debt management gamified

ReadyForZero - Our Story from Rod Ebrahimi on Vimeo.

The problem with debt is it's super easy to get into and really freakin' hard to get out of - and there really aren't a lot of tools or resources to TRULY help a person caught in the vicious debt cycle to get out.

That's why the brilliant folks at ReadyForZero are creating a totally unique, free web-based tool that aggregates all your debt in one place and gives you all the information you need to get out of debt as fast as possible. Not only does it automatically pull in your debts and monthly payments from your account and tells you when you can pay it off based on various sliders, but it also has tools to help you stop adding to your debt when you're out in the real world. The even added a level of gamification to show you your progress, challenge you to complete tasks, etc.

They're just starting out and the CEO, CTO and Director of User Experience are responding to user feedback first-hand to make the tool even better. So far it looks pretty awesome - maybe they can add reward points for reaching payoff levels - heck, you get reward points for using your cards, why not for paying them off?

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