what do ebay, arby's, and wendy's have in common?

They have rebranded! In the last couple of weeks 3 major rebrands have occurred. Check out the before and after. Yay or Nay? Who made the right choice?


Customized sweatbands said...

I think Ebay's look is a lot better than before. Re-branding may be a 50-50 bet and it may hurt you as a brand. Though, this new logo looks quite fascinating than the older one. Best of luck Ebay!

Custom gift cards said...

Ebay and Arby's rebranding turned out very great. Ebay is simple yet still catchy while it's good to see a detailed and dimensional Arby's. For Wendy's, I think the old one is still the best, for me personally. You can never beat a classic!

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