owning a porsche is closer than you think

For a company to avoid the recycling bin with the other 12 pieces of crappy and sometimes ill targeted direct mail pieces you get in your mailbox everyday, they need to do something pretty awesome. In Canada, a Porsche dealer did just that. But only if you're rich enough to afford one anyway.

A crew from Toronto's Pfaff automotive and Lowe Roche agency drove around affluent neighborhoods in a Porsche off their lot and photographed it in the driveways (or in front) of nice houses. From there, they created personalized ads with the message "it's closer than you think" and delivered them to each person's home.

Apparently this got a 32% response rate to schedule a test drive. Impressive all around!

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Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that in Canada, the postal service doesn't go all bitchcakes when you use a patron's mailbox for flyers/mail you did not pay to stamp.

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