fast food made easier

BrandTable Concept from S_Digital on Vimeo.

So, not sure whether to file this new app concept under awesomely convenient or just another thing that's going to make us fatter and lazier. Regardless, it's a pretty smart creation from Adverblog's Tim Buesing.

Just tap your phone on the circles on a table in, say, a mall food court or rest stop to launch the menus for all the restaurants nearby. From there, you can order and even pay for your meal and get buzzed when it's ready to pick up.

It's a keeper - but maybe we could just order a diet soda to make up for the calories we would've burnt taking a few laps around the court?

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Anonymous said...

Tim Buesing did not make this app. It's the work of a UTS student who was interning at Publicis Mojo.

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