dancing plastic army men

Choreography for Plastic Army Men from David Fain on Vimeo.

Happy Tuesday mornin' ya'll. Hopefully this puts someone in a good mood. Check out this stop-motion animated music video by David Fain for Pink Martini. It's filled with fun dance moves by plastic army men.


Laura Brentley said...

What's the title of the song? It sure does ring a bell... I know it took them days or weeks or months to create this one. So A for effort. Music is awesome, choreography is sharp and quite amusing too. Overall, entertaining! The use of plastic army men made it even special. haven't seen this kind of idea of dancing plastic army men before.

Domitron said...

I agree! It makes me happy every time I watch it. I wasn't sure what the name of the song was called but I did some digging and I think it's "Ohayoo Ohio".

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