is that a sexy woman I see?

So you're a lingerie store in a section of Paris that sees a lot of after hours foot traffic. How do you capture passerbys attention when you're closed?

Have a sexy woman in lingerie magically prance around your store all night, of course. Oh, will we ever get enough of holograms? Probably not if they're this hot. Yeah.

getty gets a useful makeover

R/GA London was tasked with elevating the perception of Getty Images. No easy feat. Sure, they could've done some sort of smoke and mirrors campaign or promotion to temporarily change a few people's perceptions, or they could *simply* find away to improve the product to permanently change many people's perceptions.

Again, ignore the EPIC case study presentation - so annoying - but here's how they did it. Just by simply changing the watermark to something useful. That's some good strategery. So, do you think it's better?

the cats are alive in Catlandia

Portlandia fans (and who isn't a fan, really?): you will love this spoof for the San Francisco ASPCA to raise awareness for their feral cat problem. Love me some funny PSAs.

the 2012 chip shop awards for tasteless ads

You might be wondering what the Chip Shop Awards are. Well it's an awards show like no other. Every year it gives out awards to the cleverest, funniest, worst taste advertising and design ever seen. Here are just some of this years ruthless finalists in categories such as Best Use of Shocking Copy, Best Politically Incorrect, and Best Use of Bad Taste.

Can't get enough? Check more out here.

awesome paper pop-ups

Jenny Chen is a designer and art director living in Portland, OR. Her next mission: make a new comic book. Here are some of her experimental pop-ups.

free wi-fi, friend or foe? (infographic)

With the rise of wi-fi brings unseen hazards: hackers. Check out this infographic and make sure you're taking all the precautions you need to protect yourself from a-holes.

Free Wi-Fi: Friend or Foe?

Infographic by Veracode Application Security

dine & dash or sponge time

You know that moment - where you think, if I just ran out on this bill and was caught, what would they do? Make me wash dishes? (Or maybe you haven't.)

3M Scotch-Brite is actually giving you that option over paying your bill to promote its sponges. Or at least that's how they're targeting a younger audience who are going out to eat more in Brazil.  

puppy pawdicures

The pet market has really grown over the last 10 years or so, and gluten and grain-free pet treats seemed, well, extravagant, but this takes the pound puppy cake: there is now a market for doggie pawdicures. There are lines of pawdicure pens, paint and more.

Don't believe it? Check out more here. Sure, those claws offer nice real estate for some pretty polish, but really?

salt made from tears, really

Whether it's a sappy romantic comedy, batch of cut onions, riotously snort-inducing laughing bender - you've had that tear-induced epiphany when you think, 'man, my tears are really salty.' 

Halen Mon and Studio Weave have clearly had this experience, and decided to cultivate the 'saltiness' of different types of tears to create a unique line of salty seasonings

Great branding and packaging. I'll take a dash of the laughter tears, please.

shopping overload

Simplify online shopping, is that possible? Yup.

Shoppers can now try on clothes from their own computers through, a virtual fitting room. Retailers map out how an item would look on people of different measurements and a robotic mannequin adjusts in shape and size to display a realistic fit.

There’s just one issue… everything looks good on a mannequin! Um, yea- I’ll take that too!

listen up...

Possibly a little unpleasant, but brilliant!

This billboard transforms people headphones into stethoscopes so they can listen to a heart in distress. LG2 created this engaging campaign as a way to raise interest in public health careers. Go ahead and listen, it just might give you a change of heart.

bike rack bench

Talk about 2 for 1. This newly designed bicycle rack, doubles as a park bench....or is it the other way around!?! Designed by student Eugene Duclos, this brings a clever new look and feel to the city planners who increasingly rely on new ways to maximize usable space.

Potential for a bike-sitting business? 

little kids having sex

Um, what? Ew. Yeah, it's not quite as creepy and gross as it sounds, but it's kind of close at first.

A parenting advice hotline in Brussels wanted to drive awareness for themselves, so they pulled this stunt in a public restroom to dramatize that parenting isn't easy and your kids might be doing some messed up shit you don't know about.

Yeah, just watch it and decide what you think. The intent was good, the concept strong, but think the execution came off as kind of funny and clearly a joke, But maybe that's what they wanted because otherwise it's just plain creepy.

life according to Getty

If you've ever spent hours (and hours) looking for just the perfect frickin' stock image for a client, you know Getty has a ton of images to cover just about any life happening you could possibly imagine.

To showcase the power of those images, they created this one minute stop-motion video, From Love to Bingo, using a succession of 873 images from their collection.

It's actually kind of cute, then sexy, then beautiful, then sad, then kind of creepy, then happy. Enjoy.

beat the billboard

Being the digitally minded peeps we all are, it's always nice to see innovative and interactive billboards.

This one, for EVOC's new virtually indestructible backpack, invites passerbys to beat the crap out of the bag to see if they can damage it. But cooler than that, it takes a photo of you from the perspective of the bag while you're beating up on it and posts it to Facebook. Smart.

Oh, and ignore the annoying, cliche case study graphics and voiceover in the beginning.

souvenirs in famous places

Michael Hughes is a freelance photographer who loves to travel and has been to over 200 countries. He's currently working on a photo series where he replaces famous landmarks with miniature models, pen holders, and even paper cups.

create your own creepy little alien doll

It's creepy, but you probably really want one. is a site that lets you design your own doll. How do they do it? They use a 3-D printer to make your creation come to life. But that's not all. After you've received your makie you can go a step further and hack it. They've made room inside the doll for you to add wires, circuits, and a battery pack.

solar powered street lamps to charge your iphone

So your iphone just died and now you feel stranded and alone. You can't facebook, pin, tweet, instagram, or you know... actually call someone. But don't worry PENSA, a studio in Brooklyn have come up with a concept where street signs can double as charging stations. Basically making it easy to find these stations anywhere in the city. These solar powered lamps include usb ports so that anyone walking by can sit down and charge up.

'mo creative packaging, please

New rule for marketing: brands must have more fun with their packaging. The end.

Case in point: Poilu paint brushes humorous packaging, which turns the paint brush bristles into mustaches and goatees. It gives a life and personality to the brand, while still serving as a highly functional package for the product itself. 

How could you say no to these sweet, mustachioed brushes? 

facebook val-you calculator

Well, Facebook finally did it. It finally responded to Wall Street's pokes and went public. In light of this event, there can only be one question on your mind - how much monetary value does Facebook value you at?

Now you can find out with Abine's "Val-You Calculator." Just answer a couple questions based on your activity and voila - that's how much your time-wasting hours are to Facebook. 

gas pumps as art

A new campaign for Nissan Leaf, Nissan's electric model, in Australia brings attention to a dilemma that would arise if the Leaf was driven by more people - what would we do with all the unused gas pumps?

Whybin/TBWA/Tequila created an art exhibition to showcase a variety of creative ways to solve that issue, and drive home to consumers how making electric cars more widespread will make gas pumps (and our need for gas) obsolete.

You can even vote for your favorite here.

pretty in pink

Have you ever wondered what history's worst tyrants (and popes) would look like if they were just a bit more fabulous? The answer can be found in Scott Sheidly’s Portraits: a series of “fabulous” depictions of tyrants, dictators and popes.

Presented by the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, Sheidly tarts up Stalin, Kim Jong-il, Hitler, and the Pope with hot pink accessories, flashy purple leopard print, and matching pink frames. Why? Who knows, but haven't you always wondered what Hitler looks like in a pink cape? Ok maybe it was just me, but 10 bucks says Kim Jong-il really had those heart shaped specs.

More--> Here.

adbusted in hamburg

H&M's latest summer bikini campaign featuring an ultra tanned Isabeli Fontana has been heavily criticized for promoting an unhealthy obsession with tanning. Fontana, who was actually born a white women, is shown tanned right into another race. The truth is, nothing will get you as quite as tan as a liberal amount of Photoshopping. So an unknown street artist in Hamburg decided to remind everyone who sees the H&M posters that this is the case with a carefully tacked on Photoshop tool bar. Cheeky and effective.

2 extra hours

Work responsibilities, family, friends, it's as if there's no such thing as a little "Me" time. But consider for a moment what you would do if you were given an extra 2 hours every day. Not sure what you could do? Well this info graphic may help shed a little light. Though a word of warning, play more video games was not included, clearly a massive oversight.

Ready, Set, Pee

Public etiquette seems to be an issue. Well, its nothing a little competition couldn’t sway. Queen’s Day has a huge problem with people confusing canals for urinals, so this year Amsterdam water supplier Waternet hired Achtung! for help.

If the satisfaction of beating your buddies on a huge screen wasn’t enough, how about winning your water taxes back! Sweet, who wouldn’t be game!

punch this...

Contenders’ welcome! Go ahead and take a few punches at this billboard! Evoc encouraged people to experience their new shock absorbing technology by testing their indestructible billboard. People were lined up to show off their power... luckily the impact was absorbed!

Interactive artwork

This sculpture created by Andrew Small and Steven Almond interacts with the human heart. At rest, the artwork ‘breathes’ in waves of blue light and when a person holds the grips their heart rate pulses in red. Artwork in a new light. 

sweet revenge for parking d-bags

There are two things it seems most drivers in this world don't know how to do: Drive in the rain (is it reeeeally that hard?) and park. Yeah, you know the type--parking sideways in a straight on spot, parking with two tires over the line, pulling so far up your butt you can't back out. Curse 'em all... or, if you live in Russia you can get sweet, sweet revenge.

Russian magazine, The Village, created a mobile app called Ostracism 2.0 that lets people take picts of crappy parked cars, recognize the license plate number and car model and color. Then, that data streams live in banner ads to IP addresses nearby the car so everyone can see what a d-bag the parker is.

Come to the US pleeeease!

your kitty's a slut

It's hard to believe those innocent, big eyed, clumsy little puff ball kitties and puppies could be doing the dirty so young, but it's true. Your pet could get pregos at 4 months old! Take that 16 and Pregnant.

So why should you care? Because over 35,000 litters a DAY (whoa) worldwide are accidental and usually end up in shelters, and, well, you know what happens next. :(

Horrible right? Best Friends Animal Society agrees and wants to do something about it, so they created a series of cute, humorous PSAs for their Fix At Four campaign.

So in the words of the great Bob Barker, "Help control the pet population; Have your pet spayed or neutered."

before getting in this business...

... you must first ask yourself, "Are you absolutely, positively sure advertising is for you?" Because let's face it, this biz ain't easy kids. Luckily Y&R Toronto created this fun little diagnostic quiz to help young hopefuls and Portfolio night 10 Toronto be sure. Careful, answer incorrectly and you get booted out to various job sites that might be more suitable for you.

your life reincarnated by a computer program

Crap, so you've died. Now what? Well luckily for you it's the year 2052 and your conscious can be reincarnated. Getting your life back is as easy as buying an app with advertisements and licensing fees gala.

stamps celebrating british fashion

Johnson Banks, an agency in London, have designed a set of postage stamps to celebrate the last 60 years of British fashion. To capture these pieces in an interesting way the studio worked closely with a highly respected fashion photographer, his assistants, stylists, and hair and wig artists.

anti-theft moldy lunch bags

Ah ha! That'll show those pesky lunch thieves a lesson. Fool your office lunch thief into thinking your lunch has gone moldy with these sandwich bags that have green splotches printed on them. They're reusable, recyclable, and available at the.
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