weight donation

Getting to the gym at times is a real drag, and self-motivation just isn’t always enough. However, BodyTech thought of a great way to get you their doors, while providing some relief to those on the complete opposite side of the scale. For every pound you drop, a pound of food is delivered to those in need- lbs for lbs. The added pressure of feeding others was a great self-motivator that left you feeling good about yourself both inside and out. Start burning those calories!

customized house tour

House hunting... no question it’s a blend of mixed emotions; excitement, nervousness, uncertainty, and we all know how stressful it can be! With the largest investment any person will potentially make in their life, there is no doubt the search comes with a lot of pressure.

However, if you had the luck of touring this one particular home, you might be in store for a whole new set of emotions. Carvalho Hosken uses a facebook login to create an entirely customized visit for each guest. Whether its your family photos displayed on the walls, or a personal phone calls, this idea takes the staging process to whole new level!

reveal your best deal...

Credit card points and incentives change the way we charge. With all those cards floating around in your purse or wallet, its hard to remember what deals and points are needed on each card for those lustrous rewards.

That’s where this company comes in. Walla.by Financial offers a credit card with smart technology and the combine power of multiple cards. All you have to do is tell it what credit cards you currently have or want on the account, and it does the rest. Just swipe the Walla.by card for your purchases, and it will automatically search through your credit cards and determine which one will provide the best deal to you for that purchase. Maximizing deals and only worrying about one… fabulous!

don't call your evil ex...

Guaraná Antarctica Ex-Lover Blocker from malinoski on Vimeo.

... or risk interrogation from friends, or worse, embarrassment on Facebook with this mobile app from Brazilian soft drink, Guarana Antarctica.

It's pretty simple: friends of the heartbroken set up the app to prevent the victim of heartbreak from breaking down and calling their ex. If they have a weak moment, it blocks them from calling, alerts their friends, and if all else fails, auto-posts to Facebook to mock them publicly for being weak.

Yep, that oughtta do it!

now you can be in advertising too

A bunch of big TV shows from the past always had one of the main characters in advertising. And now of course there's Mad Men. It seems everyone's fascinated with what it's like to be in advertising!

Well now they can experience it first hand (er, sorta) with this cool new advertising agency game called Campaign the Game by creative producer from Sao Paulo, Thomas Egas. Players can review client briefs, create campaigns, plan media, deal with clients, attend industry events and more.

Hm, this just seems like work to us industry folk, but an awesome game for those ad-curious peeps in our lives! Maybe now our moms will finally understand what we do for a living.

hot girl, wet t-shirt

For many of you, I don't need to say anything more to get you to watch the video. For the rest of you, here's a clever ad for Duxcoat, a treatment that uses nano technology to protect and preserve stuff. Bonus: there's also man nipple for the ladies. I know, try to contain yourselves.

15,000 paper lanterns welcome summer solstice

In the celebration of the summer solstice (also known as St. John's night) the people of Poznan, Poland released 15,000 paper lanterns into the sky, setting a new Guinness World Record on June 21st. It was organized by fundacja ARS a foundation that helps promote creativity, culture, and the arts.

Guinness World Records - St. John's Night in Poznan 2012 from Guru Media on Vimeo.

comic books and breast cancer awareness

Marvel and the Susan G. Komen Cure Foundation have teamed up this year to bring breast cancer awareness to a different type of audience. For the entire month of October Marvel will be launching special comic book covers and educational material on ways to fight and reduce the risk of the disease. Wolverine, Captain America, and Thor are just a few examples of what's to come this fall.

portraits of the money man

Jimmy Hickey knew he wanted to do a photo series involving money. So one day he went to his bank and emptied his account all in one dollar bills. By using a whole ton of safety pins and a full body spandex like suit they were able to pin his life savings onto it. The resulting project is titled "What Have We Done?" Check out the behind the scenes video at how this project came to be.

tweet for tea

Tweat - er, tweet for tea! No really. A vending machine in South Africa lets consumers tweet with specified hashtag to have the machine release a can of BOS Iced Tea. The account @BosMachine let's you peruse all the people who have tweeted for a free drink. 

The currency of the future is now.  Tweet it. 

Spam should hop on this trend (spam for spam? anyone?).

i wear my instaglasses at night

Instaglasses? Insta-yes! While not real (yet), this concept by German artist Markus Gerke would allow people to take instagram photos directly from a pair of sunglasses (that look as retro as the filters).

Maybe not thaaaat much easier than just whipping out your phone, but it's kitschy enough to catch on. But if Facebook tries to brand it, forget about it. It would be doomed.

starry night dominoes (art, not pizza)

First we reported on how Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' was recreated in open source C++ code to animate it digitally, and now, we present the version recreated in dominoes - over 7.000 of them. Enjoy!

Created by FlippyCat.

monday mind blower

So you're in a pissy mood because it's Monday and Monday sucks. Well, this ought to put things in perspective.

When Astrophysicist, Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, was asked "What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?" this was his answer. Whoa.

tweet, smile, get a treat

Toyota in South Africa wanted to promote their new Etios - the car that's "here to make you smile" - so they created this super fun installation to do just that.

Passerbys were asked to tweet what makes them smile using the hashtag #etiossmile. For sharing with them, the passerby received a sweet treat in a fun, chain reaction kind of way using old toys and such. Sweet!

can bird poop damage a Smart Car?

When KK Bold Creative Director, Clayton Hove, tweeted "Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car. Totaled it." Smart Car could've ignored the tweet, or made some lame joke, or worse, been defensive. Instead they tweeted back "Couldn't have been one bird. Sounds more like 4.5 million (Seriously, we did the math)." and included a link to awesomely hilarious infographic on how many various birds that exactly would be.

The idea was from their agency, Razorfish. Kudos guys - love an agency that pushes their clients to do crazy things like this, and love a brand that says "heck yeah!"

sex ad gets banned (nsfw)

A Spanish real estate company (of all things) created ads featuring "real" picts of people that were caught having sex in their cars, trying to make the point that life is more convenient with a house.

Clever, but it was banned. Clearly it was their mission to get banned for buzz. Perhaps that's the clever part, hmmmm?

Video NSFW

bedroom switch-a-roo...

This PSA may make your skin crawl… or at least make these guys really uncomfortable.

We all know the damaging effects that sun can have on your skin. The Belgian Cancer Foundation, wanted to reach a young audience and shed some light on the consequences of not protecting their skin. When they couldn’t get through to the ladies they targeted their boyfriends. This was done with the midnight switch-a-roo. Boyfriends went to bed with their girlfriends, but were shocked when they were awakened to find themselves in bed with their girlfriends mom. The message, “make sure your girlfriend protects herself against the sun or she’ll start looking like her mom far too soon.” 

the self making smart bed

Smart phone, smart car, and sure, why not, smart bed. Wait what?! Smart bed? Sure you’ve become accustomed to the concept of "smart" products, but smart bed is definitely a new one. If you truly despise making the bed, this is for you!

The pillowcases, and sheets dynamically straighten themselves within 50 seconds. They use a series of Velcro attachments to automatically make the bed for you as soon as 3 seconds after you get up. Thought those other "smart" products were smart? Think again. Thank you OHEA!

shadow sensitive sales

When mid-day sales are slumping, blame it on the sunny weather. Or, why not harness the power of the sun during that lull to drive sales. Emart did just that. They created a piece of art that uses the angle of the sun, much like a sundial, to generate QR codes. Scanned QR codes directed people to their online store where they could purchase time sensitive “Sunny Sale” deals available only around noon when the shadows align to make to code active. Impressive!

take one zombie arm

It seems the Walking Dead promotional budgets in Norway are pretty slim which means they had to get extra crafty with promoting the season premiere. So, their agency, Frank, thought about what the cheapest form of advertising was...take one posters... and super-sized them. The cool part? Instead of simple tear offs, passerbys could tear of various limbs and body parts in true zombie fashion. Awesome!

a words worth a thousand pictures

Why say something in words when you can show it in pictures?

With Google images it's certainly easy enough to find a thousand pictures for every word to add interest and excitement to any message. It was that exact premise that inspired The Image Language experiment by Brazilian Art Director, Mihail Aleksandrov, and Argentinian Copywriter, Santiago Luna Lupo.

Any word you type in will pull the first word from Google images at that moment to create a visual representation of your message as illustrated in this video of Adele's Someone Like You video.

video paint graffiti

SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.

Artist duo, Sweatshoppe, created this super cool new graffiti style that gives the illusion that they're literally painting video onto a wall with these super cool electronic paint rollers. In reality, and equally cool, it's a software they developed that tracks where the paint rollers are and projects the video accordingly. You gotta watch the video to get the full affect.

pizza vending machine

Yes! The United States is debuting a personal pizza vending machine. This thing has been gaining popularity in Europe for the past 3 years and it's finally made it across the ocean.

For being a country of fatties we sure are slipping in our fast food department. But, oh well.

Here is another product claiming it's genuine, fresh, and healthy and for about 6 dollars, 676 calories, and 22.6 something grams of fat you too might finally have a little slice of vending machine pizza heaven. Enjoy!

mc donald's burger photo shoot

How come Mc Donald's never looks like the pictures in their advertisements? It's because they have a burger photo shoot. And here's a behind the scene look at how they do it.

google/coca-cola mobile app

A Google/Coca-Cola mobile app developed by Grow Interactive is the mobile Grand Prix winner at Cannes 2012. By using your phone you can send a coke to a non-suspecting stranger anywhere around the world. When the stranger gets their soda they can interact with you by sending a message back. Pretty cool.

the grandma hilda facebook giveaway

How should you engage your fans on Facebook? Let them hunt for keys to a car to claim it as theirs. 

Renault did just that. They told the story of Grandma Hilda's love of her car, but not wanting to drive it anymore herself (cause she's old), she wanted to give it to someone else.

Through their Facebook page, they told the story, then let fans search for the keys in 360-degree views of Hilda's home and tag where they thought her keys were. Each week new clues narrowed down the location, and narrowed it down to one winner. 

Created by Dorst & Lesser.


instagram photo books

Everyone's a photographer with apps like Instagram. Now you can be a published photographer.

Turn your retro-inspired Instagram photos into a book through Blurb. It's not a revolutionary concept, but nice to have an app that creates photo books specifically for Instagram, so you can enjoy them offline.

it's an optical illuuuusion, michael

Crazy optical illusion created by Regina Silveira. It's soooooooo trippy, man. Seriously - it makes me dizzy just looking at pictures of it.

shoes with f*#%ing sole

All the other kids, with the f***k off kicks...

Shoes created by Mark McNairy for those days when you want to send a certain message. Suede shoes with a gold metallic "Fuck Off" message on the sole come with a gold pinky ring to top it off. 

smile for the cell phone

Think about it, when was the last time you used a point and shoot camera to take a picture? Heck when was the last time you took a picture without using Instagram? No doubt this explains why Kodak recently filed for bankruptcy.

The popularity of digital photography is so great it's essentially put an end to the film camera. Once upon a time in 1990 100% of photographs were analog and now just 1.05% are. More amazing is that the total number of photos taken is now 6 times what it was 20 years ago. So whip out your cell phone and get snapping.

slo-mo blow job

Totally not what you're thinking, but you may still be blown away by this clever film by Tadao Cern. And yes, this film is 100% safe for work (sorry to bum a few of you out).

fresh air

I whistled for a cab and when it came near the
License plate said "fresh" and had a dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought nah, forget it, yo homes to Bel-air!

I pulled up to a house about seven or eight
And I yelled to the cabby "Yo, homes smell you later!"
Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-air

Ah the wonderful random things that can be found on German Blogs.

Tasty paper products...

We've all experienced it. That unbearable taste of licking the envelope- not to mention the added stress of knowing the letter should have already been sent. Well this company may not be able to help you with your promptness, but they can definitely help with the bad taste left in your mouth. Chris Dunbar created an alternative called 'flavorlopes'. This ingenious idea comes in five different fruity flavors that not only taste good but also smell good too.

Tasty! After one lick, you’ll no longer despise envelopes.

inside footage to awesome people

People watching is a great pass time... especially when it brings a huge smile to your face. And this will!

If Potato Cheap Dealing” and “Honest Pickpocketing” are unfamiliar terms, then consider this video lessons learned. Coca-Cola uses security camera footage from around the world to shed light on random acts of heroics and anti-crimes that would normally go under-reported.  An inside look to some really AWESOME people!

poster moving boxes


In Quebec, July 1st is a popular moving day. A day that causes chaos and box shortages (yes, box shortages). This poses a huge problem for movers, but for Ikea, this presented a huge marketing opportunity.

"Fill 'er up!" and “Movin’ on up?” were just a few of the fun tag lines found printed on posters that doubled as cardboard boxes, which people were encouraged to take. Instant gratification during a time of need- clever.

This engaging campaign not only won Ikea and Leo Burnett Toronto a North American Gold Effie, but also proved to be financial successful.

the man in the atm...

... is asking you to change your ways. He, in partnership with Peru's BBVA Foundation, wants you to think about what it must be like to be one of the 7 out of 10 children in Peru that have a hard time reading.

So to make sure the message is clear, they intercepted people where reading really matters and where they would be ready to make a spontaneous donation... at the ATM.

Love this, though I wish the case study revealed how much money they raised.

adopt a viral video

Everyone's a sucker for a good cat video, and pretty much everyone's a sucker for a good PSAs so be prepared to be a double sucker. Er, whatever.

From the ASPCA, in partnership with ABCNews, comes this fun pet adoption PSA staring the slick moves of Hovercat.

big, strong man get beer, rarrr

On one hand, this stunt from Olgilvy Buenos Aires for Salta Cerveza just encourages bar douchebaggery, inviting drunk men to prove their manliness by taking their testosterone overload out on a vending machine for a free bee. But on the other hand, it's kinda awesome.

Instagram for d-bags

Just in case you don't have enough of "that guy" or "that girl" on your friends list, Cool Materials has an app idea to help. Duck face, self picts, fake tans, oh my!

best chef, best packaging

Product packaging that plays up to the consumer's ego? Brilliant. Take a cue from this frying pan packaging by DesignDepot for brand Scovo.

it's a bird, it's a plane...it's a business card

Creative business cards are always fun to share. And here's the latest: a business card by ad agency Clark&Kent that folds out to look like a little phone booth.

Entirely clever.

iPrep: 80s apple swag

Check out this swaggy Apple gear from the '80s. Today's hipster gear, or still cheesey prepster? Either way, these pictures are pretty entertaining.

hand stitched typography

"I could have done this on a mac" is a senior project created by graphic design student Briar Mark at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand. She experimented by embroidering messages on to a piece of paper that took a fantastic amount of time. (Roughly 30 minutes to stitch each letter with a combined total time of 37.5 hours). A nice crafted project!

classic portraits in modern photos

German artist, Dorothee Golz mashes up Renaissance-era portraits with photographs of contemporary life in a series titled "Digital Paintings". Check 'em out. Doesn't Albrecht Durer look like a total bad ass?

say no to puppy mills!

San Francisco SPCA

BBDO San Francisco are out with an anti-puppy mill public service announcement for the San Francisco SPCA. It's sad, happy, and cute all at the same time.

default font logos

These are the nightmare images that brand managers wake up from in a cold sweat. What if the logos of the world defaulted to a system font, say courier for example.

More default font logos.
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