SOS service for sex

SOS CONDOMS by DUREX by soscondoms

This campaign is beyond awesome!

Ever been in the heat of passion, about to get it on with the girl/guy of your dreams, only to discover, DOAH, you have no condoms?! Oh, you know you have. Well, Durex in Dubai will come to the rescue.

Just pull up their SOS app and it will pick up your location and deliver you a condom in a creative way. Yes, they will deliver you a condom!

It's so popular, they are taking votes on their Facebook page on what city to bring it to next. Brilliant, but hope they have some sort of 10 minutes or less delivery guarantee!

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At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Sarah Park said...
The world today is really innovative that even condoms can be delivered right at your doorstep through special delivery.  

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