joesli- er, craigslist joe

Ah craigslist. The seedy resourceful site where you can pretty much find or get rid of anything you need. To creepy people.

But wait! Apparently not everyone is all creepy on there, as proven by the Zach Galifianakis-produced documentary Craigslist Joe, in theaters in August. It's a film about a guy who goes 31 days living off the good will of people on Craigslist - no money, no nothing. 

Just curious what the rating will be....

Everyone loves a feel-good documentary. Or do we?


Eleanorpie said...

Oh, come on. Who hasn't used Craigslist to buy and sell old furniture or cars? Moving before Craigslist must have really sucked. I mean, you had to PAY for newspaper classifieds!

Unknown said...

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