campbell's makes limited edition andy warhol cans

Campbell's is releasing four limited edition cans in the celebration of the fiftieth year since Andy Warhol first displayed his 32 Campbell's Soup Cans. The brand asked fans on facebook, "How do they look?" Well, they look awesome and with the approval from The Andy Warhol Foundation they will go on sale at Target, for 75 cents each, starting September 2nd. Is anyone else super excited for these?

the top 10 most dangerous ads

It's pretty remarkable to think, yes these ads happened. A recent article by Collectors Weekly called What Were We Thinking? The Top 10 Most Dangerous Ads showcases some of these vintage examples. They are classics like, the 1950's Du Pont magazine ad where it displays a baby in a cellophane bag with the headline "The best things in life come in Cellophane." But wait, let's not forget the 1923 Dutch Boy brochure which promotes children to play with lead or the 1947 ad that claims DDT is good for me-e-e! Oh, the good ol' days.

naked beer

Mmm... how delicious!? A beer can design which shows the content inside! Kudos to Timur Salikhov, from Saint Petersburgh, Russia.


like us puppets, like us

Ever feel like brands are totally condescending in social media? It's because they are, as this spoof Facebook page, Condescending Corporate Brand Page, so brilliantly illustrates. Don't just like it, love it.


when you mix poop and tiger...

... what do you get? Just enter them, or any other combination, into the BIC Hybrid Collider to find out. With over 45 different possible video outcomes, you can keep yourself amused for hours and maybe get a glimpse of the BIC Hybrid Advance 4 razor.

Disclaimer: This is a shameless plug for us and our parent agency, Source Marketing, the masterminds behind this fun time. Hey, can you blame us?

minimalists guide to art

Despite 4 years of memorizing dates, periods, artists, titles, movements and meanings in Art History class, it can be hard to remember exactly what each movement was called and what it stood for. Perhaps it was all those "creativity enhancers" we enjoyed in our college days.

Well, fret not art lovers, these wonderful little minimalist posters are just enough to jog your memory.

Shout out to my favorite, Marcel Duchamp & Dadaism!

if i die 1st contest

Interested in leaving behind a final message after death? A chance to leave your final mark on the world?

Luckily (or unluckily) you can, by joining the “if i die 1st” contest, which allows you to leave behind a final message that’ll be passed around for millions of people to see. The Catch-22, if you win this contest you won’t be around to enjoy the benefits. The contest name says it all; the first participant to die will have their message shared with the If I Die app community and media outlets. Via.

brew beer on-the-go

Here’s another product for the people on the go. This time the beverage of choice is beer! Now you can stroll around without a care, because you know you have a six-pack on hand… could be a good, or a bad thing. Beer drinkers have Pat’s Backcountry Beverages to thank for having a convenient way to transport beer. Users simply add beer concentrate into a special carbonation bottle, add water and shake. This Alaskan based company is promising a product that provides the “same great taste you’re used to in a premium micro brew." We’ll let you be the judge!


what's the brand worth of these monuments?

Some top brands are valued at a pretty penny. However, even at those top dollars they can’t compete with the brand worth of some of these famous European monuments. Topping the list was the Eiffel Tower with a value of $545 billion. Some of the others are just as impressive.

Eiffel Tower - $545 billion

Colosseum - $114 billion

Sagrada Familia - $113 billion

Milan Cathedral - $33 billion

See more monuments and their valuation from this study here.

copywriter vs. art director

Creatives Caio Pena, Henrique Parada and copywriter Leticia Hanower created a fun(ny) little art project where they create images showing the difference between copywriters and art directors.

Let the battle begin, and view more on the Facebook page.  Via.

The software:

The colors:

The tat:

The keyboard:

vegas doesn't like when you break its code

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has got Prince Harry's backside. In the wake of his nude picture scandal, the organization took the opportunity to run a full page ad in USA Today, shaming whoever leaked the pictures for breaking the universally adhered to "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" code. 

Nice example of a brand quickly responding to current events in a way that reinforces its branding. Well done, sirs. Well done.


A glossary of clever brand terms that seemingly all Marketers can relate to. And that's the God Brand Truth.

View more here

leaked iphone 5 product demo

Funny, all those leaked from China iPhone 5 photos look nothing like the real device!

water wigs

For decades bald men have tried everything to regrow or replace their hair, hair pieces, plugs, medication, you name it. Now from Tim Tadder, the latest technology for the follicularly challenged, exploding water balloons.

More water wig images.

hipster alphabet

By Emma Cook. Looks like it could also be called the graphic designers alphabet, coincidence?


audience showered by rain pixels

Attending a live performance surely won't be soon forgotten, if done right. This concert takes 'done right' to an entirely new level!

In collaboration with Air France, Moment Factory a company that produces unforgettable audience experiences created a completely new dimension to an in-person performance at Osheaga 2012. While the Black Keys performed live on stage, the audience got showered with 'pixel rain'. The suspended LED light show cast onto the crowd is something only the video does justice to (aside from being there, of course)!

what's your honest-tea ranking

Honest Tea literally put their name to the test to help answer one question…. Who’s more honest? Across 30 cities Honest Tea set up kiosks asking people to pay $1 for each bottle of tea, based on the honor system. All the data form this experiment was collected to create the National Honesty Index. Hint: Only two cities were 100% honest! Compare surfers vs. bikers, bald vs. brunette, etc. Check out the results and make your own comparisons based on lifestyle, location, sports and appearance. 

special typeface for doctors


Typeface designed for doctors… clever! 

a sweet check-in

Getting rewarded for checking in places? It's been done with special offers at retailers before, but a company called Check 'N Chew is creating a way to reward you when you check in to places on Foursquare with a Foursquare-enabled gum ball machine. Cute idea, but let's up the reward.

is your creative awesome or awful?

Not that any creatives need this, but here is a guide to self-critique your own work. 

It's a large infographic-type chart to help you determine if your work is Awesome, or Awful, at

i work hard for my cinnabon

A zero calorie Cinnabon?!?!? Yes please!

Don't get too excited though - in this stunt at a mall in Russia, Cinnabon tries to lure health-conscious consumers to eat their delicious, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon buns, they encourage consumers to "work off" the calories before they eat it to and avoid the guilt.

And by "work off" they had consumers run up an escalator the wrong way. Preeeeetty sure you'd have to do that about 1,000 times to burn off the actual calorie count, but let's just pretend.

donations determine street performance

Here’s an engaging street performance worth watching. Walking through the street in a major city it’s likely you’ll see street performers asking for donations, but this performance is different. Music experimental group CDZA went to the streets of Brooklyn with a concept they dubbed the “Human Jukebox.” The audience controlled the music by dropping donations into labeled jars to select the artist and speed. This creative approach engaged their audience and helped raise money for Wingspan Arts, a non-profit that engages NYC’s youth with the arts. Check out this video.

neon candy art

Here’s one for your sweet tooth, although it may not exactly be edible when all is said and done! Creative installation art created by Australian artists Pip & Pop, used candy to create beautifully colored artwork on the floorScroll through these images to see just how colorful these sugary designs are. It's a stunning display of neon colors!

wobbly tables shake up sydney

What better way to get your attention then… wobbly tables? Well it’s a perfect idea when trying to raise awareness to Parkinson’s disease. Over 1,000 wooden wedges were propped underneath tables across Sydney to re-enact the shakes, a common symptom of the disease.  The messages printed on the wedge were: “It’s more than just the shakes” and “Thirty Australians are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease every day. But thousands more are affected, from family to friends. You can help stop it at”

welcome to the isle of axe

The next big thing in marketing: tropical island real estate?

Apparently Axe (Lynx in Europe) is making it so by buying a tropical island in the caribbean to host the most epic of promotions, giving away tickets to attend a party on the island with all the glorious luxuries any Axe-wearing guy could dream of. 

Learn more via the Lynx Facebook app

cash money fonts

What do you do when you don't quite feel like any font quite captures the essence of your brand or campaign?

Hire a typographer and create one.

Domino's did it with cheese, and now DDB New York created one for the NY Lottery  - out of stacks of hundred dollah bills, y'all, for their latest advertising campaign. Icy.

how to lure a developer

How do you recruit a future employee? Create a video with a headcam to show them a day in the life of someone in a similar position. It saves the question in the interview of "what does an average day consist of?" 

Only make said video if it's for a developer, like Marcus Thomas in Cleveland did, who gets to celebrate the office dog's birthday with champagne, take time to play the token agency arcade or sports game, make ribs in the office kitchen and other fun agency antics in between his daily responsibilities, because that seems to be a lot more fun than most people's daily routines. 

project japan

File this under "insane lego projects." In celebration of the block-based building systems 50th year, the company’s Japanese subsidiary sponsored a nation wide building project which saw the participation of over 5000 kids in 6 different regions to create a giant map of Japan.

The project, called “Build Up Japan,” encouraged the school children to create imaginary structures, building the Japan they wanted to see. The result, wildly vertical white buildings they created then laid over the shape of the Japanese islands, building an intensely detailed landscape which almost resembles the dense future city predictions of days past. All told the map required a whopping 1.8 million lego blocks.

Anyone up for building a Lego Godzilla?

all my wordly possesions

Swedish photographer Sannah Kvist thought it would be cool to take photos of friends in their twenties with all of their material items stacked together for his project titled “All I Own”. This proves one of 2 things, Swedes in their twenties don't own all that much, or I owned way to much crap as a twenty something.

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