temporary bald spot tats

Okay, you’re going bald - so what. You can either try to hide it or be a little adventurous and “accent” you’re bald spot. What better way to do so then with TattoupĂ©es, temporary tats for baldies! Go ahead, have a little fun! Via    

bus stop promotes app with rain

Unexpected weather can really disrupt your day. So, what better way to get attention and promote a new weather app, then by causing a weather disruption. This bus stop surprises its guests with a sudden rain shower, as a way to promote the updated Weather Channel app for Android. The new feature allows users to get more precise times to determine when the rain will start… so you don’t get caught in the rain.

squeaky dog toys with mute buttons

Although your dog loves ‘em, deep down you're kicking yourself for buying that darn squeaky toy! It doesn't take long, only about 4 or 5 squeaks before that buyer’s remorse sinks in. Now you and your pet can be at ease with these new toys from Kong. Kong's new toy with built in mute button, allows you to silence that squeaker with a simple flip of a switch. Available here.

keep tweeting after you die

This new, depressing, experimental program will keep tweeting on your behalf after you die. By using artificial intelligence, this program will learn your likes and behaviors so eventually when you die this thing will take over. Even if you don't come back to haunt your kids house at least you'll haunt twitter. Check out the full article or visit the site.

game of thrones impactful print ad

Game of Thrones is taking over newspaper spreads. Check out the impact this print ad makes to promote the new season.

DIY foldable paper lamps

moslylikelyShop have made a collection of paper lampshade in the shape of animals that you can put together. A kit includes a rolled up lampshade template with instructions on how to put it together. You'll have to supply your own stand, bulb, socket, and glue.

michael jackson's dance moves, in legos

We've seen a lot of people do things with Legos, but this is pretty awesome: Annette Jung created a lego version of Michael Jackson doing all of his dance moves, with Legos. Pretty impressive.

travel to cape town via facebook

Want to take a trip to Cape Town, but take the path a little less visited? Then go to the Cape Town Tourism Facebook page to go on a virtual tour to see all the lesser-known gems around the city. 

innovative engineering billboard

When is a billboard more than a billboard? When it's an advertisement for a technology and engineering university by showing the ingenuity of the students: the billboard itself is a device that turns moisture in the air into potable drinking water.  Brilliant execution by UTEC in Peru.

30 years of music formats animated

I'm not sure how accurate theses stats are, but it's amazing to watch the rise and fall of the different formats. Makes you wonder what, if anything, is going to take on the internet.

canadians don't like cramped hospitals

With the help of agency Dare, the British Columbia Children's Hospital Foundation created these wonderfully disorienting ads to raise money for a new hospital. Instead of relying on digital effects set designers created an environment with skewed perspectives and a truly claustrophobic feel.

According to Dare Associate Creative Directors Addie Gillespie and Mia Thomsett, "It wasn't until we toured the hospital that we really understood the problem. We needed to come up with a simple way to demonstrate the hospital's dire lack of space."


missed connections map

Dorothy Gambrell's study of the most common locations used in Missed Connections posts on Craigslist by state. Should I be the least bit surprised that Walmart is the number one location in many states? Hello missed love connection in aisle 5!


awful stock video, awesome music video

Ever wonder what one does with all that horribly cheesy stock video? Well, musician Darwin Deez took some of the corniest and superimposed himself into them to create his music video for "You Can't Be My Girl". Yeah, it's awesome!

take the creativity test

The Norwegian School of Creative Studies wanted to get the word out about their mission to educate people in a variety of professions within the creative industry. But, of course, they had to do that in a creative way. A way that illustrated there are many ways to be creative and it may not always be the way you originally thought.

So, they created this very well executed, cute little "creativity test" to illustrate their point. And, there's a fun little surprise at the end. Try it, it's fun!


youngest game programmer rocks!

When you close your eyes and imagine a video game programmer, who do you see? A 30-something white, or perhaps Asian, male? A stereo-type for sure, but likely what came to your mind, right?

Well, meet the adorably brilliant Zora Ball, the youngest video game programmer ever. A 7-year old, African American, female who can program the heck out of a video game. Take that stereo-types, this girl rocks!

Read her amazing story here.

Thanks Bob!

nivea, you're funny

Are you stressed? Well you're probably not as stressed as these people who think they're about to get arrested. Nivea pranks unsuspected travelers and it's hysterical.

amazing LEGO ghostbusters headquarters

Alex "Orion Pax" Jones built this ghostbusters headquarters (that includes the vehicles Ecto 1 and 2) out of legos. He watched the Ghostbuster movies, The Real Ghostbusters animated series, and played the Ghostbusters video game. This guy sure did his research for this two month build!

pretend to be an astronaut while you sleep

It's an astronaut duvet cover that comes with a helmet pillow case. How awesome would it be if they produced these for adults too?! They could even double up so that your significant other didn't feel left out. #Dream.

giant shoebox popup store

When a major shoe brand wants to have a popup shop, it’s only fitting to have it modeled after a shoebox. Naturally Adidas did just this, when they created an impressive giant shoebox popup store at the Primavera music festival in Barcelona, Spain. This cool appearance attracted a lot of attention!

tasty print ad

How do you disperse samples of your product to masses of people without actually providing samples? Fanta did this with their first ever-tasteable print ad. To promote their new orange flavor, they created a tangible and tasteable experience by infusing the new Fanta formula onto consumable paper. People were able to taste the flavored drink directly from the print ad.

geeky candle sets

Secret affinity for geeks? Let's face it, who doesn't? Well know take that love to the next level. Forget those traditional smelling candles, ThinkGeek is selling Geeky Scented Candles for those special scents you couldn’t find: Space, Retro arcade, Teen spirit and Middle Earth.  Come ‘on, doesn’t everyone want the scent of candy, pizza, and dirty change from an old arcade.

stethoscope required to hear this ad

How do you get attention of doctors to give their time to places in dire need of quality medical help? Send them an ad with audio that can only be listened to through a stethoscope

The pressure of the stethoscope plays an audio message from Africa Health Placements, calling on them to help. The agency behind this is Boomtown

gift your smartphone-free time

Does your loved one complain about how much time you spend on your smartphone - not paying attention to them?

Mobile carrier Movistar has created an app that allows people to 'gift' precious Text-Social Media-Addicting Games-free minutes of their time with their phones (and other devices) turned off so they can dedicate their time solely to their loved one. These days, saying I'll turn off my phone for you does a mean more than I love you, right? Riiiight.

Here's a video for the app which, even though in spanish, gets the point across:

game over, now drink

Have you ever wished you could trade in arcade points for actual beer? Well the wait for a beer-dispensing arcade game is over. The Last Barfighter is a game created by McKinney for Big Boss Brewing Company

death by numbers

We're all going to die someday, but have you ever wondered what the odds are that you'll die by falling down a flight of stairs? Or how about a bee sting. “Death in America,” a chart created by the Economist is based on 2008 National Safety Council stats which compares ways we are “unlikely to die” in America. Lucky for us there's only a slim chance we'll die form an asteroid impact.

tattoo artists wanted

Finally a use for QR codes, and quite an interesting way to apply for a job. Just make sure you stay in the lines.

the tweet hereafter

I guess you could say Jamie Forrest and Michael McWatters have a morbid fascination with death. But you have to give them credit, they figured it was inevitable that with all the people using Twitter that some would eventually die. They also figured that among the dead there would be some famous people. Knowing this the duo created The Tweet Hereafter, a collection of last words via twitter.

The site has been around for a year, but only Forrest and McWatters were aware of its existence until now. After olympic runner Oscar Pistorius was charged with murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Forrest and McWatters decided to take it public.

Sure hope my last words on Twitter something a bit more profound than, "Having Mexican for dinner, sooooo good! #tacobell."


brand identity for sale

Designer, Ben Pieratt, created an entire brand identity form scratch, including a name, logos, social media backgrounds and icons, a website theme, t-shirts, patterns and more.

Nothing weird about that... except the brand doesn't exist. But it could, for any buyer willing to throw down $18,000.

Definitely an interesting idea, and intriguing to ponder what the brand, named Hessian, could be. It also makes you think about the power of branding and whether it's the design that drives the brand or the brand that drives the design.

What do you think? Backwards or brilliant?

your own social city map

File this in one of the better campaigns that have attempted to connect social to print.

The KLM Must See App lets you create a custom map of your choice (of 24) cities consisting of tips from your social network on where to eat, shop, visit, and play. Once complete, the map is printed and mailed to you in 3 weeks. And, it's free.

Pretty sweet idea!

never piss a designer off

All of us in the industry have fantasized about the ultimate revenge on a client who pisses us off, but only some of us actually act on it.

Meet Frank Jonen, a web designer who did a website for Fitness SF. All was well and good, until Fitness SF allegedly refused to pay. That's when Frank went bat-shit, hijacked their website and replaced it with all sorts of derogatory digs. Ouch!

So is he a hero? An idiot? A jerk? All of the above?

unfinished art exhibit for public to finish

Color Me ____ is a cool modern art exhibit created by Andrew Neyer and Andy J. Miller at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art where they asked you to fill in the blanks. The artists created huge illustrations in a room accompanied by enormous 5.5′ paint markers, as a way to have the public interact and collaborate with them to produce the finished element. 

temporary tattoos for your dog

The pet market continues to boom with new trendy products, accessories and procedures, but this latest trend takes grooming to a new level by allowing owners to tat their dogs! Dog groomers Jessica Allegri and Amanda Marshall came up with the idea to shave ‘temporary tattoos’ into dogs fur - making them look badass!

lego water bottle

Hydrate yourself with this LEGO Water Bottle! A practical, yet fun and retro reusable bottle modeled after the classic LEGO mini-figure. Via.

awesome parallex scrolling site about saving water

A UK agency called Nice and Serious created this interactive parallax scrolling site to bring awareness to how much water we waste a day. It's called Every Last Drop. Check out the site and make sure you watch the video!

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