hipsters strike back

Ekaterinburg, Russia has a serious problem with street fights between the Chavas (sort of like gang members) and (believe it or not) hipsters that have all of a sudden become so popular in the city, the Chavas feel threatened.

It has gotten so bad local city blog, It's My City, decided it was time to take a stand. To do that, they came up with a super creative idea to capitalize on the exact moment when the Russian Army (tanks and all) parade through the city practicing for the Victory Day Parade.

The concept was simple actually: just hang banners claiming the Hipsters took back the right to hang out in the city over the areas where the tanks would be driving. Take videos and picts and twist it to create an online campaign that looked like a Hipster Revolution.

Apparently it worked too, creating so much buzz the government tightened security and made it safer for hipsters to walk the streets. Check out the video to really see the brilliance.

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