grandma knows best

Ok maybe your grandma never warned you about things like these, but she's warning you now in this adorable series created by Chacho Puebla. And, grandma knows best after all.

love powered vending machine

Happiness Machine for couples from c-section on Vimeo.

For Valentine's Day, digital agency, C-Section, placed a Coca Cola vending machine in the busiest mall in Istanbul that dispensed a free can of coke to couples, but only if they proved they loved each other first. Awww isn't that sweet.

fashion advergifing

Burberry successfully one up'ed their own Tweetwalk from last year by tweeting a series of beautiful animated gifs that provided a sneak peak into this year's London Fashion Week show. So simple, yet so mesmerizing.

artistify youtube

The film The Artist may have won a bunch of awards this past weekend, but this side project created by Jon Plackett and Jon Burkhart is the real winner.

Transform any YouTube video into a brilliant silent film masterpiece at but putting in a url of a video and "artistify" it. Internet Cats never looked so good - check for yourself here.


bookmarking at its manliest

Move over Pinterest. Manteresting is here.

If you're even remotely involved in marketing, advertising social media, publishing - whatever - you've been hearing the recent buzz about Pinterest. Now there's a version just for men.

Manteresting is a visual bookmarking site geared for guys, so they can share (and look at) pictures of hot women, cars and more hot women without having to sort through pictures of weddings, inspirational posters and pictures of rooms.

Me? Stereotype? Never. The sites speak for themselves.


a sunny annual report

Annual reports as marketing materials? Why not!

Take Austria Solar - the pre-eminent solar trade association - their annual report exemplifies what it stands for by appearing when exposed to sunlight. Created by their agency Serviceplan.

yo momma's so...

...stupid she thinks Pantone is a shampoo.

Oh snap, apparently greeting card designer Ross Moody of 55 Hi's knows a little something about your co-workers mom. These could come in handy.

should i send this email?

First maybe you should ask yourself, is it about cats?


guerrilla art, not just for the streets

Just asked the stunned residents of Knaresborough a North Yorkshire town who've discovered mysterious tree carvings created by an anonymous artist.


the human billboard

Flash mobs are kind of played out (and even a little awkward and creepy...), but this one is actually interesting.

Intel used a flash mob to create a human billboard out of 60 synched new ultrabook laptops that projected messages to people in the area. The stunt was to show the light weight and responsiveness. The project was created by Party.


street art with a purpose

Talk about perspective. Art collective Boa Mistura in Brazil took on a project to brighten some neighborhoods. They painted narrow passageways with bright colors and uplifting words that mean beauty, love, pride, and more - the catch is the words can only be seen from a certain perspective when the person is at the top of the passageway.

It's an inspiring project that involved the children in the communities to complete it and helped bring art to them.

See more images here.

say bye to awkward moments

Finally! We're all saved from socially awkward moments when you forget someone's name you know you should know.

These augmented reality goggles with facial recognition will help identify people based on their Facebook profiles and give you their info, including their name. Created by Vergence Labs.

It's only a prototype, so they have time to make them look more stylish, and less like futuristic sci-fi equipment from the 1950s.


dead ideas

This slightly disturbing video, titled Dead Ideas from Passion Pictures, is a look at how most agency people feel after a client presentation and their reaction to the ideas.

How many times have you felt like this?

musical photo exhibit

Art and music alike invoke strong emotions in people. So why not combine them?

A photography exhibit in Portugal, the Paperclip Project, is doing just that. Viewers can download an iPhone app that will scan QR codes accompanying the photographs in the exhibit to soundscapes that reflect the scene or image.

Now that sad lonely road will feel especially sad and lonely.

andes beer to the rescue

Going to an event or commitment that you're dreading? Have no fear. Andes beer to the rescue.

Literally. In their "Great Escape" campaign started last fall, consumers can go to their Facebook page to schedule an escape from an upcoming engagement, like a wedding, dance concert, or whatever, and a team of people will storm the event and whisk you away to a bar full of your friends. And you're off the hook - scott free.

Created by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi.


TGIMGIF (Thank God It's Monday's Graphics Interchange Format) is the brain child of designer and artist Cari Vander Yacht. The surreal gifs are a project grown from Vander Yacht's love of other peoples old photos and making them seem really creepy. Loads more here.

feline fonts

Have you ever asked yourself which came first, the cat or the font?

inception park

Inspired by Chris Nolan's Inception, Fernando Livschitz directed this beautifully filmed short transforming Buenos Aires into an amusement park. Roller coasters swoop between buildings, tea cups spin on roof tops. Oh hell, just watch the darn thing, it's really cool.

ad obsession has its place

The Dallas AAF held its 2012 Addys, and the theme was "Obsession Has Its Place," celebrating the obsessive daily behavior of people in advertising display throughout their day.

The spots they created for the Addys are fairly amsuing - from a perfectionist creative dad to a verbiose copywriter with an appetite, they're pretty amusing. See them all here. Interested in learning more about some of Dallas' winning work?

Check out their site to see the results.


storytelling is for the cowbirds

With character limits getting shorter everywhere, storytelling is getting reduced to acronyms. TDOA, YNWIM? Exactly.

Enter, a site created by Jonathan Harris, to allow people to share photos and stories in any format they'd like. It's a site that encourages longer storytelling, freeing people from the confines of character limits. Here's how they describe their purpose:

Cowbird allows you to keep a beautiful audio-visual diary of your life, and to collaborate with others in documenting the overarching “sagas” that shape our world today...Our short-term goal is to pioneer a new form of participatory journalism, grounded in the simple human stories behind major news events. Our long-term goal is to build a public library of human experience...

Sounds refreshing.


a starfield night

What a fun, unexpected use of a product. Using Kinect, a swing and a video projector, lab212 created an installation, called Starfield, that let's a user interact with a starry sky.

Warp 6. Engage.


dogs may chase VWs but they drive suburus

Suburu didn't bother with a zillion dollar ad for the Super Bowl, instead opting for this series of dog centric ads. They also launched two social networking apps as part of the doggy effort. Dogbook for Facebook and MapMyDOGWALK for iPhone.

Best of all the ads were captured fully in camera. No CGI, no stunt doubles, just really amazing dogs who can drive. See all 14 in the series here.

Via Adpulp.

look out below

Would you board an elevator if you saw a warning sign outside? Would you temp fate and press the button? Well if the elevator was in Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth London you'd get a bit of a shock when the doors opened, no floor! Nothing but the elevator shaft below.

Yeah I think I'll take the stairs....

Created by artist Andrew Walker for Alton Towers Resort, to promote their upcoming thrill ride called Nemesis Sub-Terra. The ride will take people on a 3D illusion tour of an underground network of caves. The only question is; do you have the courage to take the quick way down?

led + pow = awesome

Recipe for epic night time alpine action:

1 L.E.D.-lit couture suit from John Spatcher.
1 Pro snowboarder named William Hughes.
1 Fashion photographer/filmaker named Jacob Sutton armed with a Red Epic camera.
1 epic location, say the Rhône-Alpes.

Pffft, the last time I went night skiing all I did was get really cold.

take positively 4th street to heartbreak hotel

This is so perfect, I can't believe it hasn't been done before! A map of a fictitious city where every street, park, cemetery, body of water and building is an appropriately named song. It was created by Dorothy Collective in the UK and is available for purchase. They even made a 353 song playlist on Spotify to accompany the map. Sweet!

doggies are great!!!

Cats doing crazy things, talking and/or dancing and/or laughing babies and zombies are soooo over. Ok, maybe not cats, but regardless, Dogvertising seems to be all the rage lately. Sometimes when it doesn't even make sense. But that's ok because who doesn't love to see a furry, wurry, fluffy wuffy wittle bitty doggie in a ad, huh?

*ahem, ok* Anyway, if this puppy-packed ad for Purina from Leo Burnett doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies inside then you have no soul man.

grab some good talent

Often times when an agency loses a big piece of business (or two), they lay off perfectly awesome talent. Take Goodby, Silverstein and Partners as a recent example. But instead of leaving them out to wander around hunting for a new job, an old Goodby employee, JD Beebe, came to the rescue and started the site "Grab some Goodby." Here prospective employers and recruiters can browse for Goodby talent, contact them and/or post jobs to the site. Very nice to see there's still good in the world.

via Adrants

balloons as art

Balloon as art form? Yep.

Check out these images of works of art recreated with balloons, by balloon pioneer Larry Moss, who calls his craft "airigami." It's pretty incredible and a huge feat. See more here.

I wonder if he's considered doing birthday parties?

dirty deeds for your tweets (nsfw?)

Like this censored video? Want to see the full, exposed version?

Then you have to "like" like it. It's the latest music video from Dirty Deeds for his new album Let's Be Friends and part of his social media campaign. He will release the uncensored versions of the videos if he gets enough likes and shares from people using the hashtag #letsbefriends and following him @dirtydeedsdottv. It's an age old ploy of using porn as an incentive. Yeah. That's it.

Oh - and there are more censored videos on his site.


twitter radio

If someone tweets in the woods, does it make a sound? Well now, thanks to the Social Radio app, all tweets make a sound. Available for free on the Android or its site.

This app lets users listen to tweets read aloud like a broadcast, and can be organized by hashtag or account. Great for sports play by plays, news events, or learning what #Girlslovewhen. (Ham radio say whaaaah?!)


your donation in motion

While simply donating to a charity is fulfilling enough, it doesn't hurt to add some interactive whimsy to sweeten the deal like this inventive sign created by German agency KolleRebbe for Catholic Charity MISEREOR.

Passerbys could put 2 euros in the sign and watch their donation travel along from hospitals to schools, bringing funding to a community. During the whole process, the sign snaps a picture of you then posts it at the end with a thank you message.

it's doubly rewarding!

the key to this sign

To the casual passerby, this subway ad for Mercedes Benz could seem like any old ad. But this sign, created by German ad agency Lukas Lindemann, is animated, featuring a variety of people and things such as sexy women and giant robots, exiting the new Mercedes Viano to showcase how roomy it is. But here's the kicker. The action doesn't start until someone whips out their car keys and clicks unlock. Cool!

YouTube interventions for good

This campaign by Ogilvy Cape Town for non-profit, The Wild Foundation, can officially be filed under incredibly brilliant, and likely violating of some sort of policy, and possibly slightly intrusive, but brilliant nonetheless. Here's how it went down:

Goal: The Wild Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the wilderness, started the Forever Wild Rhino Protection initiative to save Rhinos from extinction due to hunting in Asia.

Problem: Like all non-profits they had no money to create awareness and get support.

Insight: People don't always pay attention to these types of serious causes, but they sure seem to have a lot of time to watch silly viral videos on the internet.

Strategy: Find a way to have the message integrated into these silly viral videos... for free.

Solution: Download the top trending viral videos from YouTube, edit part of the video to include messaging about their initiative, re-upload the video with the same exact title as the original and call it YouTube Interventions.

Mission accomplished!

remote control cafe

To celebrate Helsinki as the capital of design, and to illustrate the importance of good design, interactive pop-up cafes were set up all over the city that were complete with tables, music, lighting and more that are remotely controlled by people online.

Visit the website to see the shenanigans in action and take part.

Now if only this was possible in every cafe so you could mess with that annoying loud talker over in the corner.


express shipping to 1955

Some crazy innovations are happening in the shipping business! Introducing the DHL DeLorean, so you can ship your packages to 1955. Or yesterday.

Ok. Maybe not yet, but DHL - get on that. Say goodbye to belated birthdays.

the manliest bouquet

Roses are red, violets are blue...get your Man an ice cold beer bro-quet made out of brew.

Valentine's Day has never been so romantic.

Brought to you by Kirin and Y&R Singapore. Via.

iOS '86

Attention people who make themes for Jailbroken iPhones, can you please make this a reality? And while I'm asking for things, could someone make a beige iPhone case with the old rainbow Apple logo on the back. K thx!

the c++ night

A stunning look at Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece recreated by Greek artist Petros Vrellis using openFrameworks, an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding. Would Van Gogh have given his right ear to have seen his painting come to life?

where all our money went in :30

Boing Boing's Rob Beschizza was nice enough to cram every Apple product, well almost every, into a neat little :30 clip. Scary, but I think owned at least 25% of the products that flashed by.

Bonus feature, Rob also toiled over this clip featuring all the products put out by NeXT Computers. This time he didn't miss any.

VIA Laughing Squid.

F@%K your cliche decor

Ah Tumblr, how you bring such joy into our lives! This latest one getting some buzz, called Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table, is a simple but brilliant statement on overused, cliche interior design elements. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Thanks @benkunz!

stuff blowing up... in slow-mo

Lots of people (like me) love Moe's Southwestern Grill. I mean, how can you not love having "Welcome to Moe's" enthusiastically shout at you when you walk in the door? Not to mention the food's yummy and fresh because they never use a microwave like some fast food joints.

To drive home that point, they created this awesome video of all sorts of stuff blowing up in slow motion (heck yes) in a microwave. Because a microwave ruins everything of course. Fun!

Nothing says love like pizza

Valentine's Day is coming up and you might be considering proposing to your sweetheart. You could take her out to some super fancy schmancy dinner ooooor you could order pizza.

Not just any pizza, but the $10 dinner box from Pizza Hut, complete with the $10,010 tie the knot package including a ruby engagement ring, fireworks and more! But hurry, there are only 10 available.

Not sure if 10 people will actually buy this, but fantastic work getting our attention Pizza Hut. And that was probably the point. Well played.

Thanks @domitron!

don't push my political buttons

Before there was the Like button, there were political buttons. Check out images of a select handful of them, provided by the Busy Beaver Button Museum, here on

The designs are interesting, fun and in some instances iconic, and a little different creative inspiration for this Thursday. The history behind them is worth a read, too.


mama don't take my kodachrome away

KODACHROME 2010 from Xander Robin on Vimeo.

Nostalgia alert: Xander Robin created a documentary, "Kodachrome 2010," shot on Kodak's Kodachrome film about this iconic color film and the last lab to develop it in 2010.

In light of the sad news that Kodak filed for bankruptcy, it's a nice tribute (and goodbye?) to the brand and its iconic product.

Cue Paul Simon.

mmmm....baked bus stop potatoes

Like a giant, digital scratch 'n sniff, there is an outdoor campaign in England for McCain's "ready baked jackets" that emits the smell to entice consumers.

At bus stops, users can push a button and a light will 'heat up' a large image of a potato and produce the delicious smell, and a coupon for the product. Created by JCDecaux, posterscope, and BMB Creative.

Yum. If you like potatoes, that is. (And yes, there are people out there who don't.)


go weeeeee all the way to your next meeting

Why use an elevator to descend down the three floors of your office when you can shoot down a SUPER AWESOME slide like the one Red Bull installed in their London offices? So jealous!

How Superbowl ads did digital - stats

Research advisory firm, Altimeter, analyzed the 2012 Super Bowl commercials to see how well they integrated with digital and social media.

The results are kind of surprising given the growing acceptance of how important digital integration is. A whopping 32% had no online references at all, and of those that had urls, many of them were with no call to action and only 16% were to social media vs. a corporate website or microsite.

More interesting stats in their full report.

infographic: the art of the blockbuster

Fun infographic from COLORlovers (creators of design content marketplace breaking down the design elements of 2011 blockbuster movie posters.

field notes – a love story

Just in time for Valentines day Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners created Red Blooded, a love story for his wife of 14 years to help promote his brand new red Field Notes memo book. Jim, you sir should expect to get very lucky this Valentines day, or at the very least expect to sell a few memo books.

Correction: The film was actually produced by Jim's coworker Bryan Bedell for his wife Tracey. What a lucky lady.

kinect russian roulettte

What do you do when you're a little bored, a little geeky, and a little sick and twisted? If you're Theo Watson you create a game for the Kinect that acts just like Russian Roulette. Proving in a small way that Kinect is the coolest thing developed by Microsoft since... well, ever.

the ultimate infographic

No it's not real, but it is an amazing infographic on the tattoo by Polish artist Paul Marcinkowski.

move over super bowl ring

In lieu of writing about all the various Super Bowl ads that aired last night and posted online the last couple of weeks, here is some ridiculous bling for you instead.

Artist Quinn Gregory has begun applying Swarovski crystals to NFL helmuts - it takes 12,500 to cover them in 3 weeks. Maybe he'll do an extra special commemorative helmut in honor of the Giants' win (sorry Pats fans).

mad men ad meme

Mad Men's ad campaign that was announcing the show's start date on March 25 features the falling man from its opening credits on a white poster.

While the ads originally stirred up some controversy, it's now getting attention for another reason: New Yorkers are tagging the outdoor posters around the city with humorous scenes, that include trampolines, Super Man, and more -- basically creating real life ad memes.

View more pictures here and here.

love is not abuse app

Liz Claiborne Inc. launched an iPhone app for its coalition Love is not Abuse to help parents understand how technology and social media are being leveraged by teens as abuse in relationships. It includes examples of such abuse with links and resources to help parents address it.

Things that are supposed to help people stay connected can actually drive them apart, and for teens who are navigating relationships for the first time can lose sight of that and what's acceptable or not. Pretty sure there are probably some adults out there that could benefit from this as well.

And an interesting cause for the retailer brand, but a worthy one nonetheless.

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