a city of real zombies

Zombie apocalypse? Sure, everyone's a lot more comfortable with the idea when they're sitting safely at home on the coach watching their favorite zombie horror flick or playing a shoot ‘em up video game, but what happens when it's all too real!? Check this video out to see just how people reacted when “real” living zombies walked the streets of New York City. Scaring the sh*t out of people was a clever way to get the message: “Zombies don’t belong here, put them back on TV” across and to encourage people to support the campaign for getting the drama TV series of the Walking Dead back on TV. Putzombiesback.com

1 comment:

Cardprinting.us said...

If I come across with these fake zombies on the street, and I have a sharp or long hard object in hand, I might hurt these guys for sure. I guess that would be my initial reaction - one of the things you get from watching The Walking Dead. Hahaha! But seriously, BRAVO! The make-up and acting was crazy. They look like real zombies to me, and I too will be terrified just like the folks in the clip. This is crazy-awesome!

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