booze: it does a baby good

"Booze. It does a baby good."

Well, that could be the slogan for a line of baby booze bottles such as these - if they were real. Italian designer Anna Utopia Giordano created these bottles for an art exhibit, and they show identifiable bottles of alcohol re-imagined as popular children's toy brands with baby bottle tops.

The intent of the collection was to send various messages to people, including: awareness of drinking by teens and pregnant women, and to send a message to parents to feed their children responsibly, from both a physical perspective and media perspective. As in, don't just throw them in front of the TV with a Nintendo to keep them busy.

You can view more images here.


Ashley K. Edwards said...

Nice! Love it! Although sometimes I wonder if it's more beneficial to give the baby booze...or the parents!

Anonymous said...

obviously no ones between you is a parents, these words are very offensives for parents and family with hard problems like alcohol

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