quilts that are cool

Looking for a way to spend the cash you just scored for the holidays? These quilts from Haptic Labs, featuring the grid of major cities, will not only keep you warm, but they are super cool.


A sucky billboard

Self explanatory billboard for a vacuum, yet so clever. From McCann Erickson in Slovakia.

2012 according to social media

We promise this is the first and last 2012 recap bullish#t we'll post, but thought these were pretty good ones (from some of our favorite social networks) to reminisce over this weekend. Happy New Year all!

2012 According to Facebook.

2012 according to Twitter.

And 2012 According to YouTube.

trampled snow art

Here’s a beautiful work of art crafted by Simon Beck, but it won’t last long.  After years of competitive orienteering, Simon precisely maps out his walking patterns. Yes, these works of art are created on freshly fallen snow using only his snowshoes. These wintery masterpieces can take anymore from 6 hours to 2 full days, depending on the size, to be completed.

fully equipped condom pillow

In the moment and struggling to find… condoms? Well with a condom pillow, you won’t have to worry about that again! Not only does this oversized condom wrapper come with an oversized stretchy fabric material condom inside, but it also comes equipped with a smaller pocket on the outside for safe keeping of your real condoms. 

ever wonder about the michelin man?

Well he's come a long way from his early days of drinking, smoking, partying, and being a "ladies' man". The Michelin man has transformed over the past 100+ years and now a days he can be seen running around, saving the world, you know? Check out the progression and history of this icon here.

crazy awesome soviet holiday greeting cards

The Soviets think of everything! They even thought about space themed holiday greeting cards. How weird and wonderful.

kentucky kicks ass - rebranding project

Kent Carmichael, Wit Hiler, and Griffin VanMeter are back with a new project. The task was to increase tourism, new business, and pride in Kentucky while also decreasing stereotypes, unifying commonwealth, and showcasing Kentucky's uniqueness. By talking to some the most kick ass Kentuckians and asking them to sum up Kentucky in two words, a new tag line was born. "Kentucky Kicks Ass".

everything's having sex today

This end of the world ad from Diesel is... well... packed with sexual innuendos. Ok, not innuendos, straight up hardcore sex... between everyday items. Just watch it. Disturbingly hot or just disturbing? Hey, we're not judging.

the end of the world is coming, so should you

Yeah, you interpreted the title correctly. Durex is encouraging everyone to get down (safely) while the world is ending. Very dirty, very clever, except if the world ends, does one really need to worry about STDs and pregnancy? Huh, better to be safe than sorry I say.

e-commerce in real life

Google wants brands to be smart about their e-commerce user experience (using Google Analytics, duh), so they created a series of sarcastic and humorous videos dramatizing what it would be like if typically horrible e-commerce experiences happened in real brick-and-mortar stores. Couldn't be more true!

classy flask tie

Classy tie, brah!

Have you noticed everyone wearing ties around the office lately? Perhaps, there’s a reason for that… just saying.  The Flask Tie appears to be a cool necktie but this ties helps disguise its removable hidden flask. The pouch holds half a pint, so you can quench your thirst on-the-go! Cheers!

edible burger wrappers

Paper Protein! It’s so delicious you can’t wait to dig in. No really, Bob’s a Brazilian burger joint launched a new campaign that allowed customers to bite right into their meal without unwrapping it. The packaging is edible and plays on their tagline, claiming they’re so irresistible you can’t control yourself. No clean-up needed!

late trains = discounted bus fare

Finally, a company that’s holding themselves accountable for their service and compensating you for your time! Swedish bus company Swebus, is offering a special deal where their riders receive a 1% discount on the fare for every minute a train is late. This adds a fun element to train delays, since the app only generates one coupon… it’ll pay to be vigilant.
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