what do ebay, arby's, and wendy's have in common?

They have rebranded! In the last couple of weeks 3 major rebrands have occurred. Check out the before and after. Yay or Nay? Who made the right choice?

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At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Customized sweatbands said...
I think Ebay's look is a lot better than before. Re-branding may be a 50-50 bet and it may hurt you as a brand. Though, this new logo looks quite fascinating than the older one. Best of luck Ebay!  
At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Custom gift cards said...
Ebay and Arby's rebranding turned out very great. Ebay is simple yet still catchy while it's good to see a detailed and dimensional Arby's. For Wendy's, I think the old one is still the best, for me personally. You can never beat a classic!  

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