socially accepted thumb sucker

Revert back to your early child tendencies, to self-sooth with a thumb sucker! The added bonus… it’s a mandarin orange flavored lollipop!

what kind of font is your dog...

Yet again, here’s another clever interpretation of typography.

Studio Grafisches Buro released these fun images that combine dog breeds with their matching typeface.

awards for those awkward moments

Okay, we’ve all had those awkward moments. The only thing worse than the moment itself, is someone you know witnessing it. But, if you’re the witnesser, thanks to Jeff Wysaski and his Awkward Merit Badges (Sticker Book) you’re able to have a little laugh and a little fun awarding badges for those painfully uncomfortable situations.  

modern western origami comic book

Malaria from Edson Oda on Vimeo.

Edison Oda is a Brazilian writer and film director who is currently attending USC in Los Angeles to get his MFA in Film and TV Production. Check out his short story about a man who was hired to kill death. It's a mixture between origami, kirigami, time lapse, nankin illustration, comic book, and western cinema.

doppelgangers on camera

Do you know any one who has a doppelganger? Well if you do then get a hold of French Canadian photographer, Francois Brunelle. He has been on a quest to photograph strangers that eerily resemble each other but aren't related. Eventually he would like to compile them all into a book.

Go, listen to the full story.

Thanks Jason for sharing!

just one more cup of coffee

Think about all the stuff that you could accomplish after drinking just one more cup of coffee. For example, you could work really late or catch a leprechaun. Go ahead, drink up, amazing things could happen. Illustrated by David Soames and Aaron Jay.

a newspaper's AR app for kids

In the face of declining readership, a Tokyo newspaper created an AR app that engages a demographic important to its future - children. When a smartphone is held over designated content, little animations appear on the phone through the app, like little spaceships popping out of an article on space exploration article.

This is a smart use of AR and just might endear children to the medium - and maybe some adults too. 

manly men's soaps

Move over Old Spice, Axe, and other guy-focused products. Manhands Soap is here.

Soaps made to actually smell like a real man, in scents like bonfire, beer, and top soil, not coconut-pheremone-infused silky body washes. MMMmmmmm...smell the manliness.

Available for purchase here.

google maps-inspired birdhouses

These birdhouses, created by Shuchun Hsiao, are inspired by the destination icons from Google Maps that 'help' them know when they're home as they use their own navigation to get from Point A to Point B.

google street scene

What, you don't think the Google Street View Mobile captured Henry Hill just as he was storming out of his house in the 70's? The Google Street Scene Tumblr is an awesome collection of moments from cinema captured by Google Street View cameras. Ok so they're not real, but that doesn't make them any less awesome.

lego mac

This is classic!

And if you keep checking Photographer Chris McVeigh's Facebook page he'll be uploading the building plans in the next couple weeks.

have you no sense of decency?

Thanks to Vancouver-based art and design student Rosea Posey's shot “Judgments,” a provocative photo of the back of a woman’s leg marked with skirt-length decency levels, you'll never have to second guess your outfit again.

when Facebook resurrects the dead

A humorous, but possibly so close to reality it's creepy, video by Tom Scott of what it will be like when Facebook someday decides it can resurrect the dead. Clever.

video game nutrition

Complex put together this fun little Nutritional Guide to Popular Food in Video Games. Om Nom and play on...


children of the 90s

Everyone's loving Microsoft's new spot, Child of the 90s, for IE for Windows 8... but is everyone loving IE? Yes, that is the question. via

the subliminal message your font sends...

Haven’t really thought twice about the fonts you use? Well think again; your typography choice may be sending an underlying message you never even considered. See some of the subliminal messages behind your fonts. 

home remedy influenza sorbet

It’s the season; sick, germy people surround you everywhere you go. So go ahead, load up on every over-the-counter medicine or every home remedy concoction you can find, just not all at once. Hmmm, sounds a bit torturous in comparison to your other option of… eating sorbet. Influenza Sorbet from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is based on a home remedy made with Cayenne pepper, ginger, Maker's Mark bourbon, honey, orange and lemon juices. Check out some other available flavors here.

redesigned NFL team logos

Designer Matt McInerney took the NFL team logos and decided to add a modern twist to them. This was purely just for fun, but check out some of the revamped alternate logos he created.

remember the time you bought a unicorn horn hat for your cat?

As you can tell from the picture cats really love this product and so the peeps at McPhee finally posted the behind the scene video of the photo shoot to show you. The cat's name is Spyke... just in case you were wondering.

designer creates logos based on the news

Cristina Napoleone is a graphic designer from Italy. On her spare time she enjoys designing logos based on current news and events like Kate Middleton's pregnancy announcement and the Disney-Lucas Film takeover. She named this side project Loghificio. Check out her tumblr for more designs.

Disney buys Lucas Films

Kate Middleton's pregnancy announcement

Facebook buys Instagram

Put an end to cyber-bullying!

Superstorm Sandy Causes Blackout in NYC

Facebook Launches "Graph Search"

spell your name out with lamps

Delightfull, a Portuguese company who specializes in lamps have just announced a new collection. This collection features individual letters and numbers based on marquis type signage. Each in various fonts, forms, colors, and bulbs.

curiously effective QR codes

Believe it or not, but this video for a campaign for Missing Children Argentina, called QRiosity, shows a unique and effective used QR codes

Placing large QR codes throughout parks and playgrounds, they got the better of people's curiosity to scan them. The codes then revealed pictures and names of missing children to raise awareness of the problem.  

experiential movie screening

Talk about experiential: for a screening of the move Life of Pi, viewers in France were invited to watch it from little life boats floating in a pool

Hope they took their dramamine. 

innovative chocolate packaging

This packaging concept design for chocolate, created by Jamila Refky, features quotes about chocolate for chocolate lovers. The best part? The front part of the packaging is a takey-away that turns into a magnet.

So simple, but something consumers everywhere would probably eat up (pun intended) for chocolate and other foods.

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