addicted to pinning (infographic)

You've seen your friends pins plaster your Facebook stream and you were a little curious. You thought, maybe I'll just try it once and see if it's really all that great. You do it once, maybe twice and before you know it your mainlining Pinterest for 3 hours a day. You lay awake thinking about the things you want to pin next, ooh the boards you could create. You can't resist, and jump back on in the middle night just for a little fix.

Yep, you're addicted. But don't worry, it's not your fault. They made it that way, says this infographic anyway:

the easy pizza button

Pizza rocks, and sometimes you wish you could just have it in the push of a button. Well, Red Tomato in Dubai has made that possible for their super VIP customers.

Pizza lovers just slap this Bluetooth enabled magnet on their fridge and press the button to have their pre-programmed order delivered to their house.

Sure, it's almost this easy now with sites like seamless web and various mobile apps, but the novelty is pretty cool!

mmm juicy pantone

These tasty looking pantone swatch pieces created by Emily Guelpa, for France's Fricote Magazine, were just too pretty and delicious not to share. And, as Mark from FastCo. Design points out, they're also actually handy dandy for designers looking for the exact color of bananas or cotton candy or whatever.

cats and bacon, heck yeah

Cats have their memes, bacon has it's memes, organic is a hot trend- so why not put them all together in one ridiculous mock-vertising campaign? Enter Fresh Step's new "ad" for bacon cat litter. It sizzles when peed on and releases a bacony scent to make you and your pet's tummy growl for a hardy slab. Ewww.

how to please "that" girl

Axe seems to get buzz with every stinkin' (get it, stinkin?) video they create, but this latest series about pleasing various types of girls are actually pretty funny. Sure, sexist stereotyping may be becoming the lowest form of humor, but as many of our blogger friends point out, the copywriting and execution is pretty spot on.

important s#!t kids say

Yes, the whole "s#!t" people say meme is over (thank god), but this child abuse prevention PSA out of the UK takes that meme and puts a sad but powerful twist on it. If only it had come out when the meme was hot, this would've been perfect. Still powerful though.

angry cat, sweaty buns, beans, and mesh shirts

Columbia Sportswear have created a faux science youtube series called "Great Moments in Trying Stuff." The videos are of fake science experiments which include an angry cat in a little waterproof jacket (super adorable), a disgusting hot dog bun taste test, drained beans, and mesh shirts.

things that seem normal when you live alone

This video is a short humorous film directed by Melinda Taub about…. well the title pretty much sums it up, things that seem normal when you live alone. A relatable piece for anyone who has.

edible art? not today.

An Austrian photographer, Klaus Pichler shot a series of photographs titled One Third to try and bring awareness to the issue that we're a bunch of wasteful human beings. These photos you are looking at are indeed all of rotting food. So you might be wondering how much food do we actually waste? Well according to a study in the UN 1/3 of it does, while almost 925 million people have gone hungry. A fascinating way to get our attention. Maybe it's time to rethink what we buy at the grocery store.

clark kent wore dockers?

Start watching this video, and you'll think it was a documentary about the cultural demise of phone booths. (You know, those funny looking things you may see every once in a while on street.)

But then tacked on at the end is a message from Dockers, that makes a Superman reference that sort of doesn't fit with the rest of the video at all.

But it's still interesting regardless.

Speaking of phone booths, if you still aren't sure what they are, check out this international fad that all those kooky kids of the '50s were doing back in the day.

handle with car(e)

Probably the most clever ad for a car wash. Ever.

Or at the very least just the most effort by a car wash with their advertising. Ever.

real talk from your devices

Do social media sites and technological devices really help us to stay connected with others?

Said devices seem to think otherwise, and are trying to oh-so-subtly tell us, as captured on the Tumblr Screenshots of Despair. Created by Josh Kimball.

Pretty hilarious.

coonhound standing on america

As a project for This Wild Idea, a group of people who document their travels across America with daily photographic journals, commercial photographer Theron Humphrey of Atlanta, GA has captured his own travels with his lovable coonhound Maddie. But Maddie is not just any Coonhound, she's a Coonhound that likes to stand on things, pretty much anything. so far Humphrey has shared over 91 photos on his Tumblr with new ones appearing almost daily. Could this be the next planking?

fresh fisch

A unique take on outdoor advertising by Fisch Franke restaurant in Frankfurt, Germany. There's no mistaking that the fish here is fresh. Maybe a bit too fresh.


angry birds evolutions

If birds evolved from dinosaurs then Angry Birds must have evolved from angry dinosaurs. At least according to Illustrator Alejo Malia who created this series based on what he felt Angry birds would have looked like in paleolithic times.


before draper, there was seuss

Dr. Seuss as a Mad Ma - er, an Ad Man (before he was an author)? Get out.

And by Get out, I mean, this is awesome.

More please.

an app for the modest

Ah yes - there IS an app for everything. Even when doing the inconceivable in the bathroom while your significant other is right outside the door.

Modest couples everywhere are thanking Leo Burnett Tailor Made. And so is the environment, so said modest couples don't waste water (while trying to cover up embarrassing noises from the bathroom).

hitch-hiking america

I Love People: 5,000 Miles, 930 People, 162 Seconds from Benjamin Jenks on Vimeo.

This video may make you jealous, or may make you motivated enough to quit (or take a hiatus from) your job to pursue a dream or goal.

The video of one man's journey hitch-hiking across the US is fun and envy-worthy.

TV immortalized in LEGOS

Some of our most beloved TV characters captured by one of our most beloved toys makes for a doubley awesome ad campaign by Jung von Matt.

fun with agency recruitment

It's always great to see fun agency recruitment stunts that aren't incredibly lame. Here are two hot ones this week:

Apparently working at Wieden + Kennedy in Shanghai is like a super awesome acid trip. I'm in!

Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai from Shotopop on Vimeo.

And this fun little app created by Muse Amsterdam encourages potential interns to draw something epic for a chance to get an internship. Robot unicorns always win in my book!

turn this house's frown upside down

This super creative installation from AXA bank in Belgium turned an old building into a sad-faced building for a week or so, then turned it into a happy-faced building to build awareness for their new home renovation loan! Simple an effective!

insanely enormous sand paintings

These gorgeous sand pantings were created by Andres Amador mostly on the beaches of California. Pretty interesting don't you think? The NY Daily News also posted the artist's work.

100 days of painting white

The project is called Brand Spirit. Watch Andrew Miller post up one photo everyday for the next 90 days or so of branded objects he has painted white.

beer saved the world (infographic)

Get your school on and learn some fun facts about beer with this handy infographic.

Beer Saved The World

invitations as hand puppets

How do you create buzz for a big celebration for a school? Simple: turn the invites into hand puppets that kids can't resist playing with.

That's exactly what agency Happy did in Bangalore for preschool chain Planet Kids. Pretty clever.

has siri met her match?

Have you heard of Vlingo? Well now you have. It's a virtual assistant app that's available on all mobile devices (apple too!), and seems to have thrown the gauntlet at Siri.

If it can handle the ridiculous requests in these two humorous ads - or let's be honest - if it can handle even the simplest of requests, then Siri may be in trouble.

merlot? more like mer-love.

This video about the rise, fall, then comeback rise of Merlot is very amusing. It is brought to you by Caifornia's oldest family-owned winery, Gundlach Bundschu, who claim that their love for Merlot has 'never wavered.'

After watching this video, you may be endeared to love merlot for forever, too.

don't call it a come back...

It's back and it's better then ever. Believe it or not I'm actually talking about Internet Explorer (gasp). You may be hearing your friendly neighborhood nerds whispering about how good IE 9 is. Or maybe it's your annoying friend who still insists that windows is better then OSX. Well IE 9 is said to be a very solid release, supposably it even handles html 5 better then those other pesky browsers.

To help promote IE 9 Microsoft launched “The Browser You Loved to Hate” a site with some really amazing graphs charting some of the more humorous comebacks in history. Everything from the history of using birds for sending messages to the popularity of riding fixed gear bicycles. Now if only we could get grandma and the IT department to upgrade.

5d lens hack

Wondering if the 93 year old Contessa-Nettel Piccolette folding camera he had could still produce pictures, director Jason Bognacki set out to find away to use the device. Though type 127 film required for the Piccolette is still available, Bagnacki decided to add a more modern touch to the camera by hacking it on to a Canon 5D Mark II camera body. The combination of old and new yielded results that will make even the best Instagramers eat their hearts out.


doin' the tron

This amazingly choreographed 5 minute clip of Tron inspired awesomeness features 8 Japanese dancers in full Tron-like suits that turn on and off as they move. The performers come together, disappear, only to reappear somewhere else. The routine gets off to a slow start, but trust me, it's worth sticking with.

hair loss ad - douchey or creative?

Let's face it, ads (especially in the beauty and weight management categories) have been playing off our insecurities for yeeeears. Some do it more aggressively than others, and they're usually targeted at women.

But this time around, a Canadian train ad is playing off what is probably the single biggest insecurity in men: hair loss. The reflective billboard for Panorama Hair was placed on the ceiling of a commuter train so balding men would have their bald spot on display for everyone to see.

The ad is taking a lot of heat for being cruel, so what do you think?

hipster rebranding

And for the latest hot Tumblr: Hipster Branding- major brand logos redesigned for Hipsters. Oh, have we not had enough already?

travel for the lazy

LOVE these travel posters for lazy people by H. Caldwell Tanner. Because when you're lazy, all the adventure one needs can happen from the comfort of your own living room... or your parents basement. Whatever.

Vytautas mineral water. It's poopless earth juice!

There are NO WORDS to describe how incredibly awesome and WTF this ad for Vytautas Mineral Water is from Lithuania! It's action packed with kittens, polar bears, goats, vampires, digs at Red Bull, Stephen Hawking and a whole lot of EFF bombs to name a few. Worth every second of viewing pleasure!

the beauty of tape

These absolutely stunning sculptures, by well-know street sculptor Mark Jenkins, are made up of only clear packaging tape and their surroundings! Who knew tape could be so purdy?

making hidden plaque interesting

It's always fun to see totally unexpected, totally unique ad installations, especially when they're done as simply as this one for Oral-B from Beacon Tokyo. The only fail here, as Adverblog points out, is the placement of the QR code. Yeah, whose barcode reader scans that quickly on a moving conveyor belt? Would've been better served on a nearby sign. Otherwise, though, a pretty smart idea!

sunglasses carved out of old whiskey barrels

I need these on my face protecting my eye balls right now! They're wooden sunglasses made out of old whiskey barrels. Each one is hand crafted and comes with a custom wooden crate and crowbar. A collaborative project between Shwood, Bodega and Bushmills Irish Whiskey. Seriously how cool?


jake gyllenhaal in time to kil... dance

It's The Shoes new music video, "Time To Dance."

I know. It's 8 minutes 35 seconds and too long for some people to handle it, but I promise you might be entertained. And how could you not be at least a little interested? It's Jake Gyllenhaal being all crazy, sad, and lonely!


what's old is new again

What an interesting concept. To put digital and interactive advertising and marketing to the test, Google has created "Project Re:Brief" to re-conceptualize famous ads from decades yonder for this day and age.

The goal?

"The goal was simple - how can the ideas that defined the advertising industry in its infancy, inspire a whole new generation of creatives and marketers?"

Included in the project are Coca-Cola's "Hilltop" from 1971 and Volvo's "Drive It Like You Hate It" from 1962. What a fun project.

hell pizza roulette

There's been Russian roulette, Chatroulette, and comes Pizza Roulette, courtesy of Hell Pizza in New Zealand.

They put a couple of drops of super spicy sauce, as potent as Police-grade pepper spray, on one of the slices on your pizza, and you get to sit back and watch and see who in your party goes up in flames.

Just make sure you read the fine print before you play.

It brings a whole new meaning to Hell pizza.

what seems like a good idea...

It's great to see brands have a little fun with their advertising, including this clever ad for super glue made by Essve that is sure to get a chuckle out of anyone with its subtle yet effective humor. Especially during a time when some brands are leaning towards extreme random, bizarre humor to turn consumers into fans.

Here's the copy from the ad: “What seems like a great idea today, sticks with you for 50 years. Strong and fast fixing glue.”

Now look back at the image and wait for it...

the great outdoors without all the walking

Couch potatoes rejoice, you can finally explore the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park and the Great Smoky Mountains from the comfort of your computer via Nature Valley Trail View, a website inspired by Google Street View technology that offers 300-plus miles of panoramic views and interactive guides to America’s iconic national parks. The footage was captured by a crew of McCann Worldgroup creatives who were probably more familiar with the great indoors. The Creatives hiked trails at the three national parks over the course of two months. Outfitted with special 360-degree camera technology and averaging 6-13 miles of trails per day, the team captured every mile.

I see no reason to ever go outside again!

it's what's inside that counts

Interactive design at it's finest.

social music in a nutshell

Via the fine folks at G+.
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