cake icing graffiti

Shelley Miller makes beautiful, non-traditional street art by using icing. Throw-Up is her latest creation currently displaying outside the Metro Hall in Toronto, Canada as a part of the Nuit Blanche project.

american apparel and gap sale during hurricane sandy

On Monday night American Apparel sent out an email blast promoting their 20% off "in case you're bored during the storm" sale to nine of the states effected by Sandy. Gap also did something tacky, by tweeting to stay safe and do some shopping at Both Gap and American Apparel received a backlash of tweets but only Gap tried to save themselves by tweeting a semi-apologetic tweet. Oh boy... lesson learned to any other retail company that tries to throw a sale during a disastrous storm again. You'll fail... you'll fail shamefully.

play tetris using a pumpkin

Check this out. A pumpkin was carved and lit to play Tetris. The stem of the pumpkin serves as your joystick which lets you control and play the game. See the building process HERE.

logos, microsoft style

The news that Microsoft changed their logo for the first time in 25 years caused a bit of a stir in both computer nerd and design geek circles. Gone is the italicized type treatment in use since 1987 replaced by 4 colored boxes. It's like someone at Microsoft said, "hey lets not get too crazy with this new logo." Enter artist Lee A Ele who thought to himself, "what would some other logos look like if they were done like Microsoft's? You know, just squares."

A couple of these aren't half bad. Via.

funny signs

As the song goes, "signs signs everywhere a sign," but before social media and phones with cameras a funny or brutally honest sign might just reside as a memory or story past from one person to another. Luckily for us lazy sorts, the gang at Visual News decided to scour Instagram for the funniest signs captured recently.

Lots more signs.

these are the emblems you're looking for

Geekify your ride with these awesome automobile badges by Jason Davies. These ARE the emblems you're looking for!

Adobe hates bullshit buzzwords

How many times have you wanted to reach across a table and smack a biatch or run down the aisle of a seminar, jump up on the stage and dropkick a speaker for using annoyingly cliche and lame marketing buzzwords like ripple effect and 360 degree view?

Ok, maybe that's a bit extreme but not too far from truth. If this is you, then you'll be happy to see buzzword using tools get zapped for every stupid buzzword they spew out of their mouth in this video from Adobe.

Please Adobe, make it stop.

stalking twitter followers

The quickly growing pizza chain, Mellow Mushroom, wanted to get more Twitter followers so they simply told fans, follow us and we'll follow you back. Seems to simple to work, until you find out Mellow Mushroom will literally hunt you down (with the help of friends) and follow you around town... dressed in a mushroom mascot suit. Creepy, yet impressively awesome.

instagram for insta-shoes

Living in the digital world, it's always fun to see exciting stunts from brands that bring the digital world and physical world together to surprise people... especially when shoes are involved. Yeah, this one's for the ladies!

Aldo placed a small sign, welcome mat and bell in a busy park. Curious women that stopped to read the sign were instructed to Instagram a picture of their shoes on the welcome mat including their size and #aldo to tag it and ring the bell when they were done.

After ringing the bell an Aldo cart would show up with a pair of free new shoes as a thank you. Why am I never be there for these things?

could you be the next james bond?

Unleash your inner-Bond! In partnership with the new James Bond movie, Coke Zero challenged the passersby in a busy train station to complete 007 tasks for free tickets to the new ‘Skyfall’ movie. The catch, they were only given 70 seconds to complete the mission amidst many staged distractions and obstacles. Check ‘em out in action.

beware... pepper spray iPhone

iPhone dependent… maybe even more so now- as your iPhone has taken on a new role of offering protection. Spraytect Self-Defense iPhone Case contains a detachable pepper spray bottle to fend off attackers and provide a greater sense of security. The cases come with a built-in safety mechanism to prevent accidental spray. Interested, you can purchase them here for $40.

coupon billboard - before and after

Need a new product to help keep your skin from looking flaky?

Burt's Bees figured out a clever way demonstrate the before and after effects of their new Intense Hydration products. This interactive billboard incorporates thousands of coupons for people to take, peeling off one layer of dry skin at a time. 

ikea's new advertisement "playing with my friends"

IKEA's new advertisement, created by Mother, London, has channeled happy childhood imagination. Without giving away too much or I'll spoil it, the ending is the best part.

library themed starbucks

(1-4) photo credit: Daici Ano

photo credit: Hiroshi Iwasaki

A design firm called Nendo creates a library themed Starbucks in Tokyo. It was created to help promote their expresso drinks. The store is cover from floor to ceiling in 9 different types of books, categorized by the 9 different espresso drinks. This let's the visitor research the espresso that fits them best.

creepy realistic renderings of cereal box mascots



Creepy but a wonderful series of digital paintings created by Guillermo Fajardo. Check out the time-lapse videos too!

designer extinguishers? that's hot!

Turning a boring safety appliance for the home into something stylish? Safe T brand of fire extinguishers has a line of designer extinguishers - wrapped in leather, resemble a vintage bottle of wine, or have flags and logos on them so that it's not something you have to hide in the depths of your farthest closet and forget where it is.

Now you can keep it in close reach and not feel like it's an eye sore. 


instagram a pic, get free shoes

Want a pair of free shoes? Upload a picutre of your crappy shoes to Instagram and the shoe fairy will bring you a new pair!

And that shoe fairy is Aldo, and this was their recent stunt in Israel if people included the hashtag #aldo with their pictures. According to the video, over 500 pictures were uploaded. Not too shabby.


lg's latest stunt is so real, it's scary

LG: Life's Good - when you don't think you're about to fall to your death!

To promote the high quality its new IPS monitor, LG used them as the floor in an elevator, with images that made it appear as if the elevator floor was falling out from under you. 

Kind of cool, but maybe they want to think about promoting their products in a way that won't give people heart attacks.

a new lego world record

If man can do it, Lego can do it. As we all know On October 14th, 2012, Felix Baumgartner broke the world record for highest skydiving altitude, jumping from space, with a free fall that enabled him to surpass the speed of sound. Not to be out done, it took just two days for a Lego man to match the record.

Created to promote the Model Maker Fair which will take place in Vienna on October 25th-28th. this hilarious Lego re-enactment highlighting the key moments of the jump . The video is just one small step for Lego man, one giant leap for mankind’s entertainment.

sick photoshop work, oh and zombies too

Unless you live under a rock you know that zombies are all the rage these days. But that's not what makes this video so amazing. It's the photoshop skills that groom Josh displays to get the photo of he and his wife just pretending to be zombie slayers under attack in their regular wedding attire to look like the real deal.

Want to see Josh's Photoshop mastery in action? Check out the time-lapse video.


social media history in one giant info-graphic

So you think social media is a relatively new phenomenon? Well, think again. From the very first email sent by researchers in Switzerland in 1971, to the sites we use every day like Facebook and Pinterest, the Internet, and the content it distributes, have always been social. Don't believe me? Check out this info graphic and become a true believer.

Now if I could just find an info-graphic on the history of info-graphics.

menu of food porn

The Instagram Menu from Raul Mandru on Vimeo.

Comodo, a Latin American restaurant in NYC, is claiming the first-ever Instagram menu, created by diners themselves. It makes so much sense it's amazing every restaurants not doing it.

thinking outside the box

A children's museum in Chicago wanted to encourage kids to be creative, so they created an exhibit dedicated to their creations from simple cardboard boxes.

To promote it, they hired Energy BBDO and Xi who together created an adorable little pop-up store called Mister Imagine's Toy Store.

There kids can pick out a box and create something amazing in the art room, or work with an art facilitator to create something cool with augmented reality. And when they are done, they can record their experience in a photo booth.

the Google magic factory

Google is inviting the world into their magical looking data centers for the first time ever via a series of awesomely amazing photographs. What you will see is just as spectacular as what you'd expect from Google.

letters you don't write!

Something to say, well say it in a special way! allows you to send handwritten letters without actually having to write them! You can blame it on bad penmanship or just flat out being lazy, regardless, have someone else do the hard work! Using this company, you’re typed out email will be transformed into a beautiful letter in no time. How it works is simple; Write the letter, choose your DearFriend and pay $5. Even better, each sent message helps support the handwritters and their communities.

hole-free socks

Embarrassed to take off your shoes in fear of the revealing all the holes in your socks? Well, stop wearing them, or wear these Socrates socks instead! Socrates Sock Co. created men’s socks made with kevlar-carbon reinforcements, making them extra durable.  No more holes thanks to these smart socks

musical fire waves

Hey pyro! Check out this HOT sound installation!

In collaboration with Mathew Kneebone and commissioned by MUSARC, artist
Yuri Suzuki creates musical flame waves. The installation contains six tubes are setup to represent the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure, which results in a cool visual of sound through flame movement

a gallery of horrifying home offices

Here is a gallery of the most vile home offices I hope you'll ever witness. Do people really work like this?
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