resolutions pretty enough to fulfill

No matter how good our intentions are on January 1st, by the end of the month (or week in some cases) our New Year's resolutions have gone down the pooper. But maybe, just maybe, if we had something on us at all times to remind us, say on our mobile phone, something that looks beautiful, we would stick to them a little longer.

That was the thought Chris Streger had when he started the To Resolve Project last year by asking a bunch of talented designers to create mobile phone backgrounds based on their resolutions. These are just a few of the awesome ones from this year's bunch but you can find much more on the project site. Love these!


Bettina said...

I was able to find these by going through Chris's blog (and they are GREAT!), but i am pretty sure the last two links aren't working... or at least they aren't working in Chrome.

Kelly said...

Sadly, the links were also not working for me - doing a separate google to check out these amazing graphics. Thanks for sharing!

Kristien Del Ferraro said...

hmm they seem to be working now - thanks for letting me know. : )

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