stay the night, steal the art

In a contest with a unique twist the Art Series Hotel Group is daring you to steal their print of Banksy's legendary No Ball Games from one of their Australian locations. If you get caught you'll have to surrender the art. But if you succeed, the print valued at AUS $15,000 ($14,977 US) is yours to keep.

The original No Ball Games was itself part of an infamous heist in which the thieves removed a piece of wall using angle grinders. The piece of wall along with Banky's art eventually made it's way onto an Ebay Auction.

No Ball Games will be hanging in one of 3 Art Series Hotels until January 15th or someone snags it. So book your trips down under now and don't forget to pack your ski mask!


UPDATE: While people in North America were sleeping a crafty thief named Maura Tuohy and her accomplice Megan Aney stole No Ball Games. A second Banksy original “Pulp Fiction” valued at $4000 AUS is now hanging. You have until January 19th to steal it. More Info here.

Thanks to Scott for the heads up.


Unknown said...

Great story, however a little slow to pic up as "No Ball Games" has already been stolen -

They have now put up "Pulp Fiction" however -

Stealbanksy said...

Come and try your hand stealing this one!

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