muses re-imagined as barbie

Mattel has released various versions of Barbies over the decades, some being borderline questionable, and in recent years has been scrutinized for its inaccurate proportions and depiction of what's beautiful.

A project created by Jocelyne Grivaudis anything but questionable - in fact, is unique and inspiring. Muse Barbies is a series of images Jocelyne created that portrays altered images of Barbie as her favorite artist's muses, demonstrating various forms of beauty are inspiration to many. But it still celebrates the iconic doll in its own way.

You can see more images on her website.


Maria said...

Love this..

Maria xx

Unknown said...

Though I was/am a Barbie lover, it says a lot to me that I find the 'real' looking art women more interesting than Barbie's generic face.

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