2 birds 1 stone?

Fact #1: Nobody clicks on banner ads. Ok, maybe once in a while, but it's totally accidental. This isn't really great for brands as they see little return on their advertising dollars.

Fact #2: Those scrambly letter captchas you fill out every time you need to prove that you're not a bot, are shall we say, freaking annoying.

Well the crew at Solve Media may have the answer to both problems. By using brand messages instead of the distorted letters it would be easier to complete captcha's. And you all remember what people told you when you were a kid; if you want to remember something, like say a brand message, write it down. Genius!


Anonymous said...

It's a good idea in principle, but it was just as clunky and annoying as captcha and/or a banner ad. In my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is genius--this made a plan that we provided creative for and while simple was the number 1 performer for a major cpg.

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