity join the ride, while being chased by paparazzi. The paparazzi then seem to imply a steamy connection between the innocent rider and the celeb as they snap picts and ask questions.

Watch the video for the reveal of Nivea deodorant for those particularly sweat-inducing experiences.

privacy in a city near you

Whether you're looking for a quiet spot to work, blog, read, meditate, reflect, or plot revenge on your mother-in-law, we could all use a little privacy from time to time. So just how private are the spaces in your city?

BMW Guggenheim Lab created an interactive data visualization of which places the people of your city find most private. An interesting look at which types of public places may actually be more private than your own home. As this becomes more populated, it will become more informative too.

pee shy?

LG tries to prove that lots of men really do have issues in the men’s room when somebody is looking at them. Especially if that someone is a beautiful woman. The film was shot in candid camera setting in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam and involves LG's new IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitors. Guys, do you think you could pee? Please note the hot dog ad on the unused display, very clever SuperHeroes crew.

human printer

The human printer is an on going project by the mentally unstable and creative students of the University of Derby UK. Students are actually taking photographs and turning them into a CMYK halftone posters all by hand. Crazyness! Please tell me this class is an elective. And yes, they are only using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black pens, no cheating.

JK about the students being mentally unstable... I think. More, info. Via.

I'm rich, b*tch!

No no, I'm not Dave Chappelle, but I am rich. Maybe not by American standards, but compared to the rest of the world I'm in the top 0.81% of earners. Not to shaby for an art director eh? Curious about your own ranking? Check out the global rich list a site created by Poke a creative company based in London.

Psst, the Global Rich List is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this month. That's something like a century in internet years. Cheers!


unique wine packaging

Package design is a significant feature for distinguishing products amongst their competitors. And this collection of creative wine bottles is no different.

So cool, I’d like to try them all, just not in one sitting.

diet advertising clichés

LowLow uses this funny video ad to foster a healthy food relationship – Kudos! If you think diet advertising is so cliché, share your thoughts on LowLow

artwork you can sit in

At first glance these canvas paintings appear to be merely pieces of art, but in actuality they're an optical illusion! These creative paintings actually accommodate a person, adding another dimension to the artwork. The frame for each piece is made out of wood and aluminum and is covered in an elastic textured canvas. YOY has developed 'canvas', a series of 
two-dimensional hanging furniture pieces for Milan Design Week 2013

mapping your check-ins

Did you check out what the folks at Foursquare did to celebrate the 4th Annual 4sqDay? (Get it? 4/16?) Foursquare released a tool called Foursquare Checkin Visualization that takes a year’s worth of check-is and puts them in a variety of cool graphic executions. Give it a try! 

smart beer

Interactive beer? It’s true! Introducing Heineken Ignite a ‘smart’ bottle that can interact with other bottles, its surroundings, and the people around it. The interactive bottle uses micro sensors and wireless networking technology to sense when people are clinking the bottles together to say “Cheers.” It can also react when a person takes a sip and actively respond to music. It even lights up with LED lights! This novelty bottle aims to differentiate Heineken and create innovated new product and consumer experiences. Check it out here

Kmart ships its pants

Kmart’s newest spot promoting free shipping for out of stock items hit the interwebs before airing on TV, went viral, and never looked back. While this ad certainly was a (hilarious) success – and a departure from its traditionally conservative approach – is it a move that will alienate its core consumer segment? What do you think? Check out the spot here.  

vw putting some engine into seo

Volkswagen just made SEO a little interesting (yes, you heard that right) by turning search results into an organic, visual ad after optimizing different sites. Check out the video to see the results. 

resume land or monopo-resume?

When job searching, it's tough to feel like you can break through the clutter and stand out, so it's good to be inspired by others.

One graphic designer created a board game that allowed potential employers to learn more about her and her work. Brilliant!

what the crapcha is this?

Oh CAPTCHA - the bane of every avid sweepstakes gamer. Now you can really annoy people with impossibly impossible codes with CRAPCHA. Maybe not on any sweepstakes, but it is embeddable on any website.

anus writes a letter

Congratulations are in order for Youtuber Ze Frank. You sir have the distinction of creating one of the kookiest videos that I've seen in a long time, who agrees with me?

newspaper photo bombs

One bored commuter found a way to keep busy and entertained on the way to and from work. Using a folded newspaper, he uses forced perspective to transform his fellow commuters into celebrities, pets, politicians, and even Yoda. Originally shared by the NY Daily News, an in depth gallery can also be found over at the Visual News.

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