sex gamified

This is a campaign absolutely deserving of a WOW.

Apparently the young adults of Stockholm, Sweden are among the worst at practicing safe sex. Sure, you can hand them all condoms and hope for the best, or you can take it a step way further and turn sex into a fun, competitive game... as long as it's safe of course.

That's exactly what Swedish agency, Ester, did with this campaign. They handed out 50,000 condoms to young adults with QR codes on them (yeah, I know, but it's actually a good use of them). The QR code downloads an app that measures your sexcapades for motion, rhythm and duration. Just turn it on when you start, get a countdown clock reminder to put on your condom and have at it! After your sack session's done, just upload your performance to their website and compare it to other's performances.

Awesome right? But they didn't stop there. They also overlaid personality traits with the sex performances to create lighthearted "stereotypes" like "dog owners are louder" and geo-locations to create fun stats like "76 people got laid in this area," printed them on posters and plastered them all over the city.


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