vintage polaroid ads

Polaroid just isn't what it used to be. Heck, the company isn't even the same company as it used to be.

"On October 11, 2001, Polaroid Corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Almost all the company’s assets (including the “Polaroid” name itself) were sold to a subsidiary of Bank One. They went on to form a new company, which also operates under the name “Polaroid Corporation”. It stopped making Polaroid cameras in 2007 and stopped selling Polaroid film after 2009, to the consternation of many users."

The promos however may live on forever via Youtube. From 50's to 60's endorsements by the likes of talk hosts Steve Allen and Jack Paar, to late nineties commercials featuring Aaron Paul, now best know as Jesse from Breaking Bad.

If your feeling especially nostalgic fret not, you can still get Polaroid film thanks to The Impossible Project.


art attacks

From out of windows green tentacles burst free. Giant inflatable eyes peek from tree tops. A rotary saw blade rips through a quiet pasture. What is all about? In the artists own words, "this art is sparkling with humor, recklessness, it shocks you and forces you to look at the word in a new way." Move over Banksy, Art Attacks is the new project by street artist Filthy Lurker.

Via. More photos here.

disappearing act

Chinese performance artist Liu Bolin literally gets lost in his art. Over the last few years Liu has been making amazing “invisible man” art all over the world, painting his clothes and body into the perfect camouflage to merge with the world around him. He currently has an exhibit called “Hiding in New York” which just opened last month in the city at Eli Klein Fine Art. Hiding in New York displays shots of him throughout the city disappearing into places such as the freedom tower at ground zero, various shops and parks. It is similar to his earlier disappearing act “Hiding in the City”

edible art

Edible art. Beautifully executed laser cut seaweed, has given this designer sushi a modern twist. Japanese ad agency I&SBBDO  designed Nori with patterns to convey optimism, for all industries effected by the tragic tsunami. 

city scent

Sure, the smell of freshly cut grass and new cars are appealing scents, but what about a city? Yes that’s right, now you can smell like your favorite city. 
A fragrance company is bottling souvenir perfumes for all your favorite major cities.  Now you can be real globetrotter… or at least smell like one.

traffic stoppers

These lights are stopping traffic, literally.

Figures drinking, walking, and urinating are typical city sights… right? Well in Prague they are! Check out these awesome traffic lights that Czech artist Roman Tyc replaced… guaranteed to make your city stroll seriously entertaining.

don't like a song? throw something.

Many agencies (like us) have a community music service like Spotify that plays music throughout the office. This is all well and good until some asshat puts Nickelback or Greatful Dead in the rotation.

Now coworkers can express their anger for such despicable music choices by chucking the closest item they can get their hands on at this interactive poster created by Michael Robinson of London's Agency Republic.

When the poster gets hit, the song on Spotify changes, killing two birds with one stone. Must. order. this. now.

hot, half naked women dancing

To passerbys and viewers, this stunt in the red light district of Amsterdam looks like it's just going to be a super hot dance performance by scantily clad women. But what happens at the end makes you really think and feel kinda dirty. Much respect for brilliant PSAs.

poop powered wi-fi

Don't you just hate those selfish jerks that don't pick up their dogs' poop when they're out walking in the park?

Don't you also hate public places that don't have the decency to provide free wifi to the public?

Well, DDB Mexico and internet platform Terra fixed both problems at once with a special box they placed in a park that senses and measures the amount of dog poop you place in it and dispenses free minutes of wifi proportionately.

Have a couple hours of work to do on your laptop? Start picking up other dogs' poop as a nice gesture, or get a bigger dog.

lego star wars street organ

Now really, who needs an ipod when you got this to play with? A big barrel made up of 20,000 lego pieces was constructed to promote the release of 3D Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace. As people stepped up they could rotate the barrel which in turn would play the film’s signature theme song.

domino's pizza saves lives

In The Netherlands, Domino's Pizza installed a human engine sound onto their delivery scooters. Every time the scooter speeds up it plays an amusing song. Not only does this promote the company but the motive behind this was, to make scooters more recognizable for bikers and therefore safer as they share the same lane.

dad creates time-lapse videos of his kids

A father, Frans Hofmeester, documented his daughter (now 12) and son (now 9) in two separate short time-lapse videos that span from infancy to their current age. A bittersweet concept, that in raising children, the days are long but the years are short.

discount for puma-like reflexes

To get across how 'fast' Puma Faas sneakers are, they are challenging consumers in Mexico to make the fastest purchase in-store from entering the store to purchase to receive a discount. 

Great retail activation. If you're in shape, that is.

bosch vacuums - little dogs beware

Dogs get skittish around vacuums, but now we know why - Bosch vacuums are so strong they can suck up little dogs. 

Ok - not entirely, but that'w what A&A Furnishers are conveying with their latest, clever ad campaign leveraging missing dog posters to exhibit the power of their products. 

instagram for websites

Everyone loves Instagram. And now you can instagrammize (new word?) photos on your website with Instaflare, a plug-in with a variety overlay filters for photographs on your site

Just make sure your content's cool enough to match the images.

internet users – a field guide

If you surf the web you've undoubtedly come across these personalities. Whether they're cluttering your Facebook timeline with political commentary, hijacking the comments from an interesting article you read on Mashable, or they just a know everything. So many different types of people out there on the internet – where do you fit in?

famous men reimagined as women

It's been said that Photoshop is either heaven sent or the work of Satan himself. Well, I think the devil has been hard at work (see more). Sure they'er creepy, but not nearly as creepy as famous women with Steve Buscemi's eyes.

do your time sheets – get beer

How too get employees to do their time sheets? It's been a challenge for virtually every agency big or small. Well JWT Brazil has the answer – beer. So to make the tedious chore a bit more fun they stacked a fridge full of beer that only opens once everyone has done their time sheets. Problem solved.

pantone album covers

These album covers, recreated by british artist David Marsh, with pixelated pantone tiles, are pretty awesome. See more here.

3D sound changes your view

These ads images are part of LG's "Different Sides" 3D sounds campaign, and showcase a creative perspective to get the point across.


ad tells homeless dog's story

Animal adoption ads have always employed depressingly sad songs and visuals of animals waiting to be adopted (we're looking at you, Sara McLaughlin and ASPCA), which, do make you cry like a baby tug on heart strings but are sometimes just too much to watch.

This ad, created by Carmichael Lynch for the Animal Humane Society, is a cute tail tale from the first perspective of Magpie, a homeless dog, and how he gets helped by the Animal Humane Society. This in fact does make you want to adopt a dog.

car pong: as awesome as it sounds

Electric cars are known for a lot of great things, but power isn't one of them. So Smart set out to disprove that by putting their Smart Fortwo car to the test in the most awesome car demonstration ever- a game of Car Pong! This beats orange cones any day! Brilliant!

biggest banner, smallest store ever

It's been a long time since a banner ad has created a ton of buzz, but iKea did it with this ridiculously clever ad unit that features their ENTIRE store (that's 2,800 products) in one 300 x 250 banner ad. All, of course, to show their commitment to helping you make the most of your space.

Tiny little pixels feature one product, that when rolled over enlarge. Users can browse this way, search by category and click to buy all from the banner.

Love to see this kind of innovation with an old, tire medium. Well done iKea!

better without context

The latest fun Tumblr, Context-Free Patent Art, features just that - ridiculous, real video game patent art with absolutely no explanation. Enjoy hours of fun imagining what crazy video games these so eagerly try to illustrate.

what to wear, in real time

Pimkie Color Forecast from Color Forecast on Vimeo.

Don't know what to wear this morning? Wonder what all the trend setters are wearing in the major fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and Antwerpen? Pimkie can help... with the color of your clothes anyway with their new campaign, Pimkie Color Forecast.

Their agency, Happiness Brussels, installed high-speed digital cameras in the streets of these cities with software that scans for the color clothing people are wearing and generates little infographics of what colors are hot, in real-time.

It's like Pantone's color of the year on steroids. Love it!

ghostly underwater portraits

Stunning portraits shot underwater by Jacob Sutton.


microscope slide business cards

An Italian advertising agency (Enfants Terribles) created these microscope slide business cards to promote their viral market efforts. All of the employees operate by their alias names but, don't worry! Their real names are also printed on the cards at 1.6 point type. So, if your really desperate to know that persons real name, your going to have to whip out your handy microscope to find out.

barbie and ken's creepy photo shoot

Well it's official. If Ken was a real life person he would be a bizarre mixture between backstreet boy and vampire. You know… like Edward Cullen right after he's had a meal.

Well anyway, check out this project by artist Hayden Wood. He photographed then manipulated real life models to look plastic and lifeless. Probably the weirdest thing you'll see today.

really? plastic surgery business cards

It's tough to keep abreast of all the innovative things people are doing with business cards these days, but people these days are getting pretty creative with them to make an impact and convey what they do.

Like this card for a plastic surgeon. Wow, Just - wow.

these ccocks have had enough (sfw)

Kirk Cameron has made some controversial comments before that have put him in the spotlight, like his views on same-sex marriage, but now other child celebrities from the 80s are taking a stand against him to separate themselves from his views in this video created by Funny or Die.

Almost makes you want to me a CCOKC too, no?

an army of trees

When German rainforest non-profit Oro Verde needed help spreading their message, who did they turn to to help? Trees of course!

Placing signs on trees all over a city created a small army of recruiters for the organization without the hefty costs of hiring humans, and it made for a stronger message to get people's attentions.

Leaf it to them to get the job done. (Ha - couldn't resist).

facebook and productivity

Does your employer allow you to go on social networks or even browse the internet at work? If you're reading this blog chances are the answer is yes. But that's not the case for many as up to 50% of CEOs say they completely prohibit the use of social networks at work. The question is, in moderation, can these breaks encourage psychological engagement or even help increase productivity? 50% of CEOs should checkout this infographic. The other 50% can go back to liking George Takei's latest Facebook post.

mc fancy

What if your fast food was packaged by fashions elite? It probably means you'll be able to buy burgers and fries at TJ Maxx sometime next year. Concepts by Amy Moss.

More photos.

safe sex 4 seniors

This video by DDB NY for is not only borderline NSFW, but it's borderline disturbing. Just remember, you can't un-see any of this. The fact of the matter is the rate of STDs among active seniors has risen over 70% in the last 5 years. So tell grandma and grandpa to use a condom.

two for one viral video deal

Consider this post a two for one deal. There are two videos that were going around quite a bit yesterday that were just too good not to share, so here they are in all their awesomeness:

WAY better than the easy button, the drama button creates instant drama in a sleepy square in Belgium to promote the drama that can be found on the cable channel, TNT.

Sequels are rarely as good as the first, but the 2nd installment of Tipp-Ex's Hunter Shoots Bear campaign rocks! Help hunter and bear celebrate their birthday party across the span of time by typing in any date and seeing one of 46 different outcomes. Some of them even use your camera and microphone. Have fun!

pay for college with cardboard

This is such a cool story you'll probably think it's not true. A 9-year old kid in East LA created an entire arcade where all the games are made out of cardboard. Games can be played at $1 for four plays or a $2 fun pass to play 500 games per month and are secured by a tricked out calculator. A filmmaker caught wind of this awesome arcade and created this documentary. With this, some online marketing and a flash mob, this kid's creation has taken off so much that he's getting donations from fans that will add up to enough cash to pay for college. Lucky for his parents!

like a burger in headlights

When it's late, you're on the road and your stomach's growling like a bear, this McDonald's billboard made with reflective tape is like an angel sent down from the heavens beckoning you to enjoy some meaty, fried, salty yumminess. So brilliant you have to wonder how this has not been done before?

get naked for likes

Ah, for Amsterdam clothing brand Stussy, Facebook likes are as valuable as dollar bills at a strip joint. Each time their Facebook page reaches a predetermined like goal, a sexy model dressed in what seems to be every item of clothing Stussy sells, will remove clothing until (fans hope) she's neked. Pretty sure that's a Facebook violation, but it is Amsterdam so anything goes!

old people are cool

Maybe it's the resurgence of Betty White and her new practical jokes show but old people seem pretty "in" right now. The latest brand to hop on this trend is Kraft Mac & Cheese by handing over their Facebook and Twitter pages for 3 days to two cute little old ladies, Frankie and Dottie. Frankie and Dottie have been enjoying Kraft Mac & Cheese for 75 years, which coincidentally is the anniversary Kraft Mac & Cheese is celebrating (gee, how perfect). Of course the posts and tweets play off the stereotypical cluelessness of old folks and technology, and I smell the help of a copywriter, but it's a cute concept nonetheless. Today's the last day, so go over to Twitter or Facebook to say hi and you might get a response.

tweet powered car

Gotta love when brands use social media in totally unique and surprising ways - like this fun little Twitter stunt for Smart (car) in Argentina. It's a series of 456 tweets, each a ASCII animation frame, that when scrolled through turns into an animation of an ad for Smart.

villains and superheroes in vintage photos

If Batman, Spiderman, or Darth Vadar had awkward family photos these would be it. The Marvellini brothers are artists in Milan who have been making these collages and creating their own geeky origin stories with the help of old family photos.

to: art director, sincerely: copywriter

Go Art Director Go is a website dedicated to all the art directors out there. It's full of things art directors wished they heard copywriters say. Click through and see what encouraging words you get.


casey neistat's nike ad

Nike asked Casey Neistat to shoot an ad about what it means to "make it count." So he decides to take a vacation around the world with his friend Max until the money that Nike funded him ran out. It took about 10 days. Is this inspirational or opportunistic?

r.i.p. dead words

The Dead Words is a site and project created by Karen To to celebrate words that are essentially obsolete and extinct, and omitted from most dictionaries today.

The project celebrates the dead words with fun graphics and typography, and even educates you on their meanings.

Maybe the ad industry can add words ending in "ista" to this collection. Any others?
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