is the carrot mightier than the stick?

In an age like today where consumers and citizens feel increasingly upset with how things are (Wall Street, government, baggage fees, just to name a few...), protesting and boycotting seem like the way to go.

Carrotmob is changing that mentality. It's a site that is harnessing people together to use what really makes a difference - dollars. Rather than threatening to withhold money from a company, Carrotmob allows a group of people to come together and promise to spend their dollars with a company IF they make a change that they are demanding. It seems like a smart way to empower people to incite change for the better.

Now your cynical side may be saying, how do you know the company actually uses that money for the items it promised to do? On that, it's not clear, but there should definitely be a way to hold companies accountable for their promises, or maybe it's time to try and restore a little faith in humanity and corporations. (Insert sarcastic laugh.)

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