hipster alphabet

By Emma Cook. Looks like it could also be called the graphic designers alphabet, coincidence?



Jimbo said...

Hipsters don't have much time for U, V or W?

Anonymous said...

or X.

David Plain said...

The hipsters are too busy collecting vintage vinyl to care about those 4 letters. The good news is I had plenty of time to fix the post.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a designer's ABCs. Here's my version of what a hipster's ABCs would be:

A is for Apple Products
B is for Brooklyn
C is for Cupcakes with Bacon
D is for Deer
E is for Etsy
F is for Facial Hair
G is for Gluten-Free
H is for Hand-drawn type
I is for Instagram
J is for Jobs (Steve)
K is for Kittens with Lasers
L is for Loft Apartment
M is for Microbrew
N is for Nerd Love
O is for Old-School Video Games
P is for Public Transportation
R is for Rainbow-Pooping Unicorns
S is for Skinny Jeans
T is for Thick-Rim Glasses
U is for Upcycle
V is for Vintage
W is for Whole Foods
Z is for Zombies

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