YouTube interventions for good

This campaign by Ogilvy Cape Town for non-profit, The Wild Foundation, can officially be filed under incredibly brilliant, and likely violating of some sort of policy, and possibly slightly intrusive, but brilliant nonetheless. Here's how it went down:

Goal: The Wild Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the wilderness, started the Forever Wild Rhino Protection initiative to save Rhinos from extinction due to hunting in Asia.

Problem: Like all non-profits they had no money to create awareness and get support.

Insight: People don't always pay attention to these types of serious causes, but they sure seem to have a lot of time to watch silly viral videos on the internet.

Strategy: Find a way to have the message integrated into these silly viral videos... for free.

Solution: Download the top trending viral videos from YouTube, edit part of the video to include messaging about their initiative, re-upload the video with the same exact title as the original and call it YouTube Interventions.

Mission accomplished!
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