pixel your junk man

Want to freak out your mom, your Facebook friends, your roommate? Just take any picture you have with the Nudifier app, paint a flesh tone over the "special" area you want to pixelate to imply something naughty is happening and bam, send the picts to friends and wait for their reaction. Fun times. Fuuuun times.


musical convenience store

In one of the coolest stunts of the last year, a convenient store in London was rigged up so every time a customer grabbed a Red Strip beer from the cooler, all the items on the shelves and in the coolers moved and played a song. No idea how the heck Kessels Kramer (agency) did it, but it's pretty damn impressive!

caroling on your street

Not sure when Facebook connect videos using Google Street View of your home are going to stop fascinating us, but for now, they're still kind of awesome.

Case in point: this new campaign from Stella Artois sends holiday carolers, lead by actress Alice Eve, right to your house (or a friend's house).

And it's well done. Worth a try!

mail ordered... whaaatttt?!

Someone in your life always making a stink about all the times you’ve forgotten to send a holiday or birthday card… blahh, blahh, blahh. Here’s an extra special card you can send them, and in return, you just may exempt yourself from all card exchanges. Fart by Mail™ is a mail order fart service that allows you to send custom messaged greeting cards with a hilarious fart sound and horrendous odor! Sound appealing; order them here.

business card tattoos

Here’s a business card like nothing you’ve seen before! These business cards double as temporary tattoos, to demonstrate the purpose of the company’s service. Baywood Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal had business cards created in a variety of skin tones. People could use these to place over existing tattoos, allowing the individual to visualize what their skin would look if the tattoo were to be removed. Clever!

the future of famous brand logos

Famous brand logos have morphed through the years. Stocklogos reviewed logo designs of the past to predict what the future may have in store for these iconic companies emblems. See others here.

tiny instagram projector

Projecteo is a tiny instagram projector that is seeking fundraising on Kickstarter. The goal was to raise $18k and it looks like they killed it with more than $60k.

a 170 ft. trampoline in a russian forrest

Salto, a design agency installed this gargantuan trampoline for the 2012 Archstoyanie festival in Nikola-Lenivets, Russia. It's set in a forrest and measures about 170 ft, almost as long as one city block.

So... who else wants to go to Russia?

a hipster flowchart to books they need to read next

Are you interested to know what all the cool kids are reading? Check out Goodreads' flowchart for "hipsters".


creative fundraising for children

What a better way to raise funds to make a children's hospital more childlike than letting kids have creative freedom with the letters sent to people asking for donations. A brilliant idea by Queen Silvia Children's Hospital. 

And the best part? It worked in helping them get new people to donate. Maybe doing that on the envelopes would also help increase the open rate. 


subway barbels for your commute

Clever out of home campaign by Reebok and their agency JCDecaux, reminding commuters in Chile to work out and exercise. As long as the commuters didn't mistake this as actual exercise, it could be effective.

girls will be boys, boys will be girls

All I want for Christmas is...for gender roles to be bashed! Top Toy, which manages Toys R Us in Norway, is delivering just that (and good deals) in its holiday catalog - showcasing girls playing with toys for boys, and vice versa. 

And you know what? Why not?


what makes you creepy?

Yup, that's exactly what makes you creepy. Via.

80's movies how to guides

The 80's, a decade full of designer jeans, Members Only Jackets, feathered hair and "totally awesome" films. No I'm not talking about Chariots of Fire or On Golden Pond. I'm talking about the real classics, films that could make things as mundane as sitting in detention seem like an adventure, and make time travel seem like a real possibility. Hey I'll admit it, I'm still trying to build my dream woman with my TRS-80.

Well if you're looking to relive those 80s films in real life artist Steve Thomas draws up some handy guides that you will need to have yourself an 80s movie adventure.

wine sippy cup

Like wine? Always running around during the holidays? Now you can take your wine on the go with Vino2go wine sippy cup. You'll never have to worry about spilling red wine on your church clothes again. And what better way to pre-game before spending Christmas with your in-laws.

awesome sun and moon watch

Sun and Moon timelapse from Mr Jones on Vimeo.

This watch designed by Mr. Jones has a very interesting way of telling time. It's based on the position of the sun and moon in the sky.

The face of the clock has a rotating half crescent shape that emulates an outdoor scene as it goes from night to day which also tells you the hour. There is a center dial that displays minutes.

The actual design is a "revival of "Sun and Moon" watches first produced in Britain in the late 1600s during a period of experimentation with the ways to represent time."

old book vending machine

The BIBLIO-MAT from Craig Small on Vimeo.

Craig Small designed this vending machine for The Monkey's Paw, an antiquarian bookshop in Toronto. By inserting $2 you receive a random book. There are no two alike and the subject matter can vary greatly. It's literally a surprise.

i have your heart, a paper puppet animation

This stop-motion animation is not only visually amazing the story it tells is equally beautiful. "I Have Your Heart" is a collaborative project by Molly Crabapple, Kim Boekbinder, and Jim Batt. The film uses movable paper puppets drawn by Crabapple and Boekbinder's song "The Organ Donor's March" to tell a story. Animated by Batt.

is it a giant koozie or the coolest jacket ever?

Talk about product innovation. This Enjoi Beer Hunter Jacket has a variety of insulated pockets to drinks and beers cold, with a can opener on the zipper. 

Perfect for the beer lover or avid tailgater in your life this holiday season. And yes - this is an actual product available for purchase here


let the holiday charity shenanigans begin...

Want to do good this holiday without having to actually donate? Visit The Communitree - an interactive site offering the world the opportunity to decorate a Christmas Tree together via a live streamed event. Each ornament contributes $5 to the cause, going towards Toys for Tots. You have to log-in to Facebook for your turn to control the robot and add an ornament. 

You can also tweet at or call the two random guys hanging out in the room with the tree...until they reach their goal of $20,000 and then they don't really care. 


3d printing is getting creepy

3D printing  just got real. Real creepy that is. 

Real-f, a company in Japan, is making 3D printed masks of people's faces that are extremely realistic, down to facial stubble on your face. 

This is a kind of product where you scratch your head and wonder why one would need this, and is there indeed a market for it? 

This form of 3D printing seems a little less weird and maybe ever so slightly more practical? 

worst commute ever?

These pictures, taken of the infamously crowded subways of Japan by German photographer Michael Wolf, might make you feel a little better about your commute. Or maybe this is exactly how you feel about your commute. 

See more here (if you are so compelled). 

know how to use that thing?

Sony knew that most DSLR owners use their cameras on auto or program mode, not really knowing how to use them to their fullest (and amazing) capabilities.

Based on that, they're coming out with the NEX, which is the best of both worlds--a compact camera with DSLR quality and interchangeable lenses.

To promote the launch, Sony created a YouTube channel hosting a series of funny videos about the "DSLR Clueless". They're pretty clever too! Know anyone like any of these characters?

a real horn dog

There are only two words for this ad for Mack Boots: Boobies and Doggy. What's better than that? And apparently mack boots are good for aerobics. Who knew?

The creative process can be an awesomely amazing thing, and yet the most evil soul-sucking thing at the same time. And I can't think of anyone that's captured that exact sentiment better than Matt Inmam, from the Oatmeal, in this comic. If you're in the business of being creative, it's a must read.


device deletes online ads...coming soon?

A device that removes all digital ads from your online browsing experience? Don't panic because it doesn't exist....yet.

A Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise funds to create this device, called AdTrap, that would 'block' ads before they get to your devices.

It's the DVR of the internet...but worse. *Gulp*

bird's eye view from your mobile devices

Ever want to get closer to nature? Well now you can get up close and personal with some birds, if you're potentially willing to part with your iPhone, iPad or Go-Pro camera.

A Kickstarter campaign for a device called Bird Photo Booth
is trying to raise funds to let people live stream wild bird action to their laptop or other device at home. 

Aww yeah. Chirpitty chirp chirp.

charity app drive? h-app-y holidays!

What could bring the Salvation Army into the 21st century? An app where you can 'drop' the apps on your phone to donate their value to charity.

Sadly, this is just a concept idea from students at the Miami Ad School, but what a great idea. More likely to get more people to donate (and not be scared off by the ringing-bell santa). Either way - donations no matter what the tactic are always good.

virtual jam session

Always aspired to rock out in your own band? Do it! Create your own band and play live with your friends... while enjoying the comforts of home.  Yup- JAM, an interactive web app from Google Chrome allows you to select an instrument and invite friends to play along in real time. Ready for a virtual jam session?

the client said whaaat?

Sometimes clients say the strangest things!

So… you can image it would only be a matter of time before a creative community expressed their client feedback frustrations. Ireland’s creative community created "Sharp Suits: A Creative Catharsis" to feature some truly unique interpretations of bizarre client commentary to finally release pent up emotions. The exhibit of fun posters showcased their favorite worst client feedback, and better yet, all proceeds went to a Children's Hospital.

36 types of facebook users

Soap Creative categorized 36 typical Facebook users into this entertaining overview. What category would you fall into? Check out more here!

american tintype

If you're not familiar with tintype you probably assumed it had to do something with typography. Aha! I got you. It's actually a form of photography from the 19th century.

"American Tintype" is an inspiring short documentary about photographer, Harry Taylor who began practicing this type of art form after the death of a loved one. Directed by Matt Morris.

minimalist NFL logos

'Tis that season again. Football season that is! And what better way to welcome it than by rebranding NFL team logos. Check out these minimalist re-designs by Matt McInerney.

deodorant candy

Yes. You read that correctly. It's a new type of candy that when consumed also makes you smell nice. The candy has "Geraniol" in it which supposedly is a natural antioxidant. When it leaves the body through your pores its fragrance makes you smell like roses for up to 6 hours.

3d figure printing photo booth

Ah, only in Japan! Featured here is the world’s first 3D printing photo booth. Just as the name would suggest, you simply step into a normal photo booth and rather than printing tiny pictures of you, it will print out tiny 3D figures of yourself. At a cost that varies between $260 on the low end up to $530 on the high the price is a bit steep, but hey, aren't you worth it?
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