no pain, no gain, and no money

Need more motivation to get to the gym? Join the crowd.

A group of Harvard students just may have created the ultimate motivational app to get you there. The app, Gym-pact, is an app you can download, choose the number of days you aim to go to the gym a week, and a financial penalty amount - a $5 minimum. If you skip the gym, that financial penalty is automatically charged to your account. If you go, the app automatically checks you in, and you may even get a financial reward if other users don't go that week.

Launching January 1, it's here just in time for people to raise the stakes on their resolutions. You can sign-up now - if you think you can afford it.

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At 1:37 PM, Blogger Maria said...
This is NASTY! But I think I love it...

Maria xx

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