print ads from mars and venus

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and ads for each target should be too, as illustrated by such campaigns as Molson beer's latest print ads that has a playful 'he said, she said' execution:

One print ad ran in women's publications, such as Cosmo, that featured a blonde, rugged, outdoorsy male holding two golden retriever puppies and drinking a Molson. (*Aaaw* and *swoon*.)

A corresponding ad ran in men's publications, like FHM, that spoke to men on a level that explained the objective of the women's ad: to subliminally train women to be attracted to men drinking Molson - a golden retriever puppy Pavlovian response if you will. (Molson to men: you're welcome.)

Even though it plays off complete stereotypes of each gender, it's a pretty funny take on duel-demographic marketing.


J Rich said...

these are actually several years old, but still completely awesome. would be great stuff to have in a book.

none said...

This is a tight ad! It's funny and witty. Im new to blogging but the things people post nowadays is worth reading...

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