sweet revenge for parking d-bags

There are two things it seems most drivers in this world don't know how to do: Drive in the rain (is it reeeeally that hard?) and park. Yeah, you know the type--parking sideways in a straight on spot, parking with two tires over the line, pulling so far up your butt you can't back out. Curse 'em all... or, if you live in Russia you can get sweet, sweet revenge.

Russian magazine, The Village, created a mobile app called Ostracism 2.0 that lets people take picts of crappy parked cars, recognize the license plate number and car model and color. Then, that data streams live in banner ads to IP addresses nearby the car so everyone can see what a d-bag the parker is.

Come to the US pleeeease!

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George "AdScam" Parker said...

Wow... Everyone in Russia Speaks English. Amazing!
George "AdScam" Parker

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