roachville? more like splitsville.

Street art combined with advertising? The results are an effective campaign to drive home why you need Doom Fogger to get rid of pests in your home, in every nook and cranny. (Bleccch.) 

In fact - that was the brief. To convey getting rid of pests before they get too comfortable, and this clever campaign seemed to do the trick. 


Laura Brentley said...

These are funny as hell, but I must say, it's a very effective advertising campaign for this product. Look at those roaches, they are so cool if you just can imagine if they have a kind of like this inside your home. Maybe I'll befriend these roaches, have a little chat and have dinner with them. Haha... but they need to go, and die in reality.

Unknown said...

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Rachel Desenberg said...

Loving this - what a great campaign!

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