save a tuna eat a panda

The Bluefin tuna should be on the endangered species list but it's not because apparently Japan and China have bribes to keep it off. How effed up is that!? The tuna will likely go extinct soon if people don't stop eating it. So, Ogilvy, Singapore is bringing awareness by selling "panda meat."

desk jockey: 8 ways to stay in shape at the office

Smartwater has partnered with the art of manliness, a website, to bring to you some valuable advice about staying healthy, including but not limited to the desk jockey workout: 8 ways to stay in shape at the office... Example: Rule number 1, "Make getting to your office a challenge."

Take this guy for instance...

evolution of the scrollbar 1981-2011

The graphic above shows how the scrollbar has evolved over the years beginning from the Xerox Star in 1981 to the OS X Lion in 2011.

faux tweet faux pas

We try to keep things all rainbows and sunshine here at Brandflakes by bringing you all the awesome from the interwebs. But sometimes, when a brand really pulls an idiot move, we just can't help ourselves.

Enter HealthNet, who created a billboard with a tweet from a random Twitter user about how awesome they are... except the Twitter user wasn't real, nor was the tweet.

Oh, someday we'll all get this social media thing. Someday.

gifs + sound = rotfl

Gif Sound, a fantastic website that creatively matches animated gifs to audio clips, is the absolute best way to waste away your day at work, er, day off. But, if you don't have time for all that, check out these best of videos that had me LOL'ing for real... to the point of tears.

replacement Google

Riding the buzz of the horrible replacement ref from the Seattle vs. Green Bay game, brilliant web developer, Erik Johnson, created this mock Google site called Replacement Google... which of course, totally effs up your Google searches.

cathedral made of junk

The Junk King from Evan Burns on Vimeo.

Meet Vince Hannemann, the junk king. Since 1989 he's been collecting people's unwanted things and slowly built a cathedral. By 2010 the city of Austin had closed the structure down claiming it was unsafe and had demanded Hannemann to get a building permit. Before he could get the permit however, the engineer forced him to remove 60 tons of material, and so Hannemann did. Hearing what had happened to him, hundreds of volunteers came to the rescue and helped him rebuild. Check out this documentary by Evan Burns, it's remarkable.

get a customized helvetica t-shirt

Do you really love Helvetica? Does something possess you every time you see it? Well then you may enjoy this (thank @davidplain). It's a site called Helvetitee! Get a customized message t-shirt in Helvetica. Don't know what it should say? Well then pick a randomized message and BOOM! Done.

No, but really, does anyone else think they would benefit from selling multi-colored shirts as well? Just saying.

hey, look! there's something on that dogs back

Halloween is coming up so why not get your pooch one of these saddles? Strap one of these bad boys on and sparky will look like there's something sitting on his back. Created by Paper Magic, the adjustable straps fits most dogs and are available on Amazon.

aggressively soothing tea bags

Nothing soothes your nerves like a nice cup of tea. And now you can visualize your stress literally melting away from your tea bag. 

To market the calming effects of its chamomile tea, BOH created tea bags that show a stressful or agressive image, utilizing edible ink, that partially dissolves in the hot water to reveal a more peaceful version of that image. Pretty clever. 


microchips help match your socks

So no one has ever claimed "doing laundry is my favorite pastime!" But it's manageable. Until you get to matching those pesky socks. (#firstworldproblems)

If you find that uber-annoying, then you'll agree: This. Is. Amazing. And by "this" I mean microchips in socks to locate them on an iPhone app. Brought to you by

interactive cloud installation

This awesome interactive cloud installation, called "CLOUD" is created from steel and 5,000+ light bulbs. Users pull on the cords to turn on or off various light bulbs in the fixture, emulating a dynamic effect of light.


I don't know what's cooler, this Facebook "Like" paper clip or the fact that in Taipei you can have your packages shipped to 7-11. Check it out.

people pixels

An even more ambitious follow up to Guillaume Reymond's classic GAME OVER Project, Animated Tower (HESAV s'anime!) takes people pixels to a new level. After all, what could be more fun then having 55 or so people open close shutters all day? Oh I know, standing there taking about 2 billion photos. Via.

singapore tilted

Just when you thought tilt shift might be a bit played out along comes the breathtaking short film The Lion City. Created by Keith Loutit and using a combination of both tilt shift and time lapse techniques capturing the hustle and bustle of a growing, or is that miniaturizing metropolis?

Vegan style taxidermy

An ultimate décor statement— straight-up head turner!

These faux deer heads by Deny Designs are created and printed on a heavy-duty thermoplastic; over 1,700 pieces created from artists around the world. With each Faux Deer Mount purchase, you support local art communities from around the world.

beauty busts for makeup offenders

Here’s someone you don’t want to encounter. This Segway fashion police is not issuing ordinary citations, she’s but also insults for bad makeup, fake boobs, just about anything. The cosmetic brand behind the video, Benefit Cosmetics is living up to their tagline “ laughter is the best cosmetic.”

Go ahead, it's okay to laugh a little.

coca-colas surprise happiness table

It’s not your ordinary delivery truck. This truck transforms into a happiness table as it unites strangers over an improvised fine dinning experience. Coca-Cola welcomed passersby to join in and celebrate the beauty of dinning together with great food and plenty of Coke in the streets of Italy. Sounds like a win-win!

Though it doesn’t compare to a sweet magical truck delivering Coca-Colas and tasty food, you can have a little fun using this app to send dinner invites to your friends!

incredible lego ball contraption

It's a little known fact that Rube Goldberg was reincarnated as Japanese inventor named Akiyuki. How else could you explain this incredibly elaborate room-sized ball machine made out of LEGO components? It took Akiyuki two years building the 17 modules that the plastic balls pass through in a continuous loop. Obviously time well spent.


crazy suitcase stickers

You'll need some serious cajones to walk though security with these stickers on your suitcase. After all, nothing gets the attention of bored TSA workers like a suitcase full of vibrators. If you like to tempt fate, you can get the stickers at Amazon.

words to live by

9 out 10 graphic designers agree, black is the new black.

GPS shoes show you your way home

No Place Like Home from Dominic Wilcox on Vimeo.

Dominic Wilcox, a London designer has created a pair of shoes that shows you your way home no matter where you are in the world. By clicking your heels together (yes, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz) the GPS and the circle of LED lights are activated.

smartest light bulb ever

Lifx are energy saving LED light bulbs that can be controlled by using your smartphone. They can change color, be dimmed, or even programmed to go along with the music your listening to. With a life span of roughly 25 years (40,000 hours) who wouldn't want one?! The campaign is currently running on kickstarter, with over 896,800 pledges they've already surpassed their goal by 896%. Looks like they're on to something.

hubspot's gangnam style parody

Hubspot is a company that makes marketing software. Since 2008 however, they've also been creating parody-style videos. Check out their latest, PSY's Gangnam Style.

If you happened to miss the boat on this whole Gangnam Style video here's the original.

smartest little toaster

Too lazy forgetful busy in the morning to check the weather? Don't get caught unprepared for the elements any more with Jamy! Jamy is a concept toaster by Nathan Brunstein that prints out the day's weather forecast on your toast. 

Killing two birds with one stone - always a good idea.


bartering your brand

Using your product as currency? So hot right now. And is probably the most effective when the products are beer and bacon (not sure how many people you'd persuade with, let's say, cotton balls?).

Check out these brands that are currently driving this trend...

Heineken: Passport

Oscar Mayer: Bacon Barter

awesome(ly sarcastic) infographic tips

An awesomely sarcastic infographic on making infographics. Enjoy

banksy animated

Awesome animated gifs of some of Banksy's more popular work. By ABVH.

are you a monster when you drink?

Powerful and creepy PSA by Euro RSCG Helsinki for Finnish charity called Fragile Childhood. Very well done!

quick witted Samsung strikes again

Samsung's been busting Apple's you know whatsitz for a while now, so it only makes sense they'd jump all over the iPhone5. What's impressive is how quickly the did it. Sure, it's easy to drum up with a snarky comeback on the internet, but print? Note the last line under the iPhone.

tweet to shoot

Tweet to Shoot from Neiman on Vimeo.

Anyone that tweets using the hashtag #TweetToShoot today will trigger a real nerf gun set up at Neiman, a Philadephia ad agency. Why? Because they can and it's fun darnit! Oooor because they're trying to illustrate the possibilities of connecting the digital world with the physical world. Either way, do it!

This. music video. is. AWESOME.

Willow - Sweater from Filip Sterckx on Vimeo.

This ridonkulously amazing video for Willow uses only 3 projectors and two walls and that's it! Your mind has officially been blown.

Directed by Flip Sterckx

yellow brick road to brooklyn

Shutterstock designer, Jordon Roland, created this awesome Hipsters of Oz illustration series. How can you not love these?

STUNNING website... for the police??

Yeah, I didn't believe it either, but this website done pro-bono by Cramer-Krasselt for the Milwaukee Police Department is absolutely gorgeous. With amazing photography, live streams of current crime stats, links to all their social networks, intuitive navigation and more, it's a website you'd never expect to see from a government institution. So nice!

buy a drink... send a qr code message

Looking for a unique way to strike up conversation with someone at a crowded bar? Send them over a new drink with an anonymous message using this smart QR code gimmick. Harry’s Bar in Singapore, introduced ‘Bottle Message,’ by adding QR code tags to beer bottles, which when scanned allow people to enter messages. Not only was it a good way to creatively increase sales, but also comes in handy for those too shy to make the first move.

braille puppy treats for humans

Chocolate puppy treats for humans!

Puppy Pals is a new chocolate line created in order to help raise awareness and money for Guide Dog Australia. The Puppy Pals name is printed in braille on the chocolates. This resonates, as donators relate the visually impaired experience with the cause they’re helping. It’s a win-win! 

sidewalk disappearing act

What’s the best way to promote a magic festival… with magic, of course! 

To promote the Quebec Magic Festival, large screens were mounted in shop windows on the sidewalk to film the passersby walking along the street. However, this was not your ordinary window display. Two of the screens were rigged with prerecorded footage of people. This caused some confusion as the people disappeared from one screen and re-appeared on another as they passed by. 

celebrities photoshopped into 1920's mugshots

Michael Jason Enriquez created a tumblr page where he posts celebrity booking photos. The twist? He has fused them together with vintage 1920's mugshots solely out of curiosity, to see what they would look like. Pretty cool ey? Check out more at Mugshot Doppleganger.

bad little children books

In a series called bad little children books, author and illustrator, Bob Staake has altered vintage children's book covers and put his own twist on things. Could you imagine story time with titles like these?
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