forgive me gays, for I have sinned

So you're pro gay rights (or just plain old human rights). And (say what?) you also happen to love Chick-fil-A's food. Well, up until a few weeks ago, that wasn't a problem.

But then the CEO had to go and open his big mouth and now gay rights supporters have to give up their love for all things juicy chicken and pickles on a soft bun, waffle fries and OMG peach milkshakes. whhhhhhhyyyyyyyy *shakes fist at sky*

Look, no matter how much you support gay rights, you may have a breakdown and in a weak moment throw some Chick-fil-A down your gullet. But it's ok, you can now repent with the Chick-Fil-A Confessional. And, you even get a penance, like donating to LGBT organizations.

So don't be so hard on yourselves, chicken lovers.

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