Friday, March 08, 2013
marketing stunt gone too far

Last week we posted about a funny marketing stunt created by Thinkmodo for The Last Exorcism Part II. And this week, we bring you a not-so-funny marketing stunt created by Thinkmodo.

Ok, not even not-so-funny, but kinda of messed up. To promote the movie Dead Man Down, they staged a fake murder attempt in public elevators and captured random people's reactions. The reactions range from running away, to yelling, to calling the police, to trying to stop it with shopping bags and fire extinguishers. All I can say is good thing no one had a gun.

Pretty stupid, first, to not think the actors lives could've been at risk, and second that people would find this funny and not horrifying. But hey, they succeeded in getting buzz with over 3 million views and, well, we're all writing about it, soooo...

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